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Camera-Critters Sunday #2

For my second Camera-Critters post, I'm going to share a few pictures I took last week, and... a story :-) Yes, yes, I've always got a story. I figure you like my stories, otherwise, you wouldn't read my blog. hehe

So, as many of you know, Hubs was very ill for well over a week. He was so ill for so long that we were beginning to think he had something worse than the flu. One day, I had prepared a breathing treatment for him in a breathing machine we had borrowed. While he was doing the treatment, I was standing in front of him daydreaming (I don't know about what... probably dogs, or fishing, or Bon Jovi). My daydreams were interrupted when I saw this big black movement out the window. I looked up, my jaw dropped, and I just pointed out the window at our barn. Hubs turned around and looked and started to say "Go get your...", but I was already running out the door with my camera.

(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

There were two turkey buzzards sitting on our barn roof, which is right on the other side of our driveway. I was able to get two pictures before they flew off and joined, yet another buzzard to circle over our pond. (The pictures really are much better when viewed full-size.)

When I returned to the house, I started to tell my ill husband about the buzzards and how neat it was watching them. He had a funny look on his face. So, I got concerned and asked, "Are you feeling really bad again? Are you OK?" He just shook his head, glanced out the window to where the buzzards had been, fell back on the couch, and said, "I sure hope that wasn't some sort of bad omen." Then, we both burst out laughing.

Just to update you and alleviate any worries - Hubs is getting better (finally), and I have now caught whatever he had (which is good, because now we know it was just the flu). With the way I'm feeling now though, I'm starting to understand why he was concerned about the vultures being a bad omen.

And, just so you don't start worrying that I've changed my ways or something - Here's a doggie pic ;-)
(c) Misty DawnS
(Read: Maggie says "Mom, he's smashing my head!";
Tag says, "Hey Dad, you in there? Maggie Who?")

I'm sure you'd rather be packing your bags to go vacation at some Corpus Christi real estate, but since you aren't, do you want to join the Sunday meme all about animal/critter photos? Clicking on the post header graphic will take you to the blog where you can sign in if you have made a post, and you can visit other Camera-Critters Captures. Or, clicking HERE will take you to the rules.


Mom Knows Everything

The bid pics are cool, but me LOVE the doggies better.hehehe


Them's be some cool vultures. It certainly was a strange time for them to visit your barn roof, though 8v)


Marvellous photographs, I have not seen closely this beautiful and possible bird.
Cute the dogs!
Splendid and informative post!


Did you ever figure out what they were circling? If I were sick and saw a turkey vulture outside my window,I guess my reaction would have been pretty alarmed.

david mcmahon

That's wonderful, Misty! Quick reaction, nice shots and your husband's rejionder brought a big smile to my face.

Have had a REALLY busy week but yes, I've already written my post and it's set to auto-publish shortly!

Trish ~ ♥ ~

Glad to hear you are on the up swing of the illness. Love the doggie shots!


Great pictures - but when you add the story it's so Edgar Allen Poe.


Love the puppies! The birds are ugly.. .LOL The shots are great, but the birds are ugly. Yuck.



I linked to the wrong post! Now everybody is going to my woods photo and not my cows!

Misty: I know you are sick, but could somebody delete this Mr. Linky that I put myself onto? I'll be back tomorrow with my Critters.


Great photos, love these dogs.. They're so cute, great shot.. Thanks for sharing..
Mine is up:
My Digital Snapshot

Lilli & Nevada

Oh that is one funny story for sure, but if you don't get those kind of vulgers around i guess i would be thinking the same thing. Isn't that what they do when someone or something is dying. Did you ever go look in around the pond to see if anything was dead?
Anyway glad that your both on the uphill of recovery.
Love the doggies best, much cuter then the buzzards.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Cool shots! Creepy birds!

My second Camera Critters post is up! Last week was my puppy, this week is my kitty!


That would be pretty odd to see that sort of bird out there at a time like that... I've never seen those around here before.
I sure hope you are all feeling somewhat better these days.
The dogs are adorable!
The Rocky Mountain Retreat


I can imagine your excitement... because I'd do the same thing! These are great shots. Of course, the dogs are just adorable!

(LOL) I knew before you wrote it what Hubs was thinking...(LOL) This post is hilarious, well written, and I love the photos. Plus, just so you know, I love the name Misty Dawn and I think that person who laughed at it is rude and not too bright.

I was referring to people who give their children different names, but I was referring to names like "Wheat, Tree, etc...which are fantastic, just different.

And you know what my point really was (Which I think I need to post about again, because the post was too long) it was the fact that Sleeping Beauty's Parents didn't know she was going to be poisoned when she was born, therefore why did they name the child Sleeping Beauty?

Anyway, I'm investigating it at the moment, but I wanted you to know that I honest to goodness love your name.

And now the "blog police are after me for writing too long a comment" and I'm sure I already have a warrant out for my arrest for long posts.



Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Eek! Vultures! Bad camping flashback. Sorry. Cool pics though.

My vote, however, must go toward the adorable pups.


I like that pic of the vulture in the air. I'm glad to hear they weren't such a bad omen after all, and I hope they don't come back for you!

I'm still laughing at the way taking care of Hubs takes a backseat when there's a photo opp to be had.


I too have three BCs (Mama, son from litter 1, and daughter from litter two) as well as a schipperke :) They make my world go round as well :)


Get well soon!
Never seen a buzzard so close. The pups look better no doubt. :)
Thanks for hosting this.

Juliana RW

wow...nice shots.
Will you visit mine Thanks


GREAT shot and nice story.

