Friday, March 21, 2008

Comfort For a Dog's Night

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You see that beanbag the adorable, yet rotten, Miss Maggie May is sleeping on so comfortably? Well, she ate it! It started with her chewing a couple small holes in it. We reprimanded her (Oh yeah, we're so cruel) and fixed the holes with duct tape (Yes, it's great for emergencies such as this). However, that fix didn't last long.

I was in the other room one evening and heard my husband lecturing the puppy about 'ruining it'. I came out to see what was the matter and had to hold back from laughing when I saw all these tiny little white balls of styrofoam all over the kitchen floor. She destroyed the beanbag, and she definitely did a good job of it.

My concern is this. Tag, our male Border Collie, does nothing at half-speed or half-effort. Everything is given 110%. Unfortunately, his body is suffering because of this. When he has spent an entire day outside working with Dad, he is one very happy and thankful dog, but, sadly, he is also very sore and moving very slow. Sometimes, it makes us hurt to watch him get up and try to walk. His body is becoming old before its time, and that makes my heart ache for him. So, that was the purpose of the beanbag - to prevent Tag from having to sleep on the hard floor. Now, I'm considering getting the poor guy a luxury dog bed from, because I just can't stand to see him hurting so bad, and I certainly can't keep him from going outside to work, because that means the absolute world to him. Tag's world revolves around Dad and getting to work with Dad. OK, the skid loader and farm equipment make Tag's world go round too.

These beds, are really spectacular, and I know that one would really benefit Tag. He is always so appreciative if we put anything down on the floor so he can have a little bit of cushion. So, I know that this would make his dreams much more peaceful. Now, until we have the finances to create individual space for each dog, I need to figure out how I can treat my boy to one of these special beds and keep the mischievous puppy from tearing it to shreds!

I'll come up with something though, because it's worth it to ease Tag's discomfort. Do I hear you saying that I spoil my dogs? Well, you know what my answer to that is, don't you? They deserve it, because, as you know... My Dogs Keep Me Sane! :-)



Oh, I had to laugh too! How can you not? I can just see the look on the pup's face. What? I shouldn't have done that??? Why??? Those beds look great, and I wish they'd been around back when my Lab was hurting like that.


I don't think your dogs are spoiled, I think they're loved!

Mom Knows Everything

Hi Dork! I love your dogs, they didn't eat my cake! LOL We are never going to get anything done ever again are we? LOL Next time I promise not too look so hot k.....hehehe

Heart of Rachel

I admire your love for your dogs. They are very lucky to have you.


When you come up with a plan, let me know! My cats haven't had a single toy to play with since Seven came along because we're afraid she'll choke on 'em (or destroy 'em). Something that keeps one pet away & lets another use it...?

Travis Cody

Is it possible to put the bed down for Tag at night, then pick it up during the day? If he doesn't get up and roam at night, maybe he'll be able to keep the puppy from touching it.

Then in the morning you can put it away where the puppy can't get to it.


Our dog overworks from time to time too. We get medication from the vet that makes it all better. Just saying. I know just how you feel when you watch him trying to get up and walk. I also understand the beanbag. :)

Mimi Lenox

I love it that your dog's name is "Tag"!! (said the Queen of Memes) He looks like a sweet soul and you are such an awesome caregiver for him. I'm not a dog person, per se, but when I come here I feel as if I'd like to get another one.


Ah, reading your puppy stories are bringing back memories. Once upon a time, we bought a brand new couch. We left for a little while and didn't put our pup, Muki, in her crate. When we returned, she had eaten the couch!! What can you do? (Well, we realized that maybe she still needed to be in her crate when we left the house! lol)

Good luck with the bean bag. We've gone through many of them.

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