Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Funny In Podunk

You know me, I've got lots of silly, emotional, and funny stories to share. Yep, it sure is a good thing I started this blog so I could bore you to tears share all my stories with all of you. Whether it be dogs, farming, baby cribs, remodeling, web cams (Barb and Tammy, I can hear you laughing), or being an administrative assistant, I've got a story about it. That's why you like me, right? Because I've always got a story to tell? It's not? Oh shoot, I need to change my whole direction here then. But, before I do, I've got a funny story to share!

I worked at the insurance agency on Thursday and Friday. The insurance agent, aka my boss (we'll call him "Agent"), and I don't really know each other that well yet, and I feel a bit uncomfortable around him sometimes. So, I've been trying to find a way to break the ice and cause us to 'connect'. Anyway, when I arrived Friday morning, he was in his office with a client.

When the client left, and my boss came out of his office, I said, "Hey Agent, your friend called and said he would be calling back, so don't head over to the tire shop until he calls."

Agent asked, "Why would he think I'm going to go to the tire shop?"

I replied, "Well, probably because you always go to the tire shop."

Agent grinned and said, "Well, tell him I ain't got time to mess with him." (No, he didn't use the word mess, but this is a family friendly blog.)

So, I realized that he was in a good mood and said, "Well, since you are in a good mood, I've got something to ask you. You do realize that the door is spelled wrong, right?"

Agent stood there staring at me and asked, "What the heck are you talking about?"

I said, "Well, I always thought that the name of this agency, also the name of the county, was spelled '...NAM'."

He said, "Yeah, that IS how it's spelled." and stood there looking at me like I was mentally slow.

I asked, "Oh yeah, well then why does the door say '...MAN'?" and sat there looking at him like he was mentally slow.

Agent stood staring at me for a moment and then turned and ran outside to look at the door. I watched with amusement while he frantically tried to scratch letters off the door.

When he came back in, he shook his head, looked at me, and said, "People are going to think we're a bunch of freaking dummies." (No, those aren't the exact words he used, but this is a family-friendly blog.)

I replied, "Well, I'm not, because I'm the one who noticed it. You mean to tell me that NO ONE else has ever noticed that???"

"No." he replied, "You're the only one."

I gave him my thoughtful look and said, "Wow, y'all are a bunch of unobservant people here in Podunk, aren't ya?"

This sent him into hysterics laughing, because when he first asked if I would like to work there, I told him I would give him a resume. His reply was, "We don't need a resume, we're just a little insurance agency in Podunk." SO, anyone reading this from my area - I am NOT making fun of our community, I was repeating his term ;-) Besides, I'd never make fun - I love it here! ;-)

What makes this story even more funny is the fact that they just finished spending quite a bit of money to put vinyl scenes on the two big windows on both sides of the aforementioned door, remodel the offices, new paint, and new carpet... Yet, the name of the agency (also the county) is spelled wrong on the door. Hehe, I bet he wishes I would have never moved here!



Everyone in town must me slightly dyslexic. That's how it went unnoticed.



That´s a hoot... and yes, I love your funny stories. That´s one reason why I stop by daily.


LOVE it! LOL! He will surely remember you now! :-)


HA!! I'd say you definitely connected with him! That's funny no one had caught them...him included!!


"Here's Your Sign" ??? ;)

Mom Knows Everything

You know you're a redneck when.....


Travis Cody

That's hilarious! Must be one more example of how we see what we expect to see sometimes.


I wish I had been a bug on a wall to see his reactions. That would have been a hoot!


That is a hilarious story. It made my day!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Too funny!


funnnnnnnnnnnny!!!!!!!!! :)

i beati

fun story


great story!

I think I'd like that town :)


You are too funny!!! Loved the story. Have a wonderful Easter, and please tell Barb to also. :)

Luiz Santilli Jr

I'm here to wish HAPPY EASTER for you!



Happy Easter!


Too funny. I had a boss like that, and the same type situation. He tried to peel off the letters and switch them!


Happy Easter to you and yours, Misty!


How funny Misty. I love it. I know the boss must be feeling kind of...well you know, but this is funny. Have a great Easter. :)

Crazed Nitwit

Happy Easter Misty!!


Cathy, Amy and Kristina


I love the fact that NO ONE else has noticed it!

Mimi Lenox

You keep 'em straight in Podunk, Missy. That was hysterical.


LOL!! Clever girl.


LOL! That's a great story!

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