Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #12

(c) Misty DawnS

I'm assuming we are a 'hang-out' stop along a migration path for Snow Geese. If that isn't what is going on, then I think I better pack up my stuff and run, because these birds mean business! Honestly, this was one of the most amazing spectacles in nature I have ever seen. I was speechless and in absolute awe. I am so grateful that I was given an opportunity to witness this. That same day/night, was the most amazing sunset. I just can't resist replaying this day and night over and over again in my head! Therefore, I can't resist posting (yet, another) photo of the sunset.
(c) Misty DawnS



Great sky, Misty. I love it both of them :D

Hope you have time to read my post today, I am leaving tomorrow Thanks.

and my Sky watch friday also :D


The snow geese picture is wonderful! That must have been an intense experience!


Now and then nature rally shows off and when seen it is never forgotten. This sight will stay with you for ever.. Two great Sky Watch pictures Misty.



Two wonderful SKY WATCH photos. I'm quite found of photos with strong and warm colors so I liked quite a lot the second one, but the one of that huge flock is great too.


Stunning, both. Great to see the birds back!

Daniel Chérouvrier

Magnifiques photos, les oies et ce ciel qui rougeoie.
Gorgeous pics your snow geese quite different from the ones I see everyday in my own sky in Champagne and this beautiful sky in fire.

Daniel J Santos

Two amazing photos.

The second photo is truly fantastic, beautiful and strong colors, excellent.


Nice capture of the birds and wonderful sunset.


What a contrast .. love them both!


Beautiful skyphotos,and what a cute little dog you have.Welcome to my site and look at my dog,and of cause my sky watch photo:o)

Lilli & Nevada

Wow those are both dramatic photos
Great sky watch photos


I know what you mean about the geese. One time we were driving somewhere and saw a whole bunch of geese, just like this. The whole sky was filled. And I didn't think to pull out my camera.

I love your sunset.


Ok, the birds are starting to scare me! LOL! Great shot though! And I love the sunset!!


Trying again . . .

That bird flock is spectacular! ONLY outdone by the sunset below it!


Hard to choose which picture I like better.


Wonderful photos!!! Love it:)


There's something magical about seeing geese fly across the sky, and you captured that magic so well! Love the bottom one too!

Luiz Santilli Jr

The red sky is the best!



Two great shots! All the birds are amazing and the colours in the second one so beautiful:)


Two great shots! Beautiful!

Bradley's Mom

Wow, Misty!

Those are some VERY awesome shots!!

Have a GREAT weekend!



You get the most fantastic skies. Ours are very pale beside them. It will be a while before the geese make it up here but it is almost mystical site for me I always tear up when I see them return.


Where do you find these gorgeous skies to take pictures of? Ours never look like that around here!

Small City Scenes

Beautiful shots. Love the golden orange sky. We have Snow Geese winter here in our Valley. I thinnk the count has been over 100,000 of the noisy guys. That is a super picture you got. MB

Smalltown RN

wonderful photos Misty....I really love the red/orange sky.....

Coy Hill

Great flock of Snows!

Thanks for your very nice comment. It is encouraging to know that my work is appreciated.


Love the colors in this sunset.


Absolutely stunning - I love both photos. Happy Friday =)


both photos are amazing!


I'm glad you got to see snow geese too! They make an exciting spectacle. You got a good flock shot of them and I enjoyed the beautiful sunset as well!


Post them all you want. They just get more beautiful each time I see them.


One thing for sure, there's a lot of beauty in your sky, day and night.


Wow look at all those birds. The second photo is just gorgeous. happy weekend...


Wow. I have a fear of geese (don't ask), but I would have loved to see that!


Two very different photos...and they are both wonderful!

Mom Knows Everything

Do you know how many times I had to try to leave a comment, a computer is really being funky tonight, but I had to tell my BBFF what beautiful pictures they are. :o)


Both are amazing sky photos. Nicely done!

Lana G!

Misty! These are awesome photos!

Lana G!

Misty! These are awesome photos!


Two absolutely wonderful photos.Seeing all those birds in flight must have been amazing.


I am glad you took both pictures,
wonderful and amazing to view.
Nature at it's Best..
Thank you for posting and sharing.
cheers from Canada..

Uma por Dia

Hello, thank you for stoping at my blog. I did apreciate your comment a lot. I have never seen the spectacle of geese, but I belive to be unforgettable.
I never tired of seeing sunsets!!

Anil P

Birds riding the sky in formation is one of the great sights in nature.


Just dropping in to say hi. Beautiful pictures. A big fan of sunsets.


Hi Misty,

I read your interview at David's and was curious to check your blog out.

Two beautiful photos here. I'm in particular taken with the geese. Very powerful.


Great sky shots. I love the colors of the clouds in the second one. Very nice.

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