Monday, March 24, 2008

Prayers for Recovery

I hope everyone had a great Easter!(c) Misty DawnS

We went to see Hub's great-aunt yesterday. She's the one I told you about, who was having surgery on her spine and nerved in her back. She is now staying with her son, because she will require constant care and supervision during a very long recovery.

When we first got there, I didn't think I would be able to stay. She was in a lot of pain and very confused. I care about and respect this woman so much that it was tearing my heart into pieces to see her like that.

After a short time though, her son took her back to her room, because she isn't allowed to be sitting up for too long. We sat with her in her room, surrounded by humidifiers and air purifiers, and taking breaks when it was time for her to take more medicine.

There had been some trouble with one of her medications causing bad side effects. So, once they took her off that medicine, she seemed to be doing better.

My favorite part of the visit was when she made a joke, then smiled, looked at us and said "Hey, I'm getting my old self back a little bit, aren't I?"

Please keep her in your prayers.


i beati

beautiful peaceful


I will keep Auntie in my thoughts and remember her when I'm sending Reiki.


Still praying for your great-aunt-in-law...

Love the picture...I was on my way back from a funeral this morning and stopped on the side of the road to watch a bunch of baby billy-goats "trying" to scamper was hilarious!


She, you & your family are in my thoughts. (((hugs)))


Prayers in progress. Have a great day Misty. :)


The more of "who you are" that you reveal .. the more I find to love about YOU.

I thank you, My Darling Friend, for sharing your true Heart. My heart gets a recharge from yours.

Mom Knows Everything

I LOVE YA DORK! I already said a prayer for her and will continue to do so. Hey, tomorrow is going to ROCK...why, because it can't get any worse than our day today!


You got it, Mist. I think you're a softy like me when it comes to the elderly. They are my favorite people in the world...and somehow I just know you gave her comfort. xoxo

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

(((((HUGS)))) right back to you, Misty! Thank you for your love this week - I send mine to you and to your hubby's great aunt.

Kelly Ann

It's unfortunate that these things have to happen, but it's nothing the strength of a family like yours can endure. She'll be aight with you all looking after her like that. :)


Medications side effects sometimes are bad.
Happy Easter.

Heart of Rachel

I hope that she will recuperate well. Hoping she'll have a quick recovery.

Belated Happy Easter Misty. Hope you had a wonderful time with your family.

BTW, if you have time, I tagged you on my blog.


Saying a prayer and keeping you in my thoughts! Hugs!


The poor thing. Sometimes recovery seems like the hardest part of the whole process but I hope that soon this is all behind her and she's back to her old self again.

Prayers are going up now!


Keeping her in my prayers, Misty. Please keep us updated.

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