Monday, April 7, 2008

Celebrating 500 with a Tribute to YOU

It has to be good...
NO, it has to be excellent!
It must be significant.
It should be touching.
It needs to be just right.

This is what went through my mind ALL day yesterday. This is what went through my mind while I attempted to determine what was going to be worthy of being my 500th post. However, that worthy post eluded me yesterday, and I sat brain dead and just starting at the compose post screen.

Then, at midnight, while half asleep, my brain decided to go into high-gear and composed a most magnificent post. Unfortunately, I was too dang tired to get up and create the post. Therefore, of course, that post has now been lost out there in dreamland. Well, the post I devised in my sleep has been lost, but the idea of the post, the meaning of the post, the whole concept and reason for the post... Ahhhh, I still have that. So... here it is...

The number of posts which have appeared on this blog is completely insignificant when compared to the reasons for those posts. The reasons for those posts are you, my friends. I have gained so many friends throughout the world, and I am thankful beyond expression. When I began blogging, I never could have imagined what I would gain and find here in the Blogosphere. I never imagined that I would have friends, whom I had never met in person or, some of whom I don't even know their real names, yet, would do anything in my power to be there for them if they were in need.

So, my friends, this 500th post is a tribute to some of the greatest people I have ever had the chance to get to know.

The Lawn Mower Queen
One of my very dearest friends. I am so lucky that when I married my husband, I got the blessing of calling you, LMK, your mom, brother, and dad my family. Your friendship means more to me than I can possibly put into words, which is probably a good thing, because I know you aren't big on 'all the mushy stuff'. Thanks for convincing me to join the blogging world!
Ahhh, my fellow-nature-and-critter-loving friend, who is just as obsessed with nature photography as I. Who would have know that a simple question in my Flickr mailbox would evolve into such a very special friendship. I am thankful for that friendship, for your patient answers to my questions, for your explanations, and for the laughs you provide (not to mention the hundreds of critters you have identified for me hehe).
Bubba's Sis
I group the four of you together, because well, that's just the way it should be! You were four of the first friends I found in the Blogosphere, and I have come to know and love you and your families beyond words. Stacey always lifts me up with her faith and the love she so generously showers on everyone (and she always makes me giggle). Jen/Gi, your stories are amazing and your sense of humor is outstanding and refreshing. D and B/S, I love you both separately as individuals, but even more, I love and admire the friendship you share with each other. You are both fantastically talented and unbelievably fun!
You are four beautiful women, inside and out.
a.k.a. Barb. Wow - where do I begin? When I first found your blog, I was inspired. Your blog had posts that provided everything - fun, humor, entertainment, insight, emotions. It's all there. The first time you ever commented on my blog, I felt like I had just shook hands with a celebrity ;-) I mean, Skittles, she's famous! Now, I find myself saying thanks in my prayers every night for having been given the opportunity to develop this friendship with you. You have become one of my best friends. I will always be there to offer my friendship and support to you (and to try to convince Mike to let me play with his R/C cars *grin*). You have given me support, encouragement, laughs, understanding, compassion, and love. I can't begin to say what you mean to me.
Ahhhh, my emotional-twin. If I had a dime for each time we thought along similar lines, I'd have that camera for sure! At first, I was always surprised at how often we thought alike. Now, I just laugh and say "We're doing it again!"
And, your poetry... the words and feelings you write... You are amazingly talented, and your words always touch me and reach out and grab a hold of my emotions.
Where do I begin? Never ever in a million years would I have guessed that I would consider someone whom I have never met in person to be one of the best friends I have ever had. Never would I have guessed that I would do anything within my power if I knew this person needed me. I can only believe that our friendship was intended. There is no other explanation for it. I love you with all my heart, and our friendship is one of the most special gifts I have ever been blessed with. Now that I have met you, I don't know what I would do without you. (Besides, you are the craziest, corniest, moronic cashew I have ever met hehe)
She no longer blogs, but she is a great person. I had the opportunity to talk to her on the phone recently, and she is loads of fun to talk to, and I wish her the best in life.
Where'd you go, my friend? I miss you and your blog! One of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I don't know how she gets everything done that she does. She is amazing, loving, and inspiring.
I am often grateful for your ability to put into words the hard-truth of the matter, and also throw some witty sarcasm in for good measure. You have made me laugh out loud, smile, nod my head in agreement, and cry. You are an absolutely fantastic person, and I thank you for your friendship.
