Thursday, March 27, 2008

Worldwide Group Hug

Wow! Twice this week, I have typed out a post and then sat there staring at the "Publish Post" button, because I wasn't sure if I should actually post it. I wasn't sure how the posts would be viewed or accepted, since they were coming from me, a.k.a. Miss Happy-and-Silly-and-Innocent (ok, maybe not so innocent, but only a select few of you know that *grin*).

Twice this week, I closed my eyes and just clicked the mouse, as I thought to my self, "People may wonder what the heck you are doing, and you may lose some regular visitors."

Twice this week, I was absolutely surprised at the reaction I received from my friends here and at Misty's Words. Both times, you made me feel like maybe I can still write a decent piece; sometimes it's good to share the things you feel strongly about, even if it isn't a 'happy-topic'; you really don't just use me to get a chance to see my adorable dogs (OK, maybe you do, but that's alright - I don't blame ya); but, most of all, you proved to me, once again how non-judgmental, caring, understanding, intelligent, and unconditional these blogging friendships are. Thanks for that. (Could y'all scoot a little closer together for the group hug?)

Now I'm off to enjoy my blog-hoppin' Thursday. I'd love to tell you that after blog hopping, I'm going to go sit on my teak outdoor furniture and enjoy another nice day. Unfortunately though, it's dreary, cloudy, and looks like it might rain. Oh well, they can't all be sunny days (darnit).



I loved the group hug. Hey, we like you for who you are. Writing about what you feel strongly about is what makes a great blogger. Just saying. Your readers know what you feel passionate about. Have a great day. :)


You're loved no matter what mood you're in. We are who we are, good bad & ugly. Don't be afraid to be you. (((((((hugs))))))))


Just be yourself, girl. We love you just the way you are. :)

I feel the same way about my blog world...I'll have to steal that cartoon for my sidebar...sums it all up!


{{{{group hugs}}}}


Thanks for the hug, it's coming right back to you. x

Travis Cody

The blogging community is a diverse and extraordinary place.




I am new here but so far I LOVE your posts:-)


honey, nearly every person i know and half the people i'm related to have taken or do take antidepressants.

anyone who would discard a friend, laugh at them, or talk about them behind their back for this doesn't deserve the time of day.

your blog does not have to be happy all the time. it's a great blog. the fullness of all emotions makes it rich.


I have found, from personal experience, that when you've got something on your mind or something getting you down and you want to write about it that the people in the Blogosphere are some of the most caring and concerned people ever (and that includes yourself!).

Never ever feel like you have to just write sunshine and light posts! If you need to get it off your chest then by all means post it and who knows, maybe there's someone out there who can make you feel better about it either by offering a solution, offering a shoulder, or just saying "hang in there".

Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world!



I know they can't all be sunny days, but I'd settle for just one:)


hey...I've been reading mostly thru reader lately...but I always count on your blog for wonderful posts and beautiful picturs.

hugging you back!


I laughed at the picture and I know when I show it my life partner Jane she will ruffle my hair and say "I told you so"

All the best


{{{{{{HUGS BACK AT YA!}}}}}}

Bradley's Mom

Love and sunny days to you!!!



Big hugs! We should do this more often! :-)

You are truly loved!!


I love hugs too! And I still wanna play with Maggie May! Woof!

Kelly Ann

You'd be surprised at just how loving and supportive people are online. No matter what you say, you just keep blogging, and don't second guess yourself next time. :)


Hey, I'd love to keep you as a reader. I don't see an email on your profile for me to write you, so if you can, I'd love you to write me at:

and let me know your google/blogger account login or gmail address and I'd LOVE to add you as a reader. I really enjoy reading your blog.

I'm sorry I haven't commented lately, but things are crazy getting ready for vacation, etc. I'm also trying to get everyone'e email ready to add as readers as I'm going private today or tomorrow so I can post again! YAY!

Oh, to comment on your depression post. I'm so happy your doctor said that to you. It's a great analogy and whoever made jokes about you should NOT be called friends whatesoever! It's something I'm dealing with and can't imagine being judged for anything I need to do to cope. Sheesh, some people!


Well I've just read one of the posts and think you deserve a hug!

I'll just shuffle up if that's ok to get in the group hug.

Any "friend" (blogger or otherwise) that judges you for a something beyond your control (like illness) is no friend at all.

No judgement here. :0)


I think you hit the word dead on non judgemental . People mostly read blogs becaue they are genuinely interested in others. I have had 2 criticals in 2 years and they were opinionated relatives..haha


{{{hug}}} right back to you!

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