Saturday, February 16, 2008

That'll Cover It

I saw this over at Rachel's and thought I'd try it. Let me tell you - This was WAY too much fun!!! Like I needed something else to get addicted too (hehe).

But, honestly though... you'd buy this magazine right? You'd be strolling through the rows of magazines and see this cute cover and wouldn't be able to resist making the purchase and taking this magazine home with you... right? And, well, it should be a real magazine cover, because not only is it totally cute, but just look at the top headline - it reads "Top 10 Most Popular Pets"... Well, duh! What's more popular than a puppy who is the star attraction in the header of a blog in the gigantic blogosphere?!?!

What about this awesome wolf in the woods? Would you be able to resist purchasing this magazine to learn all about how this huge lovable lug wild wolf prefers his meat cooked and covets stuffed animals survives with only a king sized bed to sleep in in day-to-day life?

Seriously - the magazine publishers don't know what they are missing!

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at


Mom Knows Everything

I'd buy a dozen of them! That is so cool!!! Me want your autograph now. hehe!

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. Great job on your magazines. I love them and they would surely be irresistible once displayed on magazine stands.

It's so nice of you to link me. Thank you. Have a nice Sunday.


My sister in law had some of these up. I thought they were hilarious. I may try one tomorrow.


I'd sooo buy that magazine, no lie! This is adorable, Mist, it's not wonder you couldn't resist it.

Girlfriend, let me tell ya, YOU'RE the cool one, I know the truth. xoxoxoxo and an extra xo for the weekend.

Mimi Lenox

I would buy it....


Too doggone cute for words, of course I'd buy that magazine and I don't even have a dog!!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

That is so cool!!! I gotta head over and try it out!


That is the best looking pet magazine ever!

Travis Cody

Those are cool! I wonder if that guy on the NatGeo cover is a relative of mine.


Cathy, Amy and Kristina

This looks fun ... more online addictions forthcoming!


Okay, now I have been playing with this for some time. It is so cute. I spent a long time this afternoon doing the celebrity look a likes with family members today. And I thought blogging was a time suck.


hi hi hi hi...i love play with this site also :D


That is just way too cool!!

Dallas Meow



That looks like great fun - I'm off to have a go!


Oooh I love it so much I'm pinching it for mine - hope you don't mind honey? x


Great! Absolutely great!!!

I couldn´t resist Vogue and Cosmo. The results are posted :D

Happy SUNday!


Neat! Thanks for the link.


Deja Vu! lol


Cute idea! Hey is the wolf dog yours too?


How cool! :)


What fun I could have with this!


Put your picture on more magazine covers @ (thousands of photo mash-ups to play with).

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