Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

(c) Misty DawnS

This photo was taken on Easter. I thought the clouds over the sun created a very mystical feeling. I don't know - maybe you just had to be there to understand what I'm saying. I always try to capture the beauty so you can feel like you were there. Yet, sometimes, there is a 'feeling', and it just doesn't seem possible to capture that in a photograph. Do any of the rest of the 'nature addicts' out there feel or know what I'm talking about? Or, am I not making any sense since I've had everything on my mind today from owing on our taxes and not getting the professional camera to drug rehabilitation to adoption to wondering when my vehicle will be repaired... and so much more. It has been a busy day mentally, so maybe I'm just not doing a good job at expressing myself.



Hey! You used words! LOL.. j/k. :)

Beautiful :)


nice capture!

Lana G!

The dark cloud looks like a hand reaching across the sky. Great shot!!


Pretty dramatic skies.
I know what you meant by not being able to express yourself clearly on days that your head's on the verge of splitting with too much on your mind.
:) Feel better soon!

FO - 2

Dramatic look! :)


Really nice shot. And a very beautiful sky.

nice weekend to you comes here from Norway.


Very nice shot,lookes a lot like my first photo today:o)


A very dramatic photo.
Very good one.


Magnificent capture.. it is a awesome sight you show this week... I never tire of sky watch pictures.... and this is why.



Misty, you always capture the greatest photos...especially of the sky!



Hello ,
What wonderfull and pretty is your sky, I like the colours very much, I love your cute dog too!

Have a great weekend , please come for a visit at my blog with 48 Sky's (collage) from Luxemburg...

Greetings from JoAnn (Holland)

and I've more of my Europe.


Great picture, well done.


This too is a great photo. I can see that ray of sunshine falling through the clouds. It is mystical. Yes, I do understand what you're talking about. I'm sorry you have so much on your mind...hope things start clearing up for you. Have a great weekend!

Daniel J Santos

beautiful image, excellent composition.


Beautifully captured shot!
Well composed and great contrast of colours!

Alex's World! -

Lilli & Nevada

Beautiful photo

Quiet Paths

Very cool clouds!


Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Yes, I confess... your sky captures are my favorites (besides Maggie May).

irish daisies

that is just so pretty!


I hve that mystical feeling too. Beautiful shot!

I have just read a couple of your post. I know a few things about depression... I wish you well :)


It does indeed, Mist. It's really too pretty for words, girl. xo


You're right, there is something mystical about the light and the colors here. Great shot.


What a special color in this picture, beautiful.


A very impressive sky, Misty! Thanks for sharing it!

Craver Vii

Had to be there? Nonsense. Your photograph is pregnant with emotion, and the comments above prove it. Very nice, and yes, even mystical.

Sorry that times are tough right now. I prescribe one of those fancy flavored coffees with mounds of whipped cream on top. No, it won't cure a thing, but it sure feels good for a little while. :-)

Kelly Ann

You can capture the "feeling", because it's about your feeling, whatever feelings that someone else gets out of the photograph, is purely their perception. Unless there is a clear message, it's hard to get across what you feel. It's not a bad job at expressing yourself, because you still are, as long as you know it's there, then it's there. If you can't explain it, then don't worry about it. :)


Feeling is important.

D Herrod



This is a great shot! Love it!

You find my post :here




You've expressed yourself perfectly! This is a magical, mystical picture and considering the date, almost surreal. :D


This sky is really an awesome one...


Terrific shot, with such atmosphere!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: I love the capture. It sort of makes me feel like it was a special day.

Smalltown RN

That's a great photo...there is something about the sky at Easter...i've noticed with myself that for some reason I tend to pay a lot of attention to the weather and the sky at Easter....our Easter the snow decided to didn't stick but it reminded us that anything is possible...


I like the feel of this. I always have a hard time putting the feelings into words, but your photos always make me feel something.

Last week's picture (mine) I started several times to say something about it making me feel hopeful, or something to do with hope, but it wouldn't come out right. Wouldn't you know that the first person to comment said something about it being a 'hope filled' photo.


That is one mystical and dramatic sky at the same time.
Well captured. What time were you up? lol


it's true you remember the feeling you got but its not exactly in the moment enjoy your tiny gift sk


I love the contrast of dark on light with the sun shining through in the back - very nice!


I think that you are right - a photo can be beautiful - like yours is, but it is difficult for a photo to capture the whole experience: the feel of the wind on your face, the sounds and smells and perhaps most of all - the feelings. I hope that you have the chance to take a walk in a less stressed frame of mind soon.


This is beautiful. I am so glad you shared it.


Um, why are you NOT getting the camera? You better have a good reason! ;)

Great capture, btw!


Great shot. They clouds look angry.


Beautiful picture. I think people go to nature to experience something bigger and outside ourselves, provided we can get our minds to slow down in order to perceive this.


Wow, your Sky Watch is gorgeous! I never seem to catch a good sunset. Thanks for coming by and looking at my blog, now I'm off to check out more of yours :)


Like your name, Misty Dawn, this photo gives me the feeling of being there.


That's a very beautiful scene. I feel something special, mainly because was Easter day...

Scotty Graham

Hi Misty,

First, I like your sky shot. I love dark clouds such as this...always adds drama to the photo.

Secondly, thanks for visiting my blog...I hope you visit often.

To answer your question...I am currently using the Nikon D300 as my main camera, but still have by D2X and D70 as my backup cameras.

Thanks again for your kind comments. I will be visiting you often....




That is an excellent shot and you capture the mood well! I usually try for the same thing, even in wildlife photography. I always have a feeling about wildlife in a certain situation and I try to capture that feeling, but it seems like one often fails.

Quiet Paths

Actually, I think I know just what you are talking about here. Beauty is sometimes not just in the eye of the beholder; sometimes it is just all around.... thanks.

Kerri Farley

Yep, I know exactly what you mean!

This is a Fabulous Shot!


I know exactly what you are talking about. I can feel this mystery a lot lately! I just feel like on my pics it NEVER looks as I have seen it…

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

This is absolutely gorgeous!

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