Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #9

(c) Misty DawnS

I really am not wanting to post so soon after the birthday post for my grandfather. I always fear that if I post too soon, people won't read the previous post, and that bothers me when it is a post which is important to me like the previous post is. So, I'll make this short and sweet and hope that this Sky Watch photo will cause people to want to explore my blog a little more :-)


david mcmahon

Brilliant shot, Misty. So Biblical in its depth and scope.


This is a beautiful picture.


This is one of the prettiest pictures I've seen. It is wonderful. thanks for sharing it.

The post about you and your grandfather was so sweet, he was a special man.


Beautiful! I love your Sky Watch pictures. Also I enjoyed your tribute to your grandfather, it was wonderful :)


This is a beautiful photo. I did scroll down to read about your grandfather and will come back to read more later. :D


This is the prettiest sky watch picture I have seen so far. I will scroll down and read your "IN LOVING MEMORY" post.


This is really beautiful!


Wow! Gorgeous photo.

Lilli & Nevada

Look at all those colors, just gorgeous


Such a contrast in color! Looks like a fire on the horizon.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Wow. This is spectacular.


Oh I know i feel the same way he looks like a nice man and your sky pic is so idyllic w/ the sheepAwesome colors such a nice sky watch week

Kelly Ann

this is your best one that I've seen so far! :)

Lana G!

Absolutely gorgeous!

FO - 2

Beautiful sky shot and a nice tribute to your grandpa in the previous post! :)))

Daniel J Santos

Beautiful image, wonderful colors.

Garden Angel

Lovely picture!
Looks like a "House on the prairie" photo..! Loved that movie!
Lovely words about your grandfather too! He must have been a special man!
I wish you a beautiful weekend!


First of all i had too say that your words in the Loving Memory got too my heart.

The photo was almost a bit scaring, it seems like something is coming true the sky....Beautifully!!


David said it better than I could. Wonderful photo.


Both SWF and your grandfather looks great!

Frøydis Vestbøstad

Really great! Is it rain in the yellow/orange part?


wow...its amazing shot.


I thought at first glance this was beautiful.. but then I read the post before and the beauty within that post will outshine anything things else I see or read today.


Beautifull, Misty.

My Sky Watch Friday #3


I did really read about your grandfather, who seemd much nicer than the sky...


Absolutely beautiful...
(I love the tribute to your Grandfather, too!)


What a striking photo!


Hi Your blog is fine and I love your header, this is such a GREAT sky! Welldone:)

Come and see my DUTCH skywatch,
and listen to my favorite music while watching...

Greetings JoAnn
Enjoy your weekend:)


A beautiful beautiful picture!




Beautiful but not as beautiful as the post below for your grandfather!

Oh, and I'm only going to leave one comment this time!! :-)


Wonderful, I like the picture on top of your blog too.


What an amazing shot, Misty Dawn! I love to see the colors in the sky, and you captured it beautifully!


Misty this is such a gorgeous phot. I love it.


Not participating, but wanted to comment. Another awesome shot Misty. You really do this very well. Have a great day and weekend. :)


This photo is amazing. The sky the fields, the tree, the animals. What a great shot. The sky looks ominous...


I love it!!!!

I am off hiking again tomo, so hopefully will get some nice shots too :)

Mom Knows Everything

I love how you have the cows in there too. Once again another beautiful picture Misty!

The Egel Nest

Gorgeous shot...and everyone should read your tribute below for sure :)

The Egel Nest


The contrasts here are beautiful.
My Skywatch


Beautiful photograph Misty


what a gorgeous shot Misty!!


Oh so beautiful! And the animal lover in me also enjoys the animals :) Have a great day! BTW, thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog. I truly appreciate this blogger friendship that is building!

sonia a. mascaro

Nice and bucolic!


This is a beautiful photo!

i beati

outstanding photo


Love this! Love the sheep in the foreground and the colors in the sky. Excellent.


I think possibly that this might be my very shot of yours ever. Well, until I see you next one. ;)


I don't know if you came upon this photo in your wanderings or whether you sat down and waited for it. I was thinking that it would be worth packing a week of food in order to get this photograph. It is just stunning and perfect.


I'm sorry, I forgot to leave my link and you could get lost for an eternity! My Sky Watch is here!


Truly an excellent shot Misty!

Mimi Lenox

Now THAT is gorgeous. Wow. I need to keep up with the Sky Watch posts for sure.



Kahshe Cottager

What a gorgeous photo!!! My favourite of this week's SW I think!


Wow! That is absolutely stunning. Such drama and intensity of color. Thanks for visiting my Sky Watch Friday. Sorry for taking so long to repay the visit.


This photo is beautiful!

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