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Heads or Tails *Fool*

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Today's topic is Heads - Fool.

Don't worry, I'm not going to ramble on and on through silly story throughout this post like I usually do.

April Fools! I lied - I AM going to tell you a story, and, as usually, I'll probably do my share of rambling too.

A few years ago, Hubs decided to play an April Fools joke on his sister. It began as a very simple joke, but, boy oh boy did it escalate into much more than we had anticipated.

On March 31 of that year, we drove to the adjoining state where my step-daughters lived to see my oldest step-daughter perform in a play for her drama club. The play was an Agatha Christy play, and Hub's daughter ended up being the one 'who dun it'. hehe

The next morning (April Fools Day), Hubs sent his sister an e-mail and told her that we had gone to see the girls the night before, and he was surprised to find out that the oldest daughter had gotten into some trouble (referring to the play - which sister-in-law KNEW we were going to see!).

Since I have an extremely difficult time lying, I stayed out of this. Well, I tried to.

That night, Hubs was outside working on the farm, and my sister-in-law called in a HUGE panic.
"This is horrible! Oh no, this is so bad, now her grandma is going to know and... oh no, this is bad" she stammered.

"What in the world are you talking about?" I asked.

She explained that she had typed a long e-mail to Hubs (her brother) asking about what had happened with oldest daughter. In the e-mail, she had also proceeded to ask if she was pregnant or if it was drugs, or what. She went on in the e-mail to say that she just couldn't believe that the oldest daughter was in some sort of trouble, because she was the child of Hubs who never did anything wrong.

After typing all of this out in an e-mail, naturally, she clicked 'Send'. The problem was, she accidentally sent it to her and Hubs' aunt... which is Hubs' mom's sister. Which meant that the phones were already being dialed to tell 'Grandma' that her oldest grandchild had gotten herself into some trouble.

I about fell out of my chair trying not to laugh. My sister-in-law was freaking out, because she was going to be responsible for 'ratting Oldest daughter out to her grandma'.

Then she asked me, "Misty? Is she pregnant? That's what it is, isn't it? Is she? Oh my gosh, I can't believe that now Mom is going to know!"

I couldn't help it, she was in such a panic, I had to make her feel better... but she just wasn't getting it.

"Sis-in-Law, listen to me. What is the date today?"

"It's April 1st! Who cares! I'm trying to talk to you about Hub's Daughter!"

"Sis-in-Law, LISTEN to me!!! Where did we go last night?"

"To see her play! What is your point???"

"It was an Agatha Christy whodunit play. Did you know that?" I asked.

"YES, I knew that! Misty, what is your point?"

"OK, work with me here. I'll ask you again... what is TODAY???"

She was really getting ready to lose her temper with me. Her voice started to rise, and then, all of a sudden it dropped, and she said "Ohhhhhh, I am SO going to get him for this!!!"

Later, Hubs called to personally thank his sister for making his simple little April Fools joke much more interesting than he had ever imagined it would be.



Woohooo.. you're linkified!!!!

That was a hilarious story!!! You can ramble on any ol' time you want. :)

Gosh.. I can only imagine what the aunt and grandma had to say. :P


That's TOO funny! Of course, sis in-law could plead the same thing...just an April Fool's joke and then QUICKLY leave the state! lol!


You tell a great story.
I might participate in your meme once in a while but I am not likely to take that many pictures. Nice idea though. If I do get any animal pictures this year I will think of you.

Mom Knows Everything

ROFL!!!!!! OMG that is hilarious!!!


Boy, am I glad Poor Hubby's not into that type of thing. I'm so gullible he could get almost anything over on me. What a funny story! :)


This is too funny! I bet there was a lot of explaining to do to a lot of people! Has she forgiven your Hub for this-lol! I too am a lefty and I love Whoppers minus onions & ketchup! Thanks for stopping by!

Travis Cody

Oh that's so naughty!


Haha, that was great!


The April Fools joke with a life of its own. That was too funny!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

Oh that is too funny! :) Love hearing about April Fool's jokes - as long as they're not at my expense, of course. :)


Funny story! So many twists.

Dallas Meow



*LOL* I absolutely LOVE April pranks... especially when I´m not the fool. *grin*

You and your hubs did a great job!!!

Jersey - The Furry Diva

Your hubs might be related to my hooman grandpa! :-)

Thanks for sharing the fun!

Hootin' Anni

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, naughty. Love it!!! With all my heart.

My April FOOL is posted. We're celebrating her 39th birthday today. Come on over if you can find some free time! Have a piece of cake, and enjoy the good story behind it all!!!


Bad bad, very bad! I, however, appreciate a good April Fools foolin, so I'm laughing! Oh Mist you're such a treasure. xoxo


Oh, that's funny! I so want to be more creative and play a few fun pranks, but I never plan ahead sufficiently.

Happy HoT :-)


HA HA! That was great :D Good story!!!!

Hope you have a great week!


Oh Misty that is such a great story! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall listening while SIL tried to explain to aunt and grama!


Great story!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

Misty - I loved it - hilarious.
I did rat accidentally on our nephew to my MIL (his grandmother) ...I forgot she didn't know.

Then She pretended she guessed his misdemeanour being a sharp old cookie ... he had been speeding and lost his points while on provisional licence so his mum had to drive him everywhere for 3 months. We couldn't tell on MIL for fooling them ! She loved it having one over everyone.

peppylady (Dora)

What a story..Happy April fools


Haha..that's hilarious!


That is too mean!! But I bet she was relieved when you told her it was April fools. :)


Oh, no! April Fool's day it is!


That is a memorable day! Your husband is cool and so is his sister.


You will be wondering what they will be upto next year! I am sure you will be on guard.

Have a nice day!


So nice.
Dogs thank you.

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