Monday, February 25, 2008

So Much To Do

So much to do - So little time!

Oh my gosh - the big bash is the day after tomorrow. I've got to prepare and get ready.

I've got to get the decorations...

Wrap the gifts (because part of the fun of a doggy-gift is getting to rip the paper off, ya know)...

Oh man - the cake! Must get a white cake (doggies aren't supposed to have chocolate)...

Oh and the music... you know, so we can all have a big ol' howling (and meowing and chirping) good time...

Gotta get the gift bags together... and the slideshow.... and the toys...

I've got a lot to do! A doggy-mom's work is never done!

Administrative Assistant work?
take time to eat?
take time to sleep?
Pay the bills so our electric isn't turned off and our term insurance isn't cancelled?
Don't these people know I have to arrange for the most perfect and fabulous doggy-bloggy-birthday-bash in less than TWO days!!!
It must be perfect, because she deserves it... even if she does eat everything I own, smell like a skunk, and get muddy paw prints all over my house... she makes up for it when she looks at me with that cute-little "You still love me, right?" look on her face.

Plans... arrangements... preparations... ACK - I've gotta go.


Crazed Nitwit

At least you're done moving. He.

So what kind of bday party are you throwing me in March 10 when IO hit the big four six???? Hummmmmmmmmm?


Yeah, there are a whole bunch of us that are coming over for the part. Little Bit can't wait to meet another Border Collie. We are ready to party. :)

Rachel (Crazy-Is)

Oh, I can't wait to hear about it and see pics!! Hope it goes off without a hitch!


Say what? Did I miss something? What are you doing...Mist, I'm lost, help me here! PS--did you redo the blog? If you did it looks great, if not, then it always looked great. xoxo

Smalltown RN

Can I bring anything....I mean other than Bert....


Dingo, Josy and Flavie will definitely be there! They can't wait to meet other blog-dogs! :-)

Sandy Kessler

Count Gingy, Wubby, Petrille, Chiara, Vonni, Vivvi and Pharoah as guests


lol Take a deep breath . . . you don't want to wear yourself out before the big day.

Can't wait to see what a doggy-bloggy-party is really like!

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