Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Small Business Loans

When you are starting your own business, there are so many things to take into consideration. Of course, since money is required to start and run a business, getting small business loans is usually the main concern. AFSLoans wants to help in the process of funding your new business. They charge no application fee and have none of those sneaky hidden fees. Small Business Loans have been on my mind lately, because my husband and I have been talking about a certain business venture. The business we are considering will require finding an adequate building to serve our needs. With AFSLoans, we can complete a 30-second pre-application to find out how much we could be approved for. Yet, there is no obligation behind that pre-application, so we could take our time and would not feel like we had to make a fast decision.

What type of small business would you like to start?


i beati

what if you started one in your home and could use your home or extension as a deduction??

Mo and The Purries

Well, I started my own small business in October '05.
I had 1 year's worth of savings to live on for personal expenses.
In this economy, my suggestion is: if you're going to start a small business where it will be your sole source of income = have TWO YEARS worth of savings in the bank to live on. I wish I had...

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I think the two years of savings is an excellent idea. And if you have that much saved, you probably won't be needing the business loan. But if you do need one, AFS seems to be the place. Here is another post that talks about them:


Creating designer programs. Someone would contact me (@ home, of course) with what they need & I create it from nothing. That's my dream. *sigh* I'd better answer that phone...


Whoa... do I take this as a sign or what? I've been so completely sick of going to a JOB everyday. I was just talking with my husband about starting something... just not sure what exactly. Something for us would sure be nice. But I just don't know what it is yet. :)

Mom Knows Everything

Hello my BBFF! Thanks for the email about the email. hehe! Talk to you when you log back on. :o)

The Gal Herself

Dogwalking, or general petcare. I would love to be the one who walks your dogs while you're at work or coaxes the cat out from under the bed when you're on vacation.


Business loans are a staple nowadays for small businesses. Success doesn't come easily especially to those who are venturing out for the first time so loans come as a necessity to keep things going. Thanks for the info!

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