Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Secret Destroyed

If you visited my Heads or Tails post over at Misty's Words, you saw that I had a secret.

Well, this morning, that secret was ruined. You see, I thought I'd be receiving my professional camera in the mail... Hubs found a good deal and we took the plunge and ordered the camera from a particular auction site...

I was talking to one of my very close friends on the instant messenger last night, and he asked if I was excited. I said I was trying not to be, because of how my luck has been lately - I would get excited when I had the camera in my hands. Well, I should have listened to my own advice, because I couldn't help but get excited.

This morning, I received an e-mail that it was a fraudulent seller (we always check, and she had a 99.5% feedback rating!!!), and that I needed to file claim in an attempt to get our money back.

I really can't say anymore - I'm too upset - I just can't think straight. So, I'm going to go visit other blogs in an attempt to get my mind off it and stop crying.



Oh No Misty, how awful for you. I sincerely hope you get your money back honey. x


Oh, Misty, I am so sorry! That's just horrible! I hope that you will at least be able to get your money back! Hang in there, Sweetie! Lots of hugs to you!!


I hope things all work out fine for you. Maybe the silver lining is that you end up with a better camera and a much better deal. Let's hope so!


OMG, how devastating! You must be furious, fuming, sad~ perhaps it will work out that something better is headed your way?

Mom Knows Everything

I am so sorry Mist! I wish I could give you a big hug right now. I love you and you are the best friend I have ever had.


That just really sucks. I'm so sorry. Sending good thoughts your way.


I'm so sorry honey. I'm so sorry. I hope you get your money back and this awful person isn't allowed to set up another auction link. I'm so sorry honey. Big hug. :)


Misty, I'm so sorry. Disappointment like that can really ruin your day, week, month.....
Please ignore my joking on your other blog.
I hope you feel better soon.

Sher :)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

I can only echo what others have said - I am SO SORRY this happened to you!!!!! Sending you big ol' Texas hugs - I hope you get your money back from that horrible person!


Misty, that just stinks. :( Hope you're able to get your money back.


I have spoken to this (and another) issue on your other site.

I am so sorry that this misfortune has been visited upon you.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

I am so sorry - a virtual hug is useless but I'll still send it.
That really sucks .I hope you get all your money back.

thanks for visiting me
My Little Drummer boys


I am so so sorry! That happened to my hubby too but with a battery camera grip. I'm not sure why camera frauds are so rampant. I do hope there isn't a problem getting your money back.

If you go through ebay, there is an email where you can email them to find out if it's a fraudulent auction or 2nd chance offer. A 2nd chance offer is what happened to hubby. I'll ask him about it if you want me too.

Keep checking tho, Misty. That camera WILL be yours!


So sorry to hear about the problem!

I only buy from dealers like B&H in New York because of this type of thing. B&H doesn't have the lowest prices, but they are 100% dependable in my experience.

I hope that you are able to recover your money!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

That's horrible.

Something like that happened to my husband a few years ago when he ordered a present for my stepdaughter. It never arrived.

Even now, the memory still angers me.


Oh my goodness!! I AM SO SORRY! I came back to see what your secret was and SHEESH, I could just beat people like that! I just feel so bad!! I really hope you can get your money back and are able to get the camera somewhere else!

(((((BIG HUGS))))))!!!


Kelly Ann

You do what you have to do to get your money back, I'd be flaming if I were you, I'm knocking on wood and crossing my fingers, hoping the outcome is a positive one that brings you happiness.


I am so sorry to hear that! That really sucks... it is so disappointing when something like that happens. I hope you're able to get your money back quickly and still find the camera that you want!


Just paying a friendly visit!


Oh Misty I wish I could sit with you right now and put my arm around you. There will be a camera in your future, and God's timing is perfect! Even if we wish He'd hurry up. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Travis Cody

Man that's rotten! I'm so sorry that happened to you.

I just made my first purchase on eBay and I was very nervous. But it worked out ok for me.

I wish you better days and good luck with your claim.

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