Mine in here Thanks


Hi Misty,
These vulture guys are a little ugly for most, but they are awesome!
Cute doggie pics!
Mine is up and I'm glad I joined in!


Great birdie shots! and the doggie shot too...
Glad Hubs is feeling better.


Oh man.. I was going to say the vultures were there for Jim! (I'm glad they weren't.)


It must have been really a very interesting experience to see buzzards that close! I liked the third buzzard picture, impressive wings! Being someone who adores dogs and lives with two Westies, my favourite is of course your dog picture! Cuddle them for me please! :)

Friendly greetings,


ROFLMBO (I wish the B was for belly, but alas, it's for butt). I love your story... and your photos. Have a wonderful weekend.


Whoof!! Let me at them buzzards... there's not a bird hatched that I can't chase away. BARK!


What a great tale with photo's.
And as for the doggy photo, they're adoracle .

Hope the lergy goes soon
Best wishes

i beati

you had me worried for a second until I saw the cuties . How do you set up for auto post when you are away?

Uma por Dia

Beuty dog with several heads :) lol
My comments will be blocked because I dont have time to visit everyone.


Hi, such beauty in the air, caught well and interesting story.
Cute Puppies too.
Mines up asap doing it

Kerri Farley

OH, the pups are so cute! Glad the birds weren't circling for your or your hubby :)

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to sign in at both places or not, but I did. If you want to delete one of them that is fine, I just wasn't sure.


Great pictures! I'm glad hubby is feeling better, even though that means you're not. Recover quickly, get lots of rest, and keep blogging!

david mcmahon

My Camera Critters post is up. I hope it brings a smile to your face!!


Love the dogs trying to get through the doorway. The bird flying is another of my favorite. Great captures.


I think I would have worried with buzzards circling too! Glad to hear hubs is feeling better, but sad you are feeling bad honey. xx


Wonderful shots! Definitely not something I'm likely to see in my So Cal Beach Community ;--)

I'm glad 'hubs' is better ... sorry you're under the weather and hope you feel better soon.

Hugs and blessings,


Excellent post, and the vulture pictures are very good.

I am glad to hear that your husband is improving!


Great Vulture pictures… Glad your Hubby is better…neat shot of the dogs


Great story well illustrated adn the dogs are cute, too.

My post is up. Before long everyone is going to think I am pretty squirrely.


I've seen turkey vultures at a friends cabin north of here. I didn't have my camera though. They are bigger than what I imagined they would be lol. The doggies are cute too.


That is good that your husband is feeling better. I hope that you are doing okay and on the way to feeling better too. :)

Those turkey vultures are so different looking than everyday sightings. They do have an ominous look about them.


Wow ! were you lucky to be able to shoot these wonderful pictures !! I can't remember having seen a buzzard except in a zoo ! and your doggies are very cute !

Mom Knows Everything

I love ya Dork!


Great photos...I love the bird in flight pic.

Cute doggies!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane

Wow, those are great shots of the big ugly vultures/buzzards. Great close-ups and awesome in flight photo. But, the doggies are too cute for words, so I'd pick them every time over the ugly ole birds :)

Have a wonderful day!


ugly birds, but very cute puppies! Thanks for thinking up this Camera-critters Sunday. Lots of fun.


Mist, girl I am soooo sorry you're feeling so badly..please be good to yourself and rest. It wouldn't be right to have the Camera Critters Sunday host down and out.

Mine will be up in two minutes--I need to link you up and all first. xoxoxoxo

PS--thank you for your exceedingly kind words, you always say the most beautiful things to me.


Just bugging ya, Thought I'd join as my invite to the French Riviara didn't get here..yet? Joined your party for camera critters instead. Get well!!

Vader's Mom

Glad that they weren't an omen!! And I hope you feel better soon!!

But of course, the doggies are my favorite.


I'm late, but I'm up now!

Scary birds!

Feel better soon, please!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Great shots of the vultures. You had a much nicer day to take the pictures. I still can't get that flying picture and yours is great.


Nice photos of the vultures, and the one of your dogs cracks me up!!


I see what you mean about the dogs and my cat! they would match! how cute!!


omg those are SO SO SO good! All the vultures I've seen are just way too high. And those dogs? What a riot!!

I'm actually amazed you can get up long enough to type. Are we getting a flu shot next year (I know they were no good this year)?


MUST have doggy photos. Those buzzards look scary! :)


That's really funny! Nice to know that even sick, he has kept his sense of humor! :)

Heart of Rachel

It's great that you got your camera on time to take those perfect shots.

I'm glad to hear that your hubby is doing much better. I also hope that you're also doing good.

Take care Misty.


It's exciting that you got such unusual birds...but, eeww! They're ugly! The puppies were much cuter. ;)


First, I hope you and hubs are feeling better.

Sorry I'm late. We've got a wonky internet connection up here.

I love the pictures of the turkey buzzard. How cool to have one come to you like that! And I laughed when I pictured you running to get your camera. Sounds very familiar! I'm glad your hubs is a good sport, so we can enjoy your photos.

Your babies are adorable!


Absolutely love the Turkey Buzzard. They are probably one of my favorite birds.

I didn't forget I just forgot to come here and post. Am I suppose to do that everytime?


Big bird eh?!
Oh lovely dogs... miss our lab luke, left in the Phils.
I'll join camera critters... I will start this Sunday.
I wanna start now but it will be a super late post (not good eh?).
Hubby Chest & I love cameras... photography & love critters!
Thank you Misty for "founding" this meme. ^.^

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