Friday, March 21, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

(c) Misty DawnS

I realize this Sky Watch photo is different than what you are used to from me. Yes, I did get some beautiful and amazing sunset shots this week, but I feel like being different (hehe that's not very difficult for me). Evening before last, I walked out of my door to head on my evening sunset walk like I do each evening. Also, like always, I admired my beautiful barn as I walked down the porch steps. That's when I noticed that it looked like this lightning rod was pointing at the moon, as if to say "It's right here. Let me show you the moon." I thought it was neat, so I took a picture :-) (I know, you're probably wondering why I didn't post one of the pretty sunsets rather than this.)

I'm off to work for half a day. I'll visit everything this afternoon and evening.



Nice swf shot!
Happy Easter.


Looks like the antenna could pop the moon! I like it.


It looks like the moon is settling down and the antenna might just pierce it. I hope you told the moon to be careful.

Daniel J Santos

great sky watch photo, well done.


I like it! It was so nice of that lightning rod to make sure you didn't miss the moon.


I like your skywatch, good timing.
Happy Easter.


different is good!


It's a great shot! Different is good.


Hi Misty,
That is a good concept. I always like your sunset photos, they are outstanding, but I agree that it is good to try something different and this worked out quite well. Good work!


WOW! I love it...
especially b/c I´ve never been able to take a good shot of the moon. ;-)

Crazed Nitwit

I just realized my teens keep me INSANE!


Interesting post. I enjoyed the read too.

Have a nice Easter holiday weekend.


Nice little ode to the moon. I love when Universe aligns itself like that, and I especially love it when people notice the alignment, like you have.

Congrats on spotting it.


Oh I love this! Great shot!


Loved it... looks like a spear ...
Easter greetings.


I love it when I can see the moon during the day. Gorgeous!


This is perfect for Sky Watch... it show all what can be found and captured and then posted here to make a great Sky Watch that other can enjoy and see.

Enjoy this coming weekend and what it brings you.

ellen b.

I think this one is great for sky watch! Have a wonderful weekend.


Definitely makes a point! Great shot!!!!!!

irish daisies

great shot.. it reallty does look like its about to pop the moon

i beati

great eye Happy Holiday


This photo is beautiful and meaningful.


The moon acrobat! It would suit as subject in the very good photograph!
Happy Easter!


This is a great shot, I really like it. Have a lovely Easter :)

Craver Vii

It looks like the lightning rod is going to puncture the moon! If it even scratches it, we may have a slow leak. Listen here, we are going to keep a careful watch on the moon over the next few weeks, and if we find our beloved orb deflated, we know where it happened, okay?

Happy Easter!


I like it. That lightning rod draws your eye to the moon.

Lilli & Nevada

LOL that looks like it would be just perfect to pop a moon
very nice view
Happy Easter


Nice moon! The antenna thing(?) looks like it's pointing to the moon :)
Happy Easter Weekend!


sunsets are beautiful to look at but it's also nice change of pace to see something different.

quite unique shot.

hope you have a wonderful week.


What an unusual & great photo!

And, I just love your border collies.

Easter Greetings to you
Pats & pets to them.


Great shot!

sonia a. mascaro

Amazing photo! Great!

Mimi Lenox

Unbelievable photo.


Great eye! I love this, and I'm sure you'll provide us with many more beautiful sunsets in the future ;)

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