Saturday, April 12, 2008

Camera-Critters Sunday *Premier Post*

For my first Camera-Critters submission on this blog, I decided to tell you the story of a critter-family, whom I had the opportunity to see on several occasions last Summer.

I would go out for a sunset-photo-walk a little before Dusk, and on several evenings, I would be blessed with a visit from this critter-family. You see the one in the back? Out of the five babies, that one seemed to be the one to give the mother headaches ;-) It was always wondering off and exploring, and Mom would have to turn around and go get the little mischief causer.

(c) Misty DawnS

I think this family actually became accustomed to seeing me, just as I often hoped to see them. Finally, one evening, Mom decided to check me out a little bit closer. (Notice in the first photo, you can only count four babies. Baby Mischief is not in the picture, because he/she had wandered off to check out other things, yet again.)
(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

I enjoyed our little meeting, until I thought I heard a car coming. So, I calmly told "Mom" to grab the young 'uns and get outta the road! She followed my advice, but made one last turn to say goodnight.
(c) Misty DawnS

I hope I'm blessed with the sightings of more critters and their families this Summer! Maybe I should put motion sensor lights out by the pond so I can tell when the deer are out there! OK, maybe that would be going a little overboard.

Y'all were expecting dog photos, weren't you? Come on, you can admit it. You'll just have to keep playing each week to see when I post some dog pics :-)

Want to join the Sunday meme all about animal/critter photos? Clicking on the post header graphic will take you to the blog where you can sign in if you have made a post, and you can visit other Camera-Critters Captures. Or, clicking HERE will take you to the rules.


Mom Knows Everything

The last one is my favorite. I'm not sure if she's saying "Thank you" or "Yeah you better stay back or else".


Great 1st camera critters Misty Dawn, love your post.
Mine is up now.
I wanted to play but as im away tomorrow i didnt enlist, but see your have it up now so i have posted.


Good beginning and good amusement in those who they will take part in this beautiful action!
Entire family of critters!!! Big problems in the neighborhood!
Very beautiful first your post!


I've got a dog, I've got a dog!!!
Great shots for a premier post!


They are so cute! I was actually expecting a picture of one of your babies!

david mcmahon

Nice work, Misty - and what a great idea.

I've written my post already (thanks for the heads-up) and have set it to auto-post later today.

Flying Solo

Beautiful work and story!
I wish I had those kind of friends too :)


They're so cute!

I wonder if Baby Mischief's name is Misty?

Trish ~ ♥ ~

way too cute, great first post for camera critters


What a great experience that is. We have raccoons suddenly this year (visiting the bird feeders) and I've been blogging them. Unfortunately, we also have confirmed raccoon rabies in the next town.


I love raccoons. These are great!

Those are beautiful clouds but a little scary. Bad things sometimes drop out of clouds such hail, tornadoes, snow... You are a brave person, I would have been in the basement crying like a baby.


That are so great pictures!
Yes, I admit, I've expected dogs... ;-)
I love racoons! But I've never ever seen them wild. Just at the zoo... Really impressive.

My CC is up too, please hop over if you like to!

&hearts Sonny

sonia a. mascaro

Great photos! They are so cute!


What great photos. I have thought of joining your meme and when I get a critter photo I will certainly enter. I am still getting the hang of my digital camera and spend too much time trying to focus or zoom that I keep missing pics. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Great pics, and great idea for a new meme!! My first CC is up!


I love these pictures ya know!!!! The one in the back? I would call her Beth. LOL

Love ya!!!!

Bradley's Mom

Such great pics, Misty!!!

You're the best! In so many ways!!

Love ya,

Heart of Rachel

I've never encountered a raccoon in our area. It must be cool to see a whole family of them.

I posted my entry on my other blog.


YOu never fail to make me smile, sweets! I absolutely LOVE the photo-set and the story behind.

The last time I´ve seen a racoon outside a zoo... hm... BBQ in Delray Beach, FL. The racoon tried to steal something from the table and failed miserably. But it got back at us (in this case: ME) by biting my toe. *OUCH* ;-)


What delightful photo's.
And how lucky you are to have such close encounters.
I've put my post, my first had to be my last dog Hero, but @ least think they're not photo's I've blog posted before.

Best wishes & TY for setting this up.


Wow. What a nice set of photos. I love raccoons but live in town and they are not well liked by most people. A mother had four here a couple of years ago and raised them under my shop until she weaned them and then they left. I got a ton of close up pictures of them back then.

I really like your blog.

This Sunday morning it is all of 37 degrees here in SW Ohio where Tecumseh once ran on paths made by the wood buffalo.

We did get warm enough for a couple of days for daffodils and some crocus to pop up but they popped down again.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

Kerri Farley

Great captures! I hope to participate next week!


How nice a gathering is this.. I do wish we had these in the UK


david mcmahon

Mine's posted, Misty.


