Friday, March 21, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

(c) Misty DawnS

I realize this Sky Watch photo is different than what you are used to from me. Yes, I did get some beautiful and amazing sunset shots this week, but I feel like being different (hehe that's not very difficult for me). Evening before last, I walked out of my door to head on my evening sunset walk like I do each evening. Also, like always, I admired my beautiful barn as I walked down the porch steps. That's when I noticed that it looked like this lightning rod was pointing at the moon, as if to say "It's right here. Let me show you the moon." I thought it was neat, so I took a picture :-) (I know, you're probably wondering why I didn't post one of the pretty sunsets rather than this.)

I'm off to work for half a day. I'll visit everything this afternoon and evening.



Nice swf shot!
Happy Easter.


Looks like the antenna could pop the moon! I like it.


It looks like the moon is settling down and the antenna might just pierce it. I hope you told the moon to be careful.

Daniel J Santos

great sky watch photo, well done.


I like it! It was so nice of that lightning rod to make sure you didn't miss the moon.


I like your skywatch, good timing.
Happy Easter.

Daryl E

different is good!


It's a great shot! Different is good.


Hi Misty,
That is a good concept. I always like your sunset photos, they are outstanding, but I agree that it is good to try something different and this worked out quite well. Good work!


WOW! I love it...
especially b/c I´ve never been able to take a good shot of the moon. ;-)


I just realized my teens keep me INSANE!


Interesting post. I enjoyed the read too.

Have a nice Easter holiday weekend.


Nice little ode to the moon. I love when Universe aligns itself like that, and I especially love it when people notice the alignment, like you have.

Congrats on spotting it.


Oh I love this! Great shot!


Loved it... looks like a spear ...
Easter greetings.


I love it when I can see the moon during the day. Gorgeous!

Old Wom Tigley

This is perfect for Sky Watch... it show all what can be found and captured and then posted here to make a great Sky Watch that other can enjoy and see.

Enjoy this coming weekend and what it brings you.

ellen b.

I think this one is great for sky watch! Have a wonderful weekend.


Definitely makes a point! Great shot!!!!!!


great shot.. it reallty does look like its about to pop the moon

i beati

great eye Happy Holiday


This photo is beautiful and meaningful.


The moon acrobat! It would suit as subject in the very good photograph!
Happy Easter!


This is a great shot, I really like it. Have a lovely Easter :)

Craver Vii

It looks like the lightning rod is going to puncture the moon! If it even scratches it, we may have a slow leak. Listen here, we are going to keep a careful watch on the moon over the next few weeks, and if we find our beloved orb deflated, we know where it happened, okay?

Happy Easter!


I like it. That lightning rod draws your eye to the moon.

Lilli & Nevada

LOL that looks like it would be just perfect to pop a moon
very nice view
Happy Easter


Nice moon! The antenna thing(?) looks like it's pointing to the moon :)
Happy Easter Weekend!


sunsets are beautiful to look at but it's also nice change of pace to see something different.

quite unique shot.

hope you have a wonderful week.


What an unusual & great photo!

And, I just love your border collies.

Easter Greetings to you
Pats & pets to them.


Great shot!


Amazing photo! Great!

Mimi Lenox

Unbelievable photo.


Great eye! I love this, and I'm sure you'll provide us with many more beautiful sunsets in the future ;)

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