Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Rescue Day

I was sorting, packing, cleaning, stressing, and going insane trying to prepare for and move 750 miles away to a new state. Life was as busy and stressful as it could possibly be...
and then, I received a phone call from my dad's girlfriend (I call her 'Mama' - that's another story for another day).

When I answered the phone, I heard, "Misty, there's a lady here telling me that she needs to find a home for a 10 week old puppy and..."

I interrupted, "No way! There's absolutely no way I could be working with and training a puppy right now! I'm packing and sorting, and then there's the 750 mile drive. I just can't do it! So... ummmm... what kind of puppy is it?"

Mama excitedly replies, "But Misty! It's a Border Collie puppy, and she has to find it a new home! Otherwise, I don't know what she's going to do with it. Your dad and I can babysit if you have errands you need to do while preparing for the move. And, we'll find a crate for the puppy to travel in." (Is she good or what? Does she know how to get to me, or what?)

Border Collie puppy... needs new home... 10 weeks old... No - no - no I can't do it... just can't! I came up with all kinds of excuses and she shot them all down. (Yeah Mama, you're smooth)

I said one final - I just don't think I could do it right now, before hanging up the phone, because Mama had to get back to work.

I told Hubs about it, and laughed, "Yeah, like I need a puppy right now with everything else going on! I wonder what it looks like though... I wonder why she's getting rid of a 10-week old innocent puppy..." About that time, I noticed Hubs looking at me with that all-knowing and amused grin, "It's killing you, isn't it Misty? You want to go running and grab that puppy right up, don't you? Misty can't resist or turn down a dog, especially a dog in need."

"No!" I defended my abilities to stay strong, "No, I told her I couldn't do it. I don't want a puppy right now. I'd be crazy to get a puppy right now. I was simply just wondering about the details, that's all."

The rest of the day, I continued to wonder. So, I called Mama...
"OK, I HAVE to know why this lady is getting rid of a 10 week old puppy! I mean, she couldn't have had it long... what? About two weeks? Why is she getting rid of it? I must know."

Mama laughs, "I knew you'd call back."

"Oh yeah, just hush... so tell me why."

"Because she has a two year old toddler, and when the toddler pulls on the puppy's tail or hair, the puppy pulls the toddlers hair. So, she doesn't think it's fair to keep screaming at the puppy and the toddler all the time. So, she has to get rid of the puppy."

Me - "I have to go." Could not hear anymore... that would cause me to... NO - I did NOT need a puppy.

Hours passed and Hubs and I were watching TV, when I heard a truck pull in our drive. I instantly knew who it was (that sneaky little Mama!). I ran outside in my purple-fuzzy slippers and ran to the truck to hug my daddy. On the truck seat, between my dad and Mama, was this little black and white (and absolutely adorable) fur-ball. Seriously, that's what it was... a furball... with the cutest little face ever...
Yeah, not only did I totally melt, but so did Hubs.

My dad just kept repeating, "I told her not to bring that puppy home. I told her that you had too much going on. I told her that she shouldn't bring it home... And then, she brought it home, and I looked at that face, and I said - Oh man, Misty will never be able to resist this!"

Well seriously - who could??? The face... the soft puppy fuzz... the sweet puppy breath... the little puppy kisses... one ear standing up and the other one down. Yeah, that puppy totally knew she was cute - and she knew how to use it.

* More stories to come - along with party favors and treats. So, grab yourself a piece of cake and enjoy (Don't worry we have LOTS of cake - we won't run out) *



I don't think there is a heart in the world hard enough to resist that furball face.

Yummy cake. Check back later.


Really, how could you resist.


*LOL* No way... no one could resist this cute little fur-ball - thank you so much for sharing this cute story.

That cake looks so delicious hope you don´t mind I´ll grab a piece... or two :)


Of course you couldn't resist her, she was meant to be part of your family! What a sweetie! :)


What a great story. I can so relate, since I did about the same thing to get Little Bit. I so understand. Little Bit and I had some cake. It's very good and we're both glad there isn't any chocolate. :)

Bradley's Mom

Totally irresistible!!

Such a cute puppy!!

Mmmmmmmmmmm the cake is delicious!



Awwwwww!!! I got a Brittney Spaniel once the same way. A neighbor's dog had had a litter. I would not go there. I would not. Then one day my oldest son brings one of the puppies home.

We named her Lady.


OK, OK, OK already! You had me in your corner from your past accounts ... and I am being drawn into your camp even more with the whole puppy and Hubs (your "Hubs" is WAY COOL!) ... then you ABSOLUTELY knocked me out with your "ran to the truck to hug my daddy". Now I will slay dragons for you!


that dog might possibly even be cuter than boscoe. i swear. what a sweetheart.


There's no way I could have resisted that face either!

Delicious cake!


I hope there's some cake left for me...
That face and the look is just a killer. Who could resist?! Not me.


I'm with you on this one. I wouldn't have been able to resist either. What an adorable "Please take me home" face!

i beati

I love this- and then it happened - what was supposed to be walked into your heart .. I've rescued all my life and though I often yearn for other pup[pies these older dogs and cats need me I guess they have been very special !!!


Looks like I missed a great party and the spiked punch!

Travis Cody

Happy Rescue Day for you and the pup!


Oh man... you know how women get baby hungry... now I'm puppy hungry. Aaagh! She's so cute!

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