Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We Tried - Thanks

Last night, my step-daughter and I were celebrating via AOL's instant messenger LOL. We thought I had won the gift certificate to use towards the camera. Well, it seems that Rosina Lippi's contest didn't end. She has decided to post the four top voted for captions and have a re-vote.

I realize you have all already made the effort to vote for me. I just want to say thank you for that.

If you are interested in seeing the top four captions, they are here.

Oh well, at least this gave me some wonderful material for a great post, which I'll be doing after the contest ends. I have a very special story I want to share, but it needs to wait until later.


Smalltown RN

Well it it makes you feel any better I thought I had won a plasam tv...until I had to do all this other stuff..and give all this information that i wasn't willing to do I guess I didn't you were asking how I made out with my list yesterday...well I posted it...

Hope you have a fantastic day!!!!


OK, I voted again. You better send everyone over there quickly, because you need to catch up.


Good Luck, Misty.


I just voted again! Fingers crossed for you! Hopefully you'll be celebrating SOON!


*Perk* Yay!!!! *running off to vote*


Oh my goodness - what craziness! I am on my way to vote AS WE SPEAK!! Hope all is well :)

Mom Knows Everything

My fingers are still crossed, toes, legs arms and everything else too!

Mom Knows Everything

I'm a dork! I totally forgot to tell you you've been tagged. :o) Love ya!


I voted again but that other stupid caption is still in the lead - not fair!!! I don't think bulging eyes are all that funny!


I will go vote to help you out Misty. Best of Luck!



I voted again!! Can't wait to read your special story. :D

The Egel Nest

I voted for you...again :)

It doesn't look good...we need about 100 people to go and vote for you :)

Your Canon will be eventually yours!


The Egel Nest


I voted again, too!

Kelly Ann

I see now you didn't win it, but your still a winner! :)

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