Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How They Keep Me Sane

Many people laugh at the title of this blog. They ask how I can possibly claim that three Border Collies, whom often give me a run for my money with their intelligence and obsessive behaviors, keep me sane.

Well, I've already gone through the explanations of how they love me unconditionally, are always happy to see me no matter how I look or what mood I'm in, listen intently and give me their undivided attention no matter what I'm talking about, and, did I mention the unconditional love?

So, amongst all the stresses of life, such as trying to earn a better income, trying to build (and afford) a house addition, listening to your husband lose patience as he tries to install bathroom faucets without leaks, having no vehicle because it is being repaired due to an up-close and personal meeting with a deer, and did I mention the finances... well, amongst all those things, when I feel like just going somewhere to hide from life for awhile, it's these faces which make me smile and make me realize how much I have to be thankful for...

(c) Misty DawnS

Not to mention that each day they give me a lesson in what it means to be loved and the importance of sharing the love I have for others.
(c) Misty DawnS

Now, you see why no matter how my day is going, I'm always given a reason to smile.


Mom Knows Everything

OMG that is so cute!!! They're kissing!!!!


Dogs are such a blessing. Sorry to hear about your close encounter with the deer!


Maggie has such a cute (and goofy) face. And then that's Molly? Tag is the um.. cantankerous one? Did I get that right?

Okay. I'm SURE that's Maggie!


I'm learning a lot from my "furry kids," too. Apparently, all I have to do is sit still for a while, feed them & turn on a faucet (or hand out ice cubes) & I'm the object of adoration! I'm perpetually fascinated, frequently asking "What did I do to get all this love?" And I adore each & every one of them back. (yes, even Cranky Fred) Wanna see my puppy? She's my Wordless Wednesday...


Oh, oops! Seven's gonna be next week's star. I keep getting confugled...

Susan Demeter

They are so sweet :) I often say I prefer my dogs to many people .. lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by :)


makes perfect sense to me!

the one on the right looks SO much like our boscoe!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Dogs are the BEST. I'm missing my Misty so much right now, but my Jax is still here giving me all that unconditional love that means so much.

Travis Cody

The last pic is cute. Well, they're all cute, but that one in particular!


Your logic about the dogs keeping you sane makes perfectly good sense to me! After I lost my last job and was horribly depressed, the dog we had at that time would hop up on the couch beside me and just lay there, quiet and showing me he still loved me. It really did make a big difference to me at that time just to have him snuggle up beside me and giving me comfort. Some would question if he kept me sane because I'm probably never gonna reach that point completely, but he sure tried to help me along the way.


Very cute picture!!! I also wanted to thank you for helping get Barb over at Skittle's place back up and running! You're headers are awesome!!!!


Great post! And you're so, so right. They do keep us sane. No matter what upheaval there is in our human life, our dog(s) don't change, they want the same things (walks, food, play) and they love you just the same.


That’s just what my 3 (Not-Border-Collies) do to me! Last week I got so aware of exactly what you are writing here when I had a bad day at work, headache, no motivation for my evening chores, and when I came home first thing I had to do was walking the dogs in bad weather because they hadn’t been out yet. When I was just at the point of thinking “ok, you’ve done what you had to do, so lets get home again this short way” I looked at them and decided they were worth a long and joyful walk with playing on a field and doing some search games and so on. And they cheered me SO up. And guess what – it even stopped raining and the sun came out!


I've never wonderful about your blogs name. Makes perfect sense to me and I understand completely. I love my Little Bit just as much as you love your Border Collie. Have a great day Misty. :)


Oh Misty, you are so blessed! I love your pets....


My dogs definitely keep me sane from the rest of my family.


Pets are the best. I can't imagine our home without one.

That last picture is too cute!


So pretty...and they end the day with a kiss! Another good lesson in life.


I love your title of your blog and your dogs are adorable! I understand that dog love thing....I must since I own 3 dogs!!! love your writing.


I completely understand as only another dog lover would... :)

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