Sunday, March 2, 2008


Again, I can't help myself (Tammy & Barb, did you just say 'there's no help for her'?). I can't possibly be expected to wait until Friday to post these photos I captured last night.
I strongly encourage you to click on these photos to view them larger. The sky was absolutely breathtaking last night. I found myself standing in the middle of the road, staring at the sky, with my jaw hanging open and my eyes wide. I was afraid to blink, because I didn't want to miss one split second of this spectacle. The beauty and the awe that overcame me is completely indescribable. God certainly gave me a glimpse of Heaven last night.
And then...
The birds... I told you - they're out to get me - it's a conspiracy!!!



Absolutely beautiful, Misty! Be careful of those birds! LOL!


They are all beautiful, even the one with the birds. You do take great photographs. Hopw you've had a great weekend. :)


Beautiful! I've never seen a sky like that.

The birds!!!! The only time I've seen anything like this was seeing the bats leaving the huge bathouse at sundown on the campus at the University of Florida. That's what it reminds me of - thousands and thousands and thousands flying out.


Wow these are great. That second one is stunning. Love then all, thaough.

Mom Knows Everything

I know I just told you on messenger, but those photos are unbelievable!!!


Holy cow! You weren't kidding!

david mcmahon

Those are beautiful shots, Misty - the colours are exactly the sunset we had here last night!!


Breathtaking! I, too have these moments of just staring at the sky lately. Seems like it never was like this before – but it is more likely that it is me who is not like before and just noticing things differently!


Wow! Amazingly beautiful! I'd be standing in awe too and I'd probably have 50 pictures of the same sun set! Very cool!


Stunning colors! Wow.

Kelly Ann

Those are truly stunning, I especially like the second one. :)


I celebrate the reverse ... as I deliver each morning's newspaper, I have the gift of some amazing sunRISES. I even stopped one morning, took out the good old "point and shoot" snapped a few ... the when the prints (leave me alone ... I'm a dinosaur, OK) came back, I included one with a customer's paper and a note thanking him for the perfect framing provided my his tree.

(ever since Alfred Hitchcock 'enabled' them, those birds have been SO unruly!)


Beautiful, beautiful. Those birds remind me that I had an email this morning reminding me that migration has begun again! Are you on a migration path, or do you always have that many?

Travis Cody



Wow they are really amazing photos!

BTW Thanks for running my add!


God's glory is breathtaking.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Oh, wow. Incredible.

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