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If I Were... (a meme)

Tag is introducing this post, because I've been tagged for a meme.
Get it? My dog is Tag, and I've been tagged. Yes, I'm really good at being corny!(c) Misty DawnS

I was tagged by Tammy to do the "If I Were" meme. It's really long. So, if you want to read my answers to the meme, grab a beverage, get comfy, and click the "Read More" link.

If I were a direction I’d be… Lost (I'm horrible with directions)

If I were furniture I’d be… either a Filing Cabinet (my husband says I never forget anything and always file stuff away in my brain for future use) or I'd be outdoor furniture (because I prefer to be outside).

If I were a liquid I’d be… caffeinated (coffee, pop, whichever - I don't care)

If I were a sin I’d be… doomed at having a chance at self-resurrection (Hey, that's what the Minister said last Sunday - I was paying attention!)

If I were a gem/stone I’d be… Flint (Yes, I know it sounds weird, but you can make tools and arrow heads out of it and you can start fires with it... so, it's very useful and handy to have! So there!)

If I were a metal I’d be… Steel (I should be - we surely spent enough money on it for the house roof, and the sides and roof of the equipment building!!!)

If I were a tree I’d be… A Buckeye (Go Ohio State!)

If I were a fruit I’d be… an Apple (Give me a break - we had an orchard and are considering starting an orchard here too. Besides, there are all sorts of varieties, and they keep the doctor away)

If I were a flower I’d be… A Snap Dragon (Love you Grandma!)

If I were weather I’d be… Misty (ahahahahahaha, sometimes I crack myself up)

If I were a music instrument I’d be… A guitar (strum me Baby hehehe)

If I were an element I’d be… Earth

If I were a color I’d be… Purple! (Duh!)

If I were an animal I’d be… oh, g, I dunno... hmmmm... this is a tough one... oh, maybe a DOG (DUH!)

If I were a sound I’d be… A sigh (is this meme ever gonna end?)

If I were a lyric I’d be… "I can forgive you, but I won't re-live you." (from I Want To Be Loved by Bon Jovi)

If I were a song I’d be… "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson (Hell yeah!)

If I were a music type I’d be… a mix of Country and Rock

If I were a perfume/cologne I’d be… Obsession (are y'all even still reading this???)

If I were a feeling I’d be… Sentimental (Yeah, I'm just a big mushy sap)

If I were a book I’d be… A Collection of Short (or not so short, since I tend to ramble) Stories

If I were food I’d be… Pizza (most people love pizza)

If I were a city I’d be… really upset, because I don't like the city

If I were a taste I’d be… Sweet (But, I already am *hehe*)

If I were a scent I’d be… the sent of Ben Gay or muscle cream (goes with the Fibro), but I'd prefer to be the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies ;-)

If I were a word I’d be… Friend

If I were a verb I’d be… Care

If I were an object I’d be… A Collar (Then I'd always be hugging my doggies)

If I were a piece of clothing I’d be… A Bra (That's the closest I'll ever get to having boobs, besides, I'm very supportive ahahahahaha... y'all still reading this?)

If I were a body part I’d be… An Eye (I'm a photographer - I SEE beauty everywhere) or A Left Hand (I'm left handed *grin*)

If I were an facial expression I’d be… A smile (Or, I'd be sticking my tongue out at the webcam)

If I were a cartoon character I’d be… tracking down Wile E. Coyote to break the news that he won't ever catch the Roadrunner

If I were a movie I’d be… "Dreamer" (that movies makes me cry every time, by the way, which refers us back to the "If I were a feeling" question)

If I were a geometrical figure I’d be… A Star (just to be different hehehehehe)

If I were one of the 4 seasons I’d be… Summer (DUH!)

If I were a sentence I’d be… grammatically correct and full of adjectives - OK, a sentence... hmmm... Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole. (OK, I stole borrowed that - it's a quote by Roger Caras)

If you are bored outta your mind are a glutton for punishment need to waste lots of time would like to do this meme, then be my guest :-)



Fantastic answers! (You crack me up, too!)

Mom Knows Everything

Alright I'm an idiot. I found the poll. hehehe. Now why would you be sticking your tongue out at the webcam????? ROFL

Chelsea + Shiloh

I love you answers...beautiful sense of humour...or just the same as mine maybe cause you gave me a laugh...ta

Travis Cody

This is a pretty good meme. I got tagged for it and I'll work on it for next week.

Happy weekend!

Crazed Nitwit

Tag~someone spammed my blog with messages just now....tell your owner I love her! sMOOCHIES.


Pictures of animals? That sounds fun. We have a cat around here now, and for some reason, the camera keeps getting pointed in her direction.

This sounds fun. Now to vote for a day...


Oops, I commented on the wrong post. On this post I was going to ask you how this 'read more..' thing works. Do I have to change to the new blogger? Because I don't want to. It's too confusing.



Why didn´t you tell me your in Germany? Just in case you´re wondering: I´m not drunk! The world outside my window is MISTY! *bwahaha*


I love meme's. I feel like I get to know so much more about a person that way:-)


iF i WeRe sHoRt oF sOmEtHiNg tO wRiTe i'D dO tHiS mEmE!

Loved your answers Misty! ;)


I read it all the way through. Really! I'm a leftie, too. You know we're the only ones in our right mind, right? ;P

The Gal Herself

Snap dragon! How I wish I'd thought of that! My grandma taught me how to "open their mouths" when I was little. Yes, I was bored out of my mind and, as a glutton for punishment, I did this meme, too!


Love this! When I have time, I'll have to do it on my blog. Uh, make that IF I ever get the time....

Dallas Meow

I'll give you corny Tag - - -
A cowboy dog walks into a bar.
Slams his BANDAGED arm down on the counter, looks the bartender square in the eye and says,
I'm a lookin' fer the man who shot my pa


Now I know WHO to blame when it's Misty here LOL
It's not a meme, it's a bloody interrogation your answers though :o)
I'm glad I got mine out of the way, just soooooo much brain juice gone....where's the coffee?
Have a great day my friend,
Take care,
Colin from Life

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