Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Sandy Carlson

Wonderful perspective. Makes me think of the Margaret Wise Brown children's story "The Big Red Barn" (although I have to take some liberty with the red!). Lovely.

Bubba's Sis

Whoa! I think it's going to fall down! Don't go in there!


Looks like a pretty blizzard wind. Nevertheless it's an awesome picture ;)


Another gorgeous photo!

crazy working mom

What a beautiful shot. :)

Happy WW.

Jenny 865-53oh9

I love pictures of old barns...that's a good one!


Poor neglected barn. At least you're showing it some love. Very nice, as always.

Sher :)

I like what Anna said. I think the picture is lovely. Looks like a cool hideaway. :)


Umm... I think I need help because I see a face in that old barn. two small windows for eyes.. It is a great photo!


This photo is great! I just love the old barn and how it's hazy and grey in the background. It goes perfectly with the look of the barn! Great picture!


That barn still has a few good year in 'er, i wouldn't be scared to walk in there and take a look around..hehe. Although it looks to me like you shot it from a car, or something that was moving?


Great photo! Misty, I have to say you're a really good photographer. I loved your photos. :)

Hugs~ Ann


Oh my gosh! Is that YOUR barn?? Did I ever tell you I LOVE barns???

Can I come love with you???


Another great shot! You're really on a barn roll there aren't you?


What a pretty photo. I love the rusticness. Is that a word. LOL

Happy WW

Juliana RW

Nice photo, Misty

My WW : Paris

Picturing Life

What an old house :D

My WW : Bali

the teach

Can't help thinking what life was like when the barn was brand new...Happy WW, Misty! Great shot!:)


WOW! That´s one excellent shot - which brings back long forgotten childhood memories ♥


... an additonal little something for your award page is waiting to be picked up =)


Old barns are one of my favorite subjects for photos! I love it.


a little gust of wind in the right direction and ...... kaplooie!


Looks like a good, stiff wind would topple it! Very cool. :)

Sandee (Comedy +)

Not playing today, but wanted to say...awesome. :)


Barn pictures remind me of my sister because she loves them so. :)

Nap Warden

I love pictures like this...great shot!


Is that lichen on the roof? I just hate to see these old guys so uncared for. We're abandoning our history. And your picture just took me down that melancholy path, so what a great picture it must be, eh?


This is why I find old barns (and windmills) so fascinating. They make such lovely pictures.


Well I missed this yesterday, but Misty that is so beautiful. (I know I have an odd sense of beauty, but I adore old farm buildings).

Have a great day. I sure hope Tag has calmed down.

Old Wom Tigley

I love to see these barns. even the one's that are well past their best give great results in picture.

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