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Heads or Tails *Anything Green*

One of my favorite bloggers, Skittles has started a Tuesday meme. It is LOTS of fun-so you'll wanna join us right away! If you click on the Heads or Tails logo - it will take you to the post to tell you more about the meme.

This week's topic is Heads - anything green. Skittles chose this theme because St. Patrick's Day and Spring are in the immediate future.

When I was in second grade, we were going to have a big St. Patrick's Day party at school. My dad had come to visit me at my grandparents', and I was busily going from room to room, picking things up, crawling in the cupboards and back out, lifting up the rugs, peeking under the furniture... searching every nook and cranny.

Finally, my dad asked, "What ya doing, Mist?"

I replied, "I'm looking for the leprechauns, Daddy! You know, those little green guys?!?! They have gold, Daddy! And, if I find them, they will have to show me where their gold is! It would be better than what the Tooth Fairy would leave me if I lost all my teeth at one time! You wanna help me look for em?"

My daddy smiled and replied, "I don't need to look for them. You see, Brandy is a great hunting dog, and when I get home, Brandy will show me exactly where those little green guys are."

"Are you serious Daddy?!?! They'll have to show you where the gold is if Brandy finds them!"

Brandy was my dad's Irish Setter dog. She was one of the highlights of my life. I loved her SO much, and she was one of the smartest dogs I ever knew. So, I wasn't the least bit surprised to hear that she could track and find little, miniature green guys. (Yes, dogs were my whole world back then too)

My dad left to go home, and I took my bath and was sitting on my grandma's lap in the rocking chair for my bedtime story. (I can even remember which book we were reading!) I heard the door open in the other room, and looked at my grandma and started to ask who could possibly be here at night, but, when I looked up, I saw my daddy. Seeing my daddy walk through the door on any day was the greatest thing ever; I used to pray over and over again 'Please let my daddy come over today'. So, having him walk through that door twice in one day made me an extremely happy girl.

My dad came up to me, and as I sat in my grandma's lap looking up at him, he held out a small, square, glass jar with something in it. He handed me the jar, and I stared in amazement... I was absolutely speechless for a bit, and then I whispered in awe...

"ohhhhhh it's gold. Brandy found the little green guys, didn't she Daddy? Woooooow"

I took the gold to school with me, and I excitedly told the whole class that my daddy's Irish Setter is the greatest, most beautiful, and smartest dog in the whole wide world, and she found the leprechauns, and they had to show my daddy where the gold was, and my daddy brought some of it to me. (You know, I rattled all of this out in one very long breathless sentence, in typical second-grader fashion.)

My teacher then had the nerve to start telling the class about something called Fools gold. She proceeded to claim that what my daddy brought me was actually Fools gold... and blah blah blah. I was one furious little girl. I stood my ground...

"NO, Mrs. Doesn't-Know-Real-Gold-When-She-Sees-It! You are wrong! That is REAL gold! My daddy has the greatest and smartest dog in the world, and she found the little green guys, and she showed my daddy, and they took him to their gold! No ma'am, I am not arguing with you; I would never do that, because my grandma taught me not to argue with grown-ups. I'm just telling you that my daddy would NEVER lie to me, and he said the little green guys showed him this gold!"

I can only imagine what a time my grandma had trying to explain to me that, no my daddy wouldn't lie to me... but...

I still have that bottle and the gold, and I still go crawling and peeking around in every nook and cranny looking for the little green guys on St. Patrick's Day... eventually, I'll find them. I have to admit - if my daddy walked through the door on this St. Patrick's Day, I would be that excited and thankful little girl all over again, and I would truly feel like I had just been shown the gold.



Oh Misty... *sniffle*

You made this all come to life with the way you described it. I can pictured you standing there stomping your foot as you told the teacher exactly how things were!

See.. what the teacher didn't know was that the gold wasn't all in the jar. It was in your dad's heart, too.


What a great post for the meme. I bet a lot of the kids in your class were "green" with envy at you having your gold. A heart warming story.

Mom Knows Everything

That is such a sweet story and I can totally see you looking for those little green guys. :o)


Nice story. The tales parent's spin when we're kids are always so fun to remember.

Travis Cody

What a terrific story! I smiled the whole time I was reading because the pace was just like that excited little 2nd grader.

Nicely done!


That's a great story! My HoT is up here:


My dogs drive me insane! They are still young and they do things that are like wha???


What a sweet post!! Loved it!

Smalltown RN

what a wonderful story and perfect for the theme..thank you for sharing...sounds like a wonderful memory...

i beati

good for you

Heart of Rachel

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story Misty. I think it's heartwarming how you have kept that jar of gold all these years.

Hootin' Anni

Love this little story...yep, Leprechauns, you either love 'em or not believe in 'em. I for one, am like you....I search and search all the time. I swear I can hear them in the underbush in my garden!! All the time.

If you haven't dropped by to see my green, be prepared to sing along with Kermit the Frog!!! Hope to see you there.

Susan Demeter

Awww I always thought the little green guys were aliens lol! Love this story :) Happy HOT day!


Such a lovely story. Thanks for sharing.


What a sweet post! I also love the idea of a guest book for Maggie May's BD. I will be adopting a doggie or two soon - I cannot wait!


I love this story! Of course, your daddy wouldn't lie to you.


What a delightful story - not without bits of yearning and sadness - but very well told...

The Gal Herself

Beautiful story, beautifully written. It's got dogs and dads and blind faith. What more do we need?


The story was great and I had heart pain when the teacher tried to strike you down. MY GOD WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? So very insensitive! Any ways, I loved your story.

Thanks for stopping by Penny Lane.


Loved your post. Wonder why the teacher thought it was so important to destroy your dream? Did she let the other kids have Christmas and Easter, or was she out to expose those holiday fables too?

Sometimes the wee folk are much smarter that the big folk -- and the dogs, obviously, the smartest of all!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Great post, Misty. Thanks for sharing this story!

peppylady (Dora)

What a great story thanks for sharing it.


What a sweet story! (& a nasty teacher!) Reminds me of the stuff my uncle (the one that tried to adopt me) used to tell me. Thanks for the memories. :)

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

Beautiful ♥ story - very sweet Daddy you had.

I didn't even think of green being for St Patrick's day.

thanks for visiting me
My Little Drummer boys

Crazed Nitwit

You have really evolved into an excellent photog and a writer. I'm so proud of you.



This is beautiful! I really enjoyed your story! Thanks for visiting mine! I will have to bookmark you and come back to check everything out~I love dogs!

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