Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Askin' - Sticky Post

SO... we were wondering...(c) Misty DawnS


Say a new weekly photography meme started...
Let's Say this photography meme was all about animals...
Let's pretend it would be a very easy meme to participate in... only a few rules...

Such as:
- Each week, you post a photo involving a pet/animal/insect/critter - it can be, but does not have to be your pet: It could be a funny photo of your guinea pig wearing wholesale fashion jewelry, a photo of a lion at the zoo, a deer in the woods, birds at a feeder, you uncle's horse, the butterflies on your flowers, and, if you really insist, dogs ;-) (This is just hypothetical, of course)
- It has to be a photo taken by you or someone in your household
- It's completely up to you whether you just post only the photo or decide to write something to go along with it.
- AND, of course, no photos of violence, abuse, or pornography.

if someone were to start a weekly meme such as this...
would you want to join? (Hypothetically, of course)

OH - and if you were interested in joining a meme like this... then go over there to the sidebar and vote on which day you would hypothetically want to participate. When voting, don't forget to consider, which days of the week are busiest for you, which days you already participate in other memes, which days you don't blog (I can't imagine a day of no blogging), OK you get the idea :-)

(c) Misty DawnS


Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Hypothetically, I would love to participate!


I would probably participate :) I have cats and lots of pics of my boys at the zoo and stuff :)


I'm in! I love to show off my Mischief! I voted for Tuesday on the sidebar, but the day really doesn't matter to me all that much :)

Sandy Kessler

great idea -- great dog pics - the most photogenic dogs on the web - yours..


Misty Dawn is so gorgeous.

I love animals. I would participate.


Count me in!!!! Hmm.. What would you call it? :P


6 dogs and 1 cat - DUH! You know I'd do it!

Mom Knows Everything

Saturday, but I didn't see the poll. I suck sorry :o(

Chelsea + Shiloh

I'll give it a go on Random if you like...Im already in a photo meme on Fridays though....

Love your Tag...we have 2 blogs, one for my dog Chels and one for me...

Kelly Ann

How could I resist them puppy dog eyes??? I surely cannot! :)


I would participate!


I'm sure I could hypothetically find some pictures of animals around here! (any day)

Smalltown RN

I voted for Thursday...seems like all days are pretty busy....I would participate as long as I wasn't working.....I would love to show off my Bert....


I used to do two on Monday (well still do) WW, TT and FF. I'm down to two on Monday. Kinds of memed out I guess. I would depend on what day. Looks like the weekend is winning here. :)


I would do it, but would love to do it on Friday. You could call is Furry Friend's Friday??

Count me in:-)

Mimi Lenox

I don't have a pet but I think this is a great idea...and you are just the perfect one to head it up. Your pictures are always fabulous.


Hypothetically speaking, Louie says he's all about pet meme's. Love ya! xoxo

david mcmahon

A hypothetical answer to the hypothetical question - yep!


Awesome idea, Misty! And one The Salty Mooch can participate in! :-)


Hypothetically - oh, yes. I voted for Friday. Friday Fauna??



Sorry - missed my url.
Misty Monday
Tabby Tuesday
Wildlife Wednesday
Best Friend Friday
Just hypothetical, of course.

I'll try again with that url...


Of course I would! ...When I have time to wrangle with Home 'Puter to load my multitude of photos to post. :)


I'm in! Anything animals always!


what a great idea! and how could I resist those big brown eyes, I think I'm still hypnotized.

I love "furry friends Friday" - that is a great title.


Hmmmm...I guess if it was all hypothetical and all...count me in! I swear some of you pics of Maggie Mae look JUST. LIKE my Boomer!


Hypothetically, you know I love posting pictures. I do love my pets/animals. So, yeah, hypothetically, I'd participate in that meme! ;)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

Hypothetically (of course) this sounds like a lot of fun! I can already think of a few pictures that I'd want to (ahem) post... :)

Sandy Kessler

your comments you and I were destined to have a big ranch where we rescue animals and they run free, people can adopt if that want but we care for all we find. where's that lottery?


Just so ya know.. Sasha is getting tired of me following her around with my camera. ;)

Hey it's

I like it! I am a critter girl! I would definately participate. :D


I love this idea for a MeMe. I don't have pets, so it would take some more creativity for me to find animals every week. But it would be fun!

I voted for Sunday :-)

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