A wonderful friend and person, with one of the most special families ever! Bradley, the Beautiful Wife, Bradley's Mom, and Sammy (my sweet, precious, adorable, and famous Sammy)... I love this whole family. Besides, if I don't get at least a weekly fix of Sammy-adorableness, I start shaking and going into withdrawals! I'm serious - that boy's adorableness is totally addicting!
Another one of my greatest and most special friends! I would have never guessed that one of the people I hold closest to my heart (and one of my most special doggy-friends) would reside in Germany! You are absolutely gorgeous, my friend, inside and outside *grin*. I thank you for all of your help, all of your kind words of support and encouragement, and, most importantly, this fabulous and fun friendship! You are an absolute doll. I love you.
One of my role models, and, always, an inspiration to me. Your talents are outstanding, and your blog and posts give me the inspiration and encouragement to keep reaching for my goals. You are also a fantastic friend, and I thank you.
Your relationship with your daughters is so very special. You have a wonderful talent for writing, and I thank you for your friendship and support.
Inspirational, beautiful, and loving - those words describe you.
A great person and mother, with an absolutely adorable son.
Ahhh, another one of my role models and inspirations. You are an amazing friend and person, Ann. I thank you for everything.
Your blog always brings a smile to my face (and often makes me choke on my beverage *grin*). You are a fabulous person and a great friend.
A great person and writer, with wonderful determination and spirit. Thank you for your friendship.
Smalltown RN
A fantastic, caring, and intelligent person, who is also a very special friend.
Your faith is inspiring and heart-warming. I thank you for taking the time to help me when I've needed it, and for the encouragement and friendship you have given me.
An amazing person, with wonderful talent and skill. You are a great friend, and I am so thankful I met you!
Your posts always teach me something, touch my heart, and make me smile. You truly are a one-of-a-kind and very special friend.
A great mom and special person who is energetic and puts 110% into everything.
I still think we should go on a photo shoot together, although we'd probably spend too much time talking and laughing and too little time taking photos. Hey, we'd have an absolute blast though!
A spectacular person, who puts up with my going on and on about my precious Cleveland Indians. You rock, Trav!
A truly considerate person and friend with a giant, generous heart. You touch so many people with your loving spirit. We are all lucky to know you.
Your blogiting (blog + writing) talent is beyond compare. Your post are fun, thought-provoking, and sincere. You are inspirational and amazing.
A very special person, whom I am so thankful to have met. You're a sweetheart, and I love you, my friend.
You have fantastic writing talent, and I'm always excited when I see a new post. Sometimes, the similarities in our lives are very uncanny, but it is also so encouraging to know that someone else has the same experiences and feelings and is able to relate. Your posts always bring out so many emotions for me, whether I'm laughing out loud or shedding tears.
A talented writer and photographer who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. You're a great person, and I thank you for all your support.
I SO want to grab my camera and come hang out at your place! I want to meet all your wildlife friends and sit with you in your office, chatting and watching the birds at your feeders.
You say you don't deserve the title "photographer", but your awesome talent proves otherwise. Not only are you a fantastic photographer, you have a spectacular spirit and personality. When I think of you, I think 'she's one awesome Chica' ;-)
I just recently discovered your blog, and I am SO thankful I did. You are also fantastically talented, as both a writer and a photographer. Your "Losing Me" post is one of the greatest posts I have ever read. I look forward to a long friendship with you.
Knowing you has made me a better person. Your generous and loving spirit and heart are beyond compare. You are proof that there is still good and love in this world. What more can I say than - I love you John-Michael.
You help and are good to my Tammy, and that makes you A-OK in my book (besides, you have a fantastic sense of humor and always make me laugh).
Vi's Biggest Fan
We've had many similar experiences in our lives, and it helps to know that someone else understands. You are beautiful, refreshing, and fun. You also have an amazing drawing ability. I'm so glad I met you!
Stacey (Real World Mom)
You are an absolute sweetheart through and through. Thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments. Now - get over there and give Maddie lots of smooches and belly rubs for me!
An amazing and inspirational person, whose blog always brings a smile to my face. You and I certainly need that giant ranch where all our animal friends could feel safe and loved and never be turned away. Thank you for sharing your friendship. Thank you also for sponsoring the fun contests and for treating me with such special prizes!
An awesome mother and great person. Your family is beautiful, as so are you.
An awesomely talented writer. You're a great person, and I am thankful to have met you, and grateful to you for sharing your writing and friendship with me.

More of my friends with fabulous blogs:
The Gal Herself
The Teach
Jen (This and That)

I am grateful for all of you. All I can say is "Thank you".

So, that, my friends, is my 500th post.




I am honored, yes HONORED, to be listed with so many other wonderful bloggers.