What a wonderful find to be able to take a photo of this bunch. Nice capture.


Well, isn't this adorable... it isn't often that I'll see a group of them around here. The most I'll see is two but even then that is rare... great shots!!


Thanks for creating this fun new meme. I really like how you did separate entries on all 3 blogs. You put a lot of effort into the premiere entry and I think that will help generate a lot of interest.. I think we'll really all have a lot of fun with it and learn some new things too.

i beati

I left many animal pictures on my blog this morning , and a special tribute to my 21 year old friend, Petrille..wonderful idea Misty for the heartfelt love they bring to us!!


Racoons are cute. We don't get any of those around here though. Good post for the meme.


Great shots Misty, what a lovely little ''family


How incredibly cute--and quite amazing!


Really great photos!


Congrats on the new Meme.

I LOVE the "family" . I can't believe they let you get so close. That's awesome.

There's always one kid that makes the mama worry.

Lilli & Nevada

Oh i love this, we had a momma coon and her 2 babies here at the motel, they loved getting into the ferrel cats food that we had out. I was always under the impression they only came out at night but they would show up during the day.
Love the story along with the photos.

i beati

this is such a really good idea I wish I'd have thought of it. I guess you know by now, I am more enamored with animals than people.

Many who visit my house wonder how i can live with things torn up and toys everywhere. I think they are not really LIVING..Can't wait until next week. kudos sandy

Juliana RW

Great shots, Misty

Mine in here Thanks


Great pictures and perfect for kicking off a new meme.


Great pictures for the new meme, I have just posted mine.


When I was little my stepdad brought home a baby raccoon. It had the sharpest teeth and claws. He had to take him or her back eventually. What an adorable family! Your pictures are awesome of them!


Racoons are such great critters. I have only seen them in zoos though, I would love to see them free.


Looks like your meme is taking off nicely. I don't do pictures and if I do they aren't very good. Have a great day. :)

Travis Cody

Those are some cute critters. I don't see a lot of critters around here...we do have cheeky squirrels, but I rarely have my camera when I see those guys.

If I do manage to get some pictures, I'll be sure to participate.

Congrats on your meme!


Hi Misty -
I saw your comment on Fishing Guy's blog so I came over to check it out.
These little guys are precious to say the least. I know they are supposed to be troublemakers but looking at your pic it doesn't seem possible!
You have a lovely idea here and I see it has taken off very very well. Congratulations! Perhaps I will post next Sunday.


Wooohoo, Mist, wow great first day out here, girlfriend! I'm sorry I'm late, I really am, I've been Powerpointing for a church thing, ugh! Late as it is, I'm still posting mine here in a sec....Love ya! xo


that was wonderful misty

great photos and I love the story. I think the motion sensor lights are a great idea LOL

I will definitely join in next week.

thanks for coming up with such a great meme.


Yup I was expecting dog photos! And I am sure you will oblige at some stage. Until then these critters will do just fine!

Great photos. Great little family. Thanks for being by mine. If I ever get caught up I might just join in!

Mimi Lenox

You are very brave. I wouldn't have been happy to meet such critters on the road. I think I might have turned and skeedaddled in the other direction. But they are cute - in a critter sort of way.

Can you tell I'm a critter person?

I did try to catch a family of deer in my yard this afternoon with the camera lens. They ran away as soon as they spotted me. I call them the Blur Family.
I'll get 'em next time.

GREAT photos!


Thanks for the visit and your pup is adorable! I'll be posting to critters as I post critter pics :)


Oh, and go through my blog archives... many BC pics and a lot of puppy pics. You can also check out my youtube page... or my wife's... or our dog's site :)


I'd love to join, but gimme a few weeks to see if that situation at home calms down a bit. Not sure I can handle too much more on my plate.
I love your first pictures... careful of coons though... round here if we see a coon out during the day we can almost be certain its rabid.


Great photos. And, this is a great idea. Gold stars for you!


Wow, that's a wonderful series on the raccoons. Excellent photography!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

I loved this!!

I may have something next week. There is currently a baby rabbit in my bedroom.

Long story. Argh.


Wow!!! Never seen those Critters in person..Great shot..Thanks for sharing...
Mine is up:
My Digital Snapshot


Great photos! I think racoons are just adorable!



Wow, those are great shots! I'll admit, I was expecting to see doggies... :)


I've never been close to a "wild" animal before, unless you count geese :) These pictures are awesome!


How fun! We went to the wetlands on Saturday to see if the birds had arrived en masse yet (they haven't) and I say a beaver in the water. I was so excited to see it that instead of using the camera (focused and ready to use!), I yelled for everyone else to look. Duh.

I hope I'll be able to get some pics as good as this to contribute in the future.

Once more, this meme is a GREAT idea!




Good luck with the Raccoon this summer, Misty. They sure were cute last year.


How wonderful to be able to just take a stroll and see such lovely animals :)


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