Monday, February 4, 2008

The Unconditional Friendship Award

Here by popular demand - is an award featuring the one and only adorable Maggie May.

Maggie's photo is very appropriate for this award, because it is the Unconditional Friendship Award, and we all know that puppies and dogs provide unconditional friendship, loyalty, and love.

My friends here in the blogosphere have shown me support, encouragement, and love without the reservations, judgments, and restrictions which face-to-face relationships sometimes fall victim to. It doesn't matter what size I am, what color I am, if I'm physically attractive or not, or if I have a disability - you took the time to get to know me through my words, my thoughts, and, yes, my goofiness too. You have picked me up when I was ready to hit bottom, you have laughed with me, you have been my cheering squad, you have shared your own lives with me - and you've done all of this because you took the time to get to know me without any judgments. You have honored me with some of the most wonderful friendships I have ever encountered! For that, I thank you with all my heart!

Please accept this award as a token of my thanks (and so you can have that cute puppy hanging on your blog) - also PLEASE feel free to pass this award along to those friends who have shown you Unconditional Friendship, and, if you don't mind, please link it back to me. Thanks!
I would like to pass this award along to some people outside of the blogosphere who have definitely showed me unconditional friendship - Beck (the best friend a girl could ever wish for - I've been honored ever since 4th grade), ALL my friends at Full Bookshelves (you are like family to me), and Moo (we've been through a lot together and our friendship has lit the way).

Click "Read More" for the recipients of the Unconditional Friendship Award.
The Lawn Mower Queen
Bubba's Sis
Smalltown RN
The Gal Herself
The Teach
Jen (This and That)
Shelly (This Eclectic Life)



damn! i joined your blog too late!

that is definitely the cutest award i've seen.


Aw, girl, you made me cry! I humbly accept this with the greatest gratitude.


Thanks so much, Misty! You're just the sweetest!


Misty, thank you so very much! You know I appreciate it very much!

Mom Knows Everything

This is by far my most FAVORITE award I have ever received!


How awesome Misty Dawn. Thank you so much. I gladly accept this award and my post is here:

The Unconditional Friendship Award


It takes a friend to be a friend. You have shown this to all of us. :)

BeccA's Buzz

Wow!!! That is a heck of a list of blogosphere friends!! Woo hoo to all of us for being included :) It's a mighty fine looking award too....such a sweet black and white face...and I love the green too! Thanks for thinking of me, I will put it in my sidebar pronto....if not sooner! LOL


Pssst.. You have another award at my blog ;)

Kelly Ann

You've won me over, you hardly know me and am giving me a reward like this? Your awesome, and how sweet of you, thank you I will post about it tommorow on my blog. :)

Empress Bee (of the high sea)

oh how sweet, thanks honey!

smiles, bee


What a great award! Thank you Misty! I appreciate you.


look where begging gets me!

boscoe's gonna be miffed when he sees an entirely different border collie on our blog.



Wow, cool. Just cool. And have you ever seen a more adorable pup?? Thanks Misty! It's been fun getting to know you!

Bradley's Mom


I saw what you said on Bradley's comments!!!!

How can I ever thank you? This is my very first Blog award....and I just love it!

Since I don't have a blog for real (just kinda share Bradley's :), I will see if I can figure out how to print it out, and hang it in my office!!!

Thank you so much! You're a doll!!


The Owners

Thanks Misty. You are, by far, the sweetest blogger I know.

Thanks for still stopping by even though I'm not much of a blogger anymore.

The Egel Nest

Okay...Misty Dawn...

You know I have had a "thing" for that puppy since day one!

Can one be nauseas from cuteness?? If so...I am :)

Anyway...omg...he is so going to be posted immediately on my blog...and my blog will then become much cuter right away!

Thank you...oh puppy master...

The Egel Nest


Misty, thank you so much. I love your puppy picture and I really like your description of the friendships we have online.


Thank you. You really shouldn't have. I am touched. I truly am. You really don't have to bequeath awards onto me. Simply visiting and enjoying your posts as you do mine is reward enough. However, I won't take this lightly. I will post it in the near future. Again, thank you.


That is such a cute idea for an award! I love it. Thank you very much Misty, I appreciate it:) Hugs.


Awwwwww... I ♥ it - this award is the cutest badge EVER. Thank you so much, Misty and Maggie May! I´m so so deeply honored. Thank you so much - you made my day. You made me cry and smile at the same time =)

Yes, online friends are some of the best friends - definitely.


Nikki Neurotic

Aww, thank you so much. I will try to pass it on this week.


