Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beyond a Step-Daughter

No, I didn't win the contest, and you do not need to keep voting. Thank you so much for your support and votes... Now...

Let me tell you a story about someone who means the world to me... my step-daughter (we'll call her Rahjee - nickname).

When I first married her dad, I must admit I was quite nervous as to how his children would accept me, considering the age difference between us. I knew that my step-son accepted me, because I saw him every other weekend. However, my step-daughters lived in a different state, and I did not have the opportunity to get to know them as well as I would have liked to before our wedding.

The step-daughter I am referring to is my husband's youngest daughter (middle child). She will be 20 years old this month, and she is one of my best friends. She is unbelievably funny and such a pleasure to be around; She does not meet a stranger, and no one ever feels uncomfortable around her. She does not pass judgments, has a gigantic and generous heart, never takes anything or anyone for granted, works very hard to reach her goals, and genuinely cares about other people.

Now that her dad and I have moved to this state, Rahjee and I are usually in contact with each other on the instant messenger the entire day and usually the entire night too. We talk about absolutely everything from something as little as what we are having for dinner, to venting to each other when we are upset, to rejoicing with each other when something great happens. We support each other, we encourage each other, we worry about each other, and we have some of the greatest inside-jokes ever.

When Rahjee heard about the caption contest for the gift certificate and realized that I could use the certificate towards the camera, she expended so much effort and time promoting her 'step-mom' that I was touched beyond words.

First, she wrote up a bulletin and posted it on her Myspace page. The words she put in that bulletin - the beautiful things she said about me - the way she talked about what our friendship means to her - I am not ashamed to say I had tears streaming down my face.

Her boyfriend (E, a great guy who treats Rahjee great) also put a bulletin on his Myspace page, along with Rahjee's half-sister, and one of Rahjee's friends who thought our relationship sounded so cool that she wanted to help too.

Rahjee also called everyone she could think of. Her entire family voted for me (Yes, this includes my husband's ex-wife, whom I have extremely high admiration and respect for. She's a great mother, has raised four fantastic children, and has stood strong through some very tough times. You probably aren't used to someone complimenting their spouse's ex, but she honestly deserves it.). But it didn't stop there... Rahjee and E contacted everyone they could think of, and then they asked those people to contact everyone they knew. E even asked everyone who plays World of Warcraft with him to vote!

Rahjee would hit refresh every time she went by her computer, and then she would excitedly instant message me to tell me how many votes I had. She did everything she could think of because she wants her step-mom to get her camera. You see, with Rahjee, if she cares about you, your dreams become her dreams, and she will do anything she can to help you reach them.

When I woke up Wednesday morning and realized that the contest had, in fact, not ended, and all those votes were now gone and replaced by a new contest which started from zero, my heart dropped. Honestly, my last concern was that I hadn't won like Rahjee and I had been celebrating the night before. My concern was that Rahjee had done so much, had thrown herself into promoting me, and was so excited. I must have said something like "Poor Rahjee" out loud, because my husband immediately said "What? What's wrong?" When I told him what had happened, he said "Oh boy, I wouldn't be surprised if my daughter gives some people a piece of her mind." You see, Rahjee will also fight for you ;-) And, trust me, she's not afraid to speak her mind ;-)

Yes, she was very upset about what happened. However, even though I didn't win that contest, I'm still a winner, because what she (and E and everyone else) did for me made me feel so much love and support that I can't even begin to put it into words.

To everyone who voted for me - Thank you - your votes and support mean more to me than I can possibly express to you. Also, thank you for allowing me to take the time to share with you what a truly special and amazing person my Rahjee is. She's so much more than a step-daughter, and she's so much more than a friend... she's Rahjee, and there's no one like her.



That's beautiful, Misty! What a wonderful relationship you two have!


I'm sorry you lost Misty, but what a great step-daughter you have in Rahjee. I know you are proud. Have a great day honey. :)


That is wonderful that you and your step-daughter have such a good and close relationship. Too bad more don't have the same good fortune ya know.


She sounds wonderful. I'm glad you have her in your life.


You are a winner - you have a wonderful step daughter who obviously loves you very much!

Robyn Jones

You must be a pretty special lady to be able to garner that much support...I barely know you, and I am impressed.....

I wish you had won...


Aw, I'm sorry you didn't win. I was so sure this was going to be the "big one" for you.

However, your step-daughter is so lucky to have such a great stepmom. And, from the way you describe her, vice versa.


That's beautiful, Misty Dawn. Rahjee sounds like such a special person and ya'll are so blessed to have each other. I can tell ya'll treasure each other as you should.

I am sorry that you didn't win the contest however.


Oh my goodness so many emotions here, Mist. I'm so sorry about the contest, I know it meant so much to you. (((hugs)))

I'm blown away, though, by the amazing relationship you share with's truly a rareity. Not only is she apparently a beautiful beautiful soul, but I happen to know her stepmother is amazing, kind, talented and fun...I cannot wait to meet Rahjee's stepmother. I love ya, Mist, even if you did make me tear up a bit here. xoxoxoxoxo and one more xo


You are a lucky lady.

Smalltown RN

Misty I am so sorry you didn't win the contest..but you won hands down with our amazing is that ...the bond that was forged just in that one contest....both of you are winners....don't let that contest make you believe will find a way to get that camera ..I am sure of it....especially if your daughter has anything to do with it..


What an amazing step-daughter you have to not only go to all that effort but to know how much winning would have meant to you. It's a shame they didn't decide the contest on the first round of votes - that just didn't seem fair at all.

To us you are a winner - always!

Mom Knows Everything

You have such an amazing step-daughter Misty!!! I wish you would have won, you deserved to win, but at the very least you have Rahjee. :o)


I'm sorry you lost that contest too. However, this amazing relationship you have with your step-daughter more than makes up for it. What you wrote is beautiful. By the way, thanks for the happy birthday greetings to my daughter. Have a great day!


Lucky you who found such a friend in your step-daughter! Give her a hug from me.


I am lucky enough to also have a special stepdaughter .. so I really know how you feel.. its great isnt it!


(Well, this is cool ... my glasses needed a good wash anyhow!) The wealth of affection, intimate care, and dynamic love present in this account is beyond measure. I am so grateful for your generosity in sharing it with us.

Sandy Kessler

what a blessing - most kids will not go that far sk

The Gal Herself

What a terrific relationship you have with your step-daughter/friend! It's even more rare to hear Wife #2 say such positive things about Wife #1. I'm watching a friend and her ex and his new wife battle, and it's been going on for years with no end in sight. You should be proud of how well you navigate the extended family waters.


what a blessing you have to have such a wonderful stepdaughter!!

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