Friday, February 1, 2008

Random Thoughts and the Dinosaur

Well, I certainly hope today goes better than yesterday! This is just going to be one of those posts full of random things just so I can get them out of my head.

I haven't heard back from the local magazine I told you about in the last post. I'm really not holding my breath expecting to hear from them. I just figured it was worth a shot. Friends and family have told me I should send photography submissions to other magazines, along with greeting card and calendar companies, but I honestly have no idea how to do the whole query and submission process. Besides, my camera is not a digital SLR, so I am unable to shoot in RAW and, therefore, my photos do not meet most resolution requirements.

I'm keeping myself up at night worrying about money and my lack of earning enough. Heck, who doesn't worry about money? It's a necessary evil. I'm realizing I'm going to have to figure something out... and soon.

The issues in my post entitled "Give Her a Real Life" (It's just two posts below this one, and I sincerely request that you read it) continue to go through my mind and make my heart ache. As I said, I can feel this child's emotions, and I can hear the thoughts that go through her head. How? Because I've been there, and as a grown woman now with a completely different life, I still suppress the memories. It's strange how even now, so many years later, unexpectedly a memory will creep into the forefront of my mind, and I will find myself standing in the shower and so absolutely grateful that I am now able to bathe anytime I feel like it or grateful that I do not have to hide food under my bed. What Jamie is going through is not something she will forget. However, we can help give her the opportunity to be able to look back and only have those events as memories which make her grateful for a better life. I really want us to do that.

Hubs is still quite ill. He does say that he thinks the breathing treatments are helping though. He still stands strong with forbidding me to take his photo with the sexy purple dinosaur mask though! He says it's bad enough that I already blogged about it. So, let's go one step further - introducing the Barney Breathing Mask...

When in use, the medicine-vapor smoke comes out the sides of the mask and it looks like the dinosaur is breathing fire. Now, why would my husband not want his picture taken wearing this?

Now ladies, I realize you all want one of these for your husbands too - don't the purple eyelashes just make it totally HOT? My favorite color too!

Don't worry, if Hubs doesn't like that I posted this, it doesn't matter. He's sick - I can run faster than him! I'm not afraid! Sometimes you have to take risks for the sake of your blog ;-)

I am totally procrastinating on getting the things on my to-do list done. Ummm Taxes - Yeah, I better get on that! Preparing portfolios to receive experiential credit for some of my college courses - yeah, those were supposed to be done a LONG time ago. Yeah, I'll get to it... sometime.

I'd like to be off on a fabulous vacation right now. I wonder what the rates are for a hotel in Vegas. Yeah, who am I kidding? Nah, I'll just grab the camera and go for a walk.



Tell your husband to suck it up and stop being such a big baby about the mask - I think it's darned cute and I bet he looks hot in it! Men, there are such babies when it comes to this sort of thing!

Thank you again for your post for Jamie and I am so sorry to hear that you went through similar things as a child. Childhood should be a time of happy memories because it goes by way too fast and then you're stuck smack in the middle of adulthood and worrying about bills and to-do lists and wishing for a vacation that you know you can't afford. It sucks!!

As for your photos, they should be published as they are gorgeous - absolutely gorgeous! I'd love a calendar with pictures of your sky shots on it!


I want to go for a walk with my camera...I'm stuck @ work. *pouting*


you are in the running - guess the next 6 days and win a taste of Florida !!ok ??


I still can't find the button on your sidebar for Jamie's fund but I found the link in your post so I've donated.


I can't imagine why your husband doesn't want his picture taken with the "mask" on. Hoping he feels better soon!!


Hrmpfh! Great Dino... Best wishes to Hubs, hope he's better soon...

And exactly how do I subscribe to yours, if you please???


Geez, Misty, I feel for you. Yes thinking about Jamie is difficult and I hope she'll be able to come home soon. But I'm thinking about your husband. I hope he gets better soon. You and he are in my thoughts and in my heart! :)


Misty I always love reading your post...You are too funny and always a story to tell, or maybe it's how you tell them. They keep bringing me back for more. Great job.

I hope you have a great weekend and before I go I have an award for you on my jabber jaws blog.



I cannot picture him as hot. Sorry, can't do it. Ick. Ick. Ick.

HOWEVER, I will take that picture and save it for blackmail purposes. A quick email to his brother or daughter ought to make a good time for all.

Miss ya!

The Gal Herself

I feel bad for your husband. Really, I do. So I hope that makes it OK that the mask really makes me smile, and that I'm laughing AT him and not WITH him. Now I'm gonna see if I can get through to Maggie/Jamie.

The Egel Nest

That mask is dead sexy...maybe you guys can role play...

You be the distressed cave woman fleeing the big bad dinosaur...he catches you and sexy time commences...

Yes...I am

The Egel Nest


I hope the hubs doesn't stay sick too much longer! Love the pic! Next best thing to actually seeing it on him. ;)

My hubby bought a book that lists all the magazines that accept submissions. I forget what it's called. I'll ask him. He bought it at Barnes & Noble.

Just because you haven't heard back from them yet doesn't mean they aren't interested. It just means they are busy or don't have an interest TODAY. You never know!!

Amazing Gracie

Oh brother! I just read your "wet basement" experience and with hubs sick to boot... You sure keep an incredible spirit about you. I hope everything eases up, soon!!!


Positive thoughts, Mist, you're such a great talent. God's timing, well you know it's perfect.

I tagged you

Kelly Ann

My Mom used to have a mask like that, but not purple or anything, that would have been fun to do, lol. As for Jamie, that is terribly sad, but she will get stronger because of it. :)


I'm catching up on the past couple have a whole bunch going on! you can pull it off...I know you can!

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