Friday, March 21, 2008

From Skittles

I'm posting a note from someone we all know and love - one of my bestest friends - Skittles...
From Skittles -

Misty has been so kind as to let me do some explaining here on her blog. I thank her for that. She's such a good friend to all of us.

I have deleted my blog. The reasons for doing this are personal. (Aw man.. I can't write this without crying.) I will surely miss all of you .. and I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

I have also deleted my Heads Or Tails blog. I will try to reinstate HoT as soon as possible.. maybe in a week or so. I'll probably do a regular blog again, too. You know I can't stay away forever.

Until then.. take care and God bless each and every one of you.


From Misty Dawn -
We have all loved and enjoyed your blog. It has made us laugh; it has made us think; it has made us have fun; and has made us cry and feel emotion... Behind every great blog is a fantastic blogger - but, even more... a fantastic person... that's what you are - a fantastic person!
We love and support you, my friend. We'll miss you and welcome you back with open arms when you decide it is time. Until that time, you know how to reach me ;-)



Me too. I'll miss you. But take all the time you need.
Your friend,
Sher :)

Mom Knows Everything

Misty - You are not only a great friend to Skittles, but also to all of me.

Skittles - You do what you have to do and take your time doing it. A lot of us are thinking about you and miss you. Smile, we love you! :o)

Mom Knows Everything

Misty - That was suppose to read "to me" not "to all of me".....I'm a moron okay, what do you expect! LOL


Aw, I hope whatever Barb is going through that she'll be ok.


Thanks Misty - and to Skittles too - for the explanation about Barb's blog. When I went there earlier this evening and that message popped up that the blog had been taken down, it really set off a lot of alarm bells in my mind. I even e-mailed her a little while ago too - before I came down through my list on my reader and read the post here. See Barb - lots and lots of us here love you, your blog, your ideas, your sense of humor but we also understand when things maybe get out of hand and overwhelming too. The important thing - just get yourself -your own house, as it were - in order and then, come back whenever you are up to it. You could, of course, drop an e-mail now and again to let us know you're ok. OKAY? Peace!

Sandy M

Thinking of you SKittles. Take care and hope to see you back again soon.


Oh Barb I can't believe you've deleted your wonderful blog! I hope that sometime in the near future you will be back blogging with us, in the meantime please keep in touch somehow (email) so I won't be worried about you. x


I will definitely miss your blog Barb. I really hope that you return to blogging in some form though-as more importantly-you are too good of a person to lose touch with. :)


Barb--I hope all is okay with you. I will miss reading your thoughts each day and I hope that you will be back soon. Please take care of yourself.

Misty DawnS

Testing... Testing... this is a test. This is only a test of the blog comment system. If this were a real emergency - you wouldn't be able to read this comment...
Testing... Testing

(Sorry, I was told that my comments weren't working - so I'm testing)


Thanks Misty for letting Skittles share here.

I echo everything Misty said about what your blog has done for us Skittles. I just want you to know I am praying for whatever happened that you felt the need to do this. And I will patiently await the return of HorT and your new blog!

Take care. And if you need to talk, feel free to email me privately.


I'm very sorry about Skittles and her blog. I've visited Skittles periodically and loved her posts and her upbeat attitude. Come back Barb, when you're feeling better.

Misty and Barb, I have an Easter greeting for you here :)


Thanks everyone. Heads Or Tails should be back in a week. Misty will let ya'll know anything else. :)


Misty, you're such a great friend for posting this for Barb.

Barb, you will be missed! But your personal life takes precedence over the blog. I hope you know we'll all be thinking of you and hope things will be better soon.

The idea of actually deleting a blog makes me break out into a cold sweat. Just saying.


Misty - so kind of you to allow Barb to post a goodbye here.

Barb - We'll miss you, and hope that whatever is going on in life works out the way you need and want it to.


thanks Misty for posting this. I went to skittles place early this morn and got worried.

I hope all the best for you skittles (always loved that name) and I'll be looking for you.


Misty - you're a wonderful friend.

Barb - your blog is missed. You are missed, but I know you are doing what you need to do. You take care!


I knew it wouldn't be long before she did this. She better let us know if she decides to come back.


Oh, I was so worried! Barb, I was gettin' ready to call & make sure you were all right! (like you did me when I was ill, you sweet lady) I think I will anyway. Did my e-mails sound panicked enough for ya? Be well & know I'm not givin' up. I'll keep lookin' for ya for when you're ready to get back into it. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

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