Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #11

I have something in the works right now that I've only told two bloggers about. It's not that I don't want the rest of you to know... it's one of those 'don't get your hopes up' situations. I don't want to look like a fool on my own blog again ;-) So, if something good happens, then I'll be sure to post. Otherwise, only two of my dearest friends will know that it just didn't work - and, I'm sure they'll still be proud of me for trying (and they'll be trying to give me the 'maybe next time' talk to try to make me stop beating up on myself). Anyway, this photo is involved... I'll let you know more in approximately a week or so.


Mom Knows Everything

I am always proud of you Misty! You are the best friend I could have ever hoped for. You are always there for me whether I need cheering up or just someone to listen to me. You're the best and I love you!


It's a gorgeous photo as always! I hope everything works out the way you want it to.


What a great shot!


What amazing colors! This was a great capture!
*curious about the upcoming event*


Hmmm.. I wonder what it could be...?


This photo should be hanging on my wall! It's absolutely beautiful, Misty!

Best of luck with your project! I'll be thinking lots of good thoughts for you! Just remember: What's meant to be will be! Hugs!

Lilli & Nevada

Look at all those great colors,

Crazed Nitwit

Another fabulous photo by Misty! I'm ok, just finished my annotated bibliography for my Hamlet paper and have been strugglling through math. I failed my midtem. The one I thought I might have a B on. It's so frustrating to do what I am supposed to do, go to class, do homework, have tutor and still flunk. My baby was cut from baseball today and I worry his heart is broken except he has an official girlfriend now, so that may mitigate the damge to his psyche. Damn idjit coach. Moving most everything tomorrow and Saturday and have no clue where anything is going. I'm making through hour by hour and right now I think that's pretty good. HUGS and LOVE!!!!


A gorgeous and lovely photo. Warm colors.

FO - 2

Wonderful! :)


This is a wonderful, dreamy sky!


What a great shot!


Good luck! It's a beautiful picture.


Well whatever your secret, I wish you luck .. that photo is wonderful


Oh! I hate's like being told a good joke and not knowing the punch line.. :o) Good luck I do hope what ever it is works out.

Beautiful Sky Watch Capture.


Beautiful picture, Good Luck on your endeavors


I think it's a very beautiful photo and I hope that everything turns out the way you'd like it to. Have a wonderful day!


Photo demonstrates a lot of beauty an warmth!


Lovely sunset!


Well composition and great colors.


The best of luck.
This is a very excellent photo. I like everything about it: the composition, the contrast, the mood....


So beautiful!Thank you for sharing!

Berit T

WOW!!! I love the colour!!


You always find the most beautiful skies to photograph!

Sorry I've been absent from post-reading all week, I got derailed somewhere and need to get back on track as my Google Reader was about ready to explode!


Great shot and whatever is in the pipeline I hope it works out well. x


Stunning shot :)


I signed the wrong book...
Purty picture, by the way. :)

Uma por Dia

Wonderful and reminds me where I live, we have those kind of sunsets here ;)


This is a gorgeous sky! Have a wonderful weekend...


What a beauty!

irish daisies

love the colors it is an amazing site


What a beautiful picture.


That is absolutely gorgeous.The best of British with your new venture,lol.


LOvely Skywatch!


Beautiful. I have an award for you!


Wow, those are stunning colors and excellent composition!


What a brillaint photo! Superb colors and composition! My SWF is here. Thank you.


Beautiful!!! I hope whatever it is you are working on turns out!


I love sunsets, the best ones are when there are wispy clouds in the sky like your shot. The colors are just amazing. Good luck with whatever you are working on.


Curiouser and curiouser, Misty Dawn! I hope the best for you and can't wait to hear about it.

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