I am also honored, yes HONORED, to be your friend. You are so warm and caring, compassionate and loyal. Your sense of humor cracks me up. Your photos are amazing. Your dogs are my step-dogs.

I can't begin to tell you how much our friendship has meant to me. You have been there for me when nobody else was.. and I can be quite scary at times. (Grin.)

So, here's to you, my friend. Stay true to yourself. Don't let the funsuckers in the world get you down. :)

Mom Knows Everything

Misty what can I say? I am so honored to be your friend. I can't even express how much your friendship means to me. You have always bee there for me and have never judged me. You always know just what to say to cheer me up and how to make me laugh, whether it's your gangster impersonation or just by saying "hi hi hi". I don't know what I would do without you and I consider myself truly blessed to call you my friend!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

"Cathy" is such a common name, I always have to click to see if someone is actually talking about me.

You were! And thanks!

For including me in your list and for the many wonderful posts and photos AND pieces of yourself that you share daily!



Wow Misty! This is indeed an excellent post. Thank you for including me as well. You really did make your 500th post a big hit. Excellent. Have a great day pal. :)


When I open my Self up ... and take, yet another 'risk' on a topic, or thought that has potential to 'raise a brow' or create a challenge to some other perspective or view of life ... I wait. With breath held, and in anxious hesitation, I wait ... hoping to see one of a very few names appear on the 'comment' page. Your name, my Darling Friend, is one of those names that I nervously hope to see. "Will she recognize what I am trying to say?" Will she feel the depth of emotion and significance that I intend to convey?" "Have I communicated my point?" "Did I make myself clear?"

All are questions and concerns that I know will be laid to rest ... one way or another ... by your insightful, caring, gentle, and kind assessment of my attempts to communicate what is on my heart. And you are always a supportive and encouraging Friend in your giving of your honest and genuine Self to me. You are now entwined in me. You are part of the weave of me. I cherish, respect, and honor all that I have come to know as YOU. And am grateful for your enhancement of my life.

Quite simply, I love you, Misty. and am humbled and joyful with your embracing of me. We bees so Cool!

david mcmahon

What a wonderful klandmark for you - and what an amazing, unselfish way to celebrate it.

I know some of the bloggers on your list and I could not agree more with your citation.

Thank you for including me in such august company.

God bless


Susan Demeter

Congratulations on your 500th post!!! What a terrific way to honour your friends :) Cheers!


Misty - what can I say? CONGRATULATIONS on your 500th post and what a post! I read every one of those tributes (not just mine) and you have put so much effort into each and every one. Thank you for your kind words. I am truly shocked that you think my photos are good but that inspires me to post more.

I agree with you 110% about how blog friends help - in fact I have posted on it yesterday. I am so touched by your kind words and they mean so much. Here's to a great and long friendship.

The sunset photos are brilliant. Good luck with the new "employers". *Word of caution - if the accent is that strong you didn't realised you'd been hired, is it a good idea to work for them? You could end up doing anything! lol* Go careful! ;0)


This is the best 500th post ever!

I feel so blessed to be counted among your friends. I hope you know how much I love you! I always look forward to your posts and your pictures and your sweet and funny comments. The world is a brighter place now that I know you're in it!

Travis Cody

Wow girl! What a terrific idea for a milestone post!

Happy 500!

**tosses confetti and flaming walnuts while juggling leprechauns and singing in the rain**

Dallas Meow

an AWESOME group - some I know, some I must go check out!


What a lovely tribute. I am pleased to be listed among your friends. It is people like yourself that encourage me to keep blogging.


thanks not forgot me :D Congratulation for your 500th post.


Congratulations on your 500th post! You made me cry! I am so proud to call you my friend! I love you, Honey (and so does Maddie)!!


Maddie says to thank you for all the bellie rubs and hugs! She is a fan for life now! :-)


That was a wonderful #500 Misty.
Thank you.

i beati

whata special 500th / big time thanks from all

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Congratulations on your 500th post, Misty - and I am honored that I was included! I am in good company, that's for sure! I think it's awesome you grouped Stacey, Jen/Gi, D.., and me together - we're like the Fab 4!

You are a beautiful person, Misty - I'm so glad I've gotten to know you!


500 posts? My God missus you can talk! Only joking honey. :)

I can't tell you how very proud I am to be counted as one of your friends. Everything you said about me applies to you honey x 100

Bless you and long may you continue posting. xx


Mist, after reading your latest post and then coming down here for this, it's bittersweet! You cannot leave the blogosphere, dear girl, you cannot. What you said, better than I deserve, but thank you and know I am blessed by your friendship. And you're right, JenGi, D and B/S are incredibly specialy women, I'm with you, grateful to know them all. Happy 500. xoxoxoxoxo and an extra xo


Aw really got me choked up. You are such a blessing to so many people. And you're so creative in so many ways...but to do this for your 500th post was over the edge...awesome! I'm honored to have you as a friend and THRILLED to be grouped with other Fab 4!

