Sunday, March 9, 2008

So Much to Say - Too Little Time

WOW - I've got so much to catch you up on! Seriously - there are so many things I want to talk about and tell you about.

I really want to tell you about the benefit auction we went to Saturday night. It was for a friend of ours who has cancer of the spine. He is a 39 year old chiropractor (that's not a 'rich doctor' business out here in farming country - trust me) with a wife and three children. It is unexpected (I guess it's never 'expected', is it???) and absolutely heartbreaking. He basically had a choice from the doctors... we try to remove all of the cancer, and you will be a paraplegic. Or, we'll take out as much as we can, and you'll be able to walk, but we can't guarantee it won't spread and you won't die from it. How do you make a decision like that? Seriously? I'm crying for him and his family right now just thinking about it. I just can't imagine. I wish I could take it away and make it better, but all I could do was donate a few photos for the auction, donate what money we could spare, and pray, and pray, and pray. He chose option two. He couldn't bear the burden he would have on his family if he spent his remaining time as a paraplegic. He came to the benefit. When he walked in the door, everyone cheered, everyone clapped, everyone rejoiced, and many of us, including me, cried. Even more, I want to talk about the people of this community that I am now a part of - the way they join together for a fellow person, the way they show their love, the way they will go completely out of their way just to see if they can help you - It's priceless - It's inspiring - It's a true gift for which I am grateful to be able to experience and be a part of.

I want to tell you about something really exciting that happened today... along with another 'Misty stupid moment'.

I want to tell you about my husband possibly going out to help my in-laws drive back from Arizona. This would make me feel really good, because I worry about them making the trip by themselves, especially with my father-in-law's Parkinson's Disease, and it would also give Hubs a chance to see where his parents stay all Winter, because once we have cattle, Hubs probably will not be able to go anywhere in the Winter. Then again, if my in-laws truck doesn't get repaired, including the bed liner and the hitch and light hook-ups for the camper, they may just be staying in Arizona. When I tease my father-in-law about this, he says "Oh no, it gets too hot here!" I then promptly tell him to be quiet and quit talking to me about being hot.

I want to tell you about a weekly meme I've been thinking about starting and ask if you would participate. (It's a weekly animal-photo meme)

I want to update you and tell you about many things. However, I have been extremely tired and unusually busy lately. So, I haven't been visiting my friends' blogs like I usually do. Therefore, everything I want to update you on will have to wait... I'm headed off to your blogs so I can catch up on YOUR lives!

I love ya, I miss ya, and I'll talk to ya soon!


Kelly Ann

Aww your such a doll! lol. Take a moment and relax among the business, I imagine we will all still be here. ;) Oh and btw the weekly animal photo sounds great to me. :)

Sandy Kessler

I'll meme for sure, glad to have you back - new contest today for 7 days - Your doggy bash coolest thing ever- wish I had your computer


Hi Sweetheart. I heard you when you said ". I wish I could take it away and make it better" and want to assure you that You have, in fact and deed, 'made it better.' By giving of your Self ... allowing your concern and affection to be part of the spirit of support for this unfortunate gentleman, you have given all that anyone could possibly give to lighten the burden of another. You 'made it better' by Loving. Nothing trumps that.

Mom Knows Everything

Why aren't you online??? I miss talking to my best friend. :o(


What a terrible shame about your friend. I will include him in my daily Reiki sending, I hope his operation goes well. It's a truly great thing when a community comes together to help someone, it must be a fantastic place to live.


I'm sorry about your friend. Small communities are usually wonderful and everyone sticks together. Cool about your inlaws and I hope hubby does go and help them back. Cool on the new meme too. Have a great day. :)


So sorry to hear about your friend. I could not pick option 1 either.
Count me in for any animal meme.
I also noticed your Indians badge in sidebar. Are you in Ohio? Just curious, because I am near Cleveland.

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