Friday, April 4, 2008

Crying Over Lost Moments

(c) Misty DawnS

See that woodpecker up there? Well, I would like to publicly thank it for allowing me to take its photo and for staying there so I could get closer to get an even better shot. Also, Dear Woodpecker, it is not your fault that I sat down on that stump and started crying.

(c) Misty DawnS

I think taking too many photos of me last night killed my camera. I guess the camera is used to me being behind it and not in front of it. Because now, it keeps coming up with a system error. If I turn the camera off, pop the battery and put it back in, and turn the camera back on, it will work, but I also lose the picture that I just took. This began happening every once in a while. Now, it's happening every time I go out to shoot photos. So, yes, when that precious woodpecker sat so still and beautiful and allowed me to walk up close to get a spectacular shot before it decided to fly away... and then I saw that dreaded "system error" flashing on my screen... I just sat myself down on a stump and cried. Yes, I may sound like I'm being a big baby over something little, but I don't care.


Mom Knows Everything

I figured out the problem with your camera Misty! You're so beautiful that it only wants to take pictures of you from now on. No woodpeckers, no sky, just you....come can you blame it?

I hope you get it figured out and fixed soon!

Love Ya you hot dork!

Mimi Lenox

My Lord! You are beautiful dear. Just lovely.

(and the woodpecker ain't bad....)
But you're gorgeous!


Wow! you look gorgeous :)

Yep, that camera's working mighty fine!


Misty - I would cry too! It's called frustration! And the others are right - you are so pretty!

Hope you sort the problem soon. And thanks Woodpecker for staying still. It let us see another great shot from Misty!


I feel your frustration Misty Dawn. I wish I knew enough about cameras to help you figure it out. I'm sorry. :( {{{hugs}}

As I said on your other blog, love the pictures!

Ron's YOU!!!!

The REAL Misty Dawn!!!

I'm ALWAYS wrong when it comes to picturing people in my mind about what they look like. You're very beautiful, really! But somehow I pictured you with long, dark straight hair! Thanks for posting this, it's nice to see a FACE behind the blog.

Unfortunately, I really AM George what you see is what I look like! My wife Jane, daughter Judy, and my boy Elroy...all look the same too!


Hey listen, I just wanted to tell you on this comment, that your photos of the cemetery are FREAKING fabulous!!! I happen to have a strange attraction to cemetery's and will sometimes take walks through them. These photos reminded me of Tim Burton's film "Nightmare Before Christmas."

Thank you for sharing, Misty. I really enjoyed them!


Hokey smoke, Bullwinkle! Were you posing for a calendar of Misty Dawn shots because you could most definitely pull one off! The men would be lining up with money in hand in droves.

As for crying over the lost shot of the woodpecker ... yep, that's called frustration but the shot you got was very nice, too. Hope you get whatever is wrong fixed soon so that you can take even more gorgeous pictures.

Chelsea + Shiloh

Yep Misty I know just how you feel...My camera is barely hanging in there...I smile as I do the battery thing too... and it always seems to pack it in when I'm trying very hard at something like you and your little woodpecker...

the last thing I can afford at the moment is a new move over on that stump cause i might be crying with you soon ...x

Travis Cody

Hello gorgeous!

I wish I could help with the camera problem, but I'm just a simple tech igit. Good luck!


It's a sign. Have you ordered that new camera yet?

Oh, you are so hot! Let's put together that Misty Dawn calendar and raise some funds.

Crazed Nitwit

Totally nothing like I expected you to look. Dayam girl! You are fine!(not that I expected ugly)

Your oversized heart shines through, thanks for all your support, prayers and love.



I don't think it something little. It is exactly the kind of thing that would make me sit down and cry too. (((hugs)))

You are gorgeous!

Kelly Ann

Well aren't you just the cutest thing! :)

That really bites about your camera, if you still have the warranty, I would send it in to get fixed or something. Either that, or it's time for a new one!


Nothing wrong with that camera if it takes photos like that one of you - Fabulous!

Mom Knows Everything

Since I'm your BBFF and manager I get a cut of the profits off the Misty Dawn calendar right?


I so hope these beautiful photos are not the last ones taken with your camera. I´ll keep my fingers crossed you´ll get the problem fixed... I´d miss my daily dose of Misty´s Photos badly. :)

I know, I know... I´m going to repeat myself here, but: You are ab-so-lute-ly GORGEOUS!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

You are adorable!

And I love that shot of the elusive woodpecker.

bundle-o-contradictions nice! You're talkin' about my friend! I hope your camera decides to be more cooperative very soon.


Misty, What kind of camera is it?
It could be your memory card. I had an issue with a new CF card last spring and kept getting an error code... I think 101, or something like that. Anyway, it ended up being my card. check into that.

Heart of Rachel

You're very lovely. I'm sorry to hear about the error on your camera. Hope the problem will be fixed.


Umm...hello? Misty-Camera=Unhappy. Of course you'd cry and so would I. I love my camera too and would react in exactly the same way! However, I wouldn't be taking no pics of myself like that because I ain't no pretty little thing like you. I would most certainly scare everyone away and break the camera too. Hope it's cleared up or that you've been able to find a deal on a new one...hint.

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