Friday, March 14, 2008

A Job With Kids AND Animals

Considering my love of animals and children... do you think I'd make a good 4-H Youth Development Program Assistant? My aunt-in-law saw an opening for this position. She called yesterday while I was out on my daily dusk walk. You know, to get sunset photos (surprised, aren't ya?). Anyway, when I got in, my husband showed me the job description on the website.

Basically, I would be involved in assisting with everything to do with the 4-H Youth Program. So, I figured I'd fill out an application, attach my resume, and drop it off on Monday. It's only a year-long position, but it would probably help me make some connections in this community.

Anyway, I may not even hear anything (other than the thanks for your application, we'll keep it on file letter), but I figure it doesn't hurt to try.



That sounds like it'd be a great job! Good luck! Keep us posted!


Ohhhh I really like the sound of the job.

Fingers crossed :)


Sounds like it would be perfect for you. Good Luck!


I think you would be EXCELLENT for the position-when I was younger (12-15 years old) I was in the 4-H and the one thing I HATED was the fact that a lot of the adults involved aside from my group's leader was extremely condescending towards the members for the pure fact that we were "kids". You definitely don't strike me as that type of person-plus there's the fact that you are knowledgeable in so many different areas so you would be a great go-between with all the various clubs.

Travis Cody

It certainly never hurts to try. Good luck!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

I think it sounds PERFECT for you!!! I'm holding a good thought for you, sweetie!


Misty! That sounds great! It sounds like it was made just for you. Please keep us updated on this. I'm thinking good thoughts and crossing everything that can be crossed for you!

i beati

most definitely


I've got my fingers crossed for you!!

I have a new blog:, and I've added you to my blogroll there!

Stacey (Real World Mom)


Good luck! My fingers are crossed! (& my eyes, too...tee hee)

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