Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Bird Conspiracy

I've been telling you for months now that I want to capture some good bird photos. I was quite happy with the photos of the birds at my feeders, but those just made me want even more.Then, yesterday, Hubs and I went to town. On our way back, I exclaimed "Look at that hawk sitting on the fence post right by the road!" As we continued on our trip, we passed about eight more hawks just sitting on the fence posts right along side the road. Of course I didn't have my camera with me, and that's why the hawks were there... they were there to taunt me.

Yep, it's a conspiracy. They have Missouri hawk meetings so the birds can plan and discuss how to drive The Little Crazy Woman With The Big Camera even more crazy and insane. Of course, when I got home, I immediately grabbed my camera and jumped back in my poor beat up vehicle (Hubs hit a deer the other night) and put the pedal on the floor drove back to the road where we saw all the hawks. I only saw one hawk when I went down the road, and when I slowed down, the hawk flew away - I'm telling you - they do this on purpose - they are trying to send me to the nut house (or cause me to wreck - it's rather difficult to drive while simultaneously turning on, zooming, and focusing your camera).

So, I turned around... on my way back, I saw another hawk... started to slow down, pull up the camera, and CRAP there was a vehicle coming behind me! So, I had to keep going... of course, while I had that vehicle behind me, I saw THREE more hawks... and they were laughing... seriously - one had its wing up to its beak trying to hide the laughter, but the others were not so considerate - they just pointed at me with their wings, threw their heads back, beaks in the air, and laughed and laughed.

I had my window down for quick photo access, and while trying to get somewhere where that person behind me would pass, I had a semi drive by and was smacked in the face with rocks and salt... yeah - great.
So, as I told my dad this story last night, I told him that these da*% birds have now made it personal! I told him I am now on a mission. Dad chuckled and said "Don't worry Honey, they will come to you." That's my daddy, always trying to give his daughter some hope. But, HECK - I think Daddy called his own meeting and sent birds... millions and millions of birds to me! The lengths that man goes to for his daughter, I tell ya!
Seriously - do you see ALL the birds that showed up today??? I felt like I was in the Alfred Hitchcock movie! I would have the camera to my eye to take a photo of this many birds in the South, and I would hear this overbearing racket, and when I turned around, I would see just as many birds coming at me from the North!!! I was thrilled at this spectacular sight - It truly was amazing...

But then I started wondering... Is this just part of the hawk's conspiracy??? Did they gather together all these geese at a meeting and send them to invade me??? Why? What is their next move? I'm sleeping with one eye open, I tell ya.



LOL! I think you may be right! Certainly sounds suspicious to me! ;-) Great shots!!

Mom Knows Everything

Don't worry, I'll save you Misty!!! Take that you evil Misty run!!!

Travis Cody

Dang birds.

When I got my first digital camera, I used to slip it in my bag and take it everywhere so I would always be ready to take pictures. One day I had it in my bad along with a bottle of soda, guessed it...the soda leaked and ruined my camera!

Kelly Ann

Reminds me of that one time late sunset, that there were that many or more crows in my sky.. friggin insane, but couldn't get a good shot off. Beautiful pics. :)


Great story, and the pictures are terrific!


Oh my gosh!!!! Misty you have me rolling with laughter right now!!!
I knew birds were smart, but I didn't know they were smart enough to create conspiracies!


Okay don't buy any little puppies at your abode, okay Mist? They'd never survive it! YOu're probably mouse free right about now, no doubt! xo

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty! Oh my, that's a unusually large gathering of birds. You have good grounds to think of a conspiracy or an undertaking. :)


It's a Hitchcock movie! Ahhhh!

i beati

wow what shots !!


You have to watch out for those sneaky hawks, they're generally just up to no good I tells ya!


This is seriously creepy! They're after you Misty!


This is just too funny! These are the same silly birds that hang out near my home and poop on every thing including my car. I swear there are hundreds of them that fly around.

Also you have a great blog. This is my first visit and thanks for stopping by mine.



What a beautiful sight!


Wow! The only time we see that many birds @ once is in the summer when the bugs are drawn to traffic lights which draw lots of sparrows. Actually, last summer our new yard was full of birdies (common old sparrows, for the most part) probably because our yard was full of wonderful weed seeds, and I did a double-take before I realized that one was a blue parakeet. Since we're depriving them of those nasty seeds this year, I'm slowly but surely stocking up on bird (& squirrel-hee hee) feeders, mostly to amuse the boys. Maybe I'll get a couple of cool shots...


That many birds freaks me out.

The Egel Nest

You are so funny Misty Dawn!

I used to do a lot of amateur bird photography...

Keep at it :)

It takes EXTREME patience...I think for every good shot I got I got about 50 not so good ones :)

The Egel Nest

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