This has got to be one of the cutest awards yet. I will have to show this one to my puppy lover Blake.

Thank you so much Misty


thank you so much....I am honored....the only thing that would make it better is if I got the


Shucks! This is great. Thank you so much. :) You are very sweet.

I would take maggie any day so if you ever need a sitter......


oh my goodness, thank you so much Misty! I am so honored to receive this award!! I will wear it proudly :) Thanks.


Oh wow, Mist,I have to concur with ALL the others up there--this is by FAR the most beautiful, adorable, amazing award I've ever gotten. And not only that, the person behind this award is my friend! I'm honored by that alone, Mist. And I don't even remember how we became friends--just very glad we did. xoxoxoxo and one more: xo

Misty, I have always loved this picture of Maggie and I can't wait to post it on my sidebar! Plus, what you wrote is truly spectacular and heartfelt. It's one of the reasons I love ya, you're real~

Thank you very much for thinking of me, and by the way, I tagged you for the seven weird things about me meme I just posted.

Huge hug~


P.S. Also I wanted to make sure you saw the link for the You cheer me up award? Some didn't go through and I wanted to make sure that you knew you were definitely one of my first recipients. :)))

Thank you again and again~



Hey Misty, it's cool that you got your own domain and I look forward to continued visits.

See you around.



Thank you SOO much. I am more than proud to hang this beautiful puppy on my blog page! I'm glad that we've become cyber friends. You're a very kind-hearted person. Thanks again! I love it!!


Awww thanks! Wish we could meet up in real life one day.

david mcmahon

Thank you so very much, Misty,

It's a great award and I'm very privileged that you thought of me.

Merci beaucoup ....


Misty Dawn, thank YOU so much! This award is really precious! And let me add my 'dittos' to all of the above.

Travis Cody

Thank you dear!

Mimi Lenox

Ahh.....thank you Misty. That's very nice indeed. I love the sweet pic on the award. I will wear it proudly.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Awww, Misty - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am honored and flattered!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Thank you!! Love the cute-puppy bling!

Heart of Rachel

Thank you Misty for this honor. I would love to share it on my blog soon.


Thanks a lot Misty. It really cute award and sweet of you to share with me.

Baldwins Girl

That is so beautiful, kind and sweet, I would be HONORED to post it! Thank you so much. I am really touched. :)


Thank you. Really. This was such a lovely, sincere post and I appreciate the recognition very much. Plus now I have a photo of Maggie on MY site!


Misty you're a doll and I'm honoured to be considered your friend. Thankyou xxxx


Awwww! Thank you!!! It's so cute too!
Thank you for being forgiving of my random blogging appearances! You totally rock!!!


Oh wow! Many thanks for my lovely award. You're so kind. I thought I'd already been here to say thank you, but obviously my sieve-like brain got that wrong! Once again, many thanks.


This is by far the neatest award. I am going to put this on my blog asap.

Thank you!


Thank you so very much for this lovely and cute award! I've done a post but it might take me awhile to get it up on my sidebar for the same reasons I've stated in my post as to why I'm not passing the award on to anyone else at this point.

Now, before I forget completely in this "toasted" state of mind of mine, in regards to your question about Cafe Press ... Amanda does have a shop there but she has never really made any money with it. We have bought some stuff ourselves and gotten a discount but as for other people buying stuff - nope! It is kind of expensive in the big scheme of things but it's also a nice way for someone who has no capital for start-up costs to start up. I guess the idea is to get your friends and family to buy from there.

It was a lovely thought you had for donating some of the proceeds to Jamie's Legal Fund and I do appreciate your thought! When I refer to being tired in my last post, a lot of it has to do with the whole situation with Jamie but I can't really say that on my blog just in case my ex is reading and gets wind of what I want to do.

I believe I am going to have to look at filing the paperwork myself with the courts and hope for the best as I just don't see being able to afford to retain a lawyer. Even though some people, like yourself, have donated to the cause it's not one that a lot of people seem to want to embrace. I guess what I really need is Oprah on my side but these days I'm too tired to even try appealing to her or Ellen or any of those celebrities who like to do good deeds! Better yet, if I could get on "Deal or No Deal" I'd take the first good deal and hire the best lawyer out there!

Oh well, I am babbling, as I'm wont to do when I'm fried - which I seem to be! This is one heck of a long comment and for that I apologize but I didn't want you to think I didn't see your comment about Cafe Press!

Take care and again, thank you for this very lovely award! It's just so doggone cute!!


Ahhh've got me all verclempt! That's a pretty dang cute award and I will post it will honor. You're a great friend!

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