Tons and tons of love your way!

Hey it's

What a wonderful idea for a 500th post. I'll have to remember it when I get there... It is so fun meeting new people through blogging! Congratulations!


**sniff, sniff** Aw, Misty, thank you. I get so lonely in the "real" world, it's nice to know that someone out there thinks of me. Congrats on your 500th post & I'm so glad you popped by my blog all that time ago. I passed my 500th sometime back without fanfare. Just realized I missed my blogoversary too, but I know that despite all of my blather, I'd be crushed if you didn't pop by now & then to keep me company. You're a real sweetie. ((((((((hugs))))))))

The Gal Herself

Congratulations on your milestone and thanks for including me in this prestigious group! The pleasure of meeting you (and Maggie) has been all mine.

I sometimes think that we bloggers are more genuine with one another through cyberspace than we are with those we meet day to day …


Thank you so much, Misty, for including me in this list of some really great bloggers. I am honored and touched (and not just in the head!).

Looking forward to the next 500 posts and lots of more gorgeous pictures!

Mimi Lenox


I am so touched by this post. The fact that you would take your own celebration and honor other people is a testament to your character. That is why we love you!

I am so fortunate to have you as a blogging friend. Isn't it amazing how close we feel to people we've never met? Thank you.
I will cherish this post.



Congratulations on 500 posts. I love to come here everyday. I enjoy what you have to say and how you say it. You are very deserving of all these friends, because you are a good friend.

Keep up the great work.


What a beautiful tribute to your blogging buddies! A great way to celebrate 500 posts.

Heart of Rachel

This is such a magnificent tribute Misty. I'm very touched to be included in your list. Thank you for the beautiful words. I'm glad to have met you through blogging and it's been wonderful getting to know you more.

Sorry haven't been here lately. We were out of town last weekend. We had a wonderful time at Ocean Adventure. Hope you saw the photos when you visited my blog earlier. Take care.


Congrats on your 500th post! What a cool idea for it! I'm so glad to be included in your list, thank you so much. The blogging world is a great way to get to know people and experience their world, isn't it?

This was a seriously great idea for a 500th post!!


Congrats and thanks Misty. I'm not always the best blogger, but I didn't delete my blog. I decided to post a few more things and see how it goes.

What can I say, I'm both slow and wishy washy.


Happy 500th post! I feel like I'm arriving late to the party. Truly thank you. I feel honored to know you and to be grouped as a Fab 4 with the other awesome ladies. You are such a support to me. I always feel you cheering me & the kids on and being sympathetic to our needs.

Thank you. Here's to the NEXT 500 posts!


Aw, bless you, thank you for including me in that very special post. I'm very touched and honoured. Congratulations on your 500th post. I hope we see at least another 500 posts from you - this year! And the same for many more years to come. Thanks for your support and friendship, and my apologies for not being able to follow up on comments very well at the moment. This old machine is driving me insane(r)! Take care.

Misty Dawn, I'm so proud of you and dazed by the kind words you said about me. Wow! 500th post- and I thought three hundred and something was impressive. That's amazing and you ought to celebrate.

Congrats, and I wish you many many more...

Love and hugs~


Kelly Ann

Holy wowzers, you made my night! Thanks a bunch, you deserve all the praise you dish. :D

Crazed Nitwit

Dang woman! I would have joined the party earlier if I had been aware it was going on! Thanks for the wonderful comments. About everyone. It was a great read and I'm happy to say I know most of these folks. :)

Now let's talk about you: loyal, supportive, sweet, kind, caring, prayerful, honest, loving, I could go on. Not to mention a total hottie! Personally I found nothing offensive or inappropriate about your picture of yourself. You're just as beautiful outside as we all know you are on the inside.

Major Huggles.


*sniff* Happy 500th post, girlfriend!
Here´s to the next (at least) 5,000!

I love you from the bottom of my pregnant butt - thank you so much for all the wonderful things you said about me. YOU are the one who´s beautiful inside and outside. You made my day, as usual *g*

I´m deeply honored to be in such great company! ♥

P.S.: How about adding some tissues to the post??? I could need them right now.


Thank you so much for mentioning me in your list of friends! I appreciate it my friend. I'm so glad there's someone out here who is just as crazy about dogs (and photography) as I am. You ROCK girl. And congrats on the 500th post.

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