Monday, April 21, 2008

Heads or Tails *Direction* - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

At our going away party, before moving to the new state, a very dear friend of mine, whom I refer to as my second father, asked, "Are you going to have an address out there?"

"Yep." I replied.

"Do you want to expand on that?" he asked.

I got my 'I'm rotten to the core and totally sarcastic' grin on my face and replied, "It's 1234 Highway Middle of Nowhere. Just turn left at the cow."

He pretty much called me a smart a*s and started laughing.

When my dad and I were making the trip to move me out here. We were just coming through an adjoining town, and there ahead of us was a giant cow. A great big giant cow standing in front of the town's auction barn. I burst out laughing and told my dad about my conversation with my second dad (dad wasn't at the going away party, but he could fully respect my sarcasm to my second dad, because my dad and second dad are best friends.... was that confusing?). My dad just got this big grin on his face and said, "Guess what Mist. You need to turn left here to head to your house!"

We were laughing so hard that we had to pull over to the side of the road before we could continue on our journey.

Now, whenever I work at the insurance company, I pass that cow. I always think of my dad and me sitting in the car laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our face, and it always makes me smile, as I "turn left at the cow" to head back to my house :-)


Mom Knows Everything



Now that is one great story, Misty!!

Feel any better yet?


LOL. You are funny. I use to live in the middle of .... well Yours is funnier.


That was a great story! You'll probably laugh about that one for a long time.


That is the funniest true story I've heard in ages! GREAT post! Happy HoT!


Juliana RW


Will you visit mine Thanks


Great directions! That's so funny..


Loved hearing that story Mist. I always enjoy living vicariously through you and your wonderful relationship with your dad. xoxo

PS--how're you feeling?

Chelsea + Shiloh

That was great story Misty Dawn...gave me smile..ta


cool post


LOL Great post! Thank you for my morning smile.


Perfect. Hilarious!!!

My oldest son used to laugh at how I gave directions because I never knew the names of streets and such. Then came a time when I had to give him directions from one side of the state to another.. and I emailed him how to get there.

My directions included turning where Old Mrs. Stout used to live etc. He thought it was hilarious and shared it with his friends. :)

Jersey - The Furry Diva

HA! There it is AGAIN!!! The cow my hooman mommy mentioned... and I didn´t find it... yet. But I will... someday...




I so SO S-O hope to turn left at that cow one day =)

Love ya ♥


Hahahahahaha!!! Very phunnie sign this morning and wonderful real life anecdote! I did something playfully similar at Small Reflections, though I definitely let myself get carried away ;--)

Hope you’re feeling better today.
Hugs and blessings,


Absolutely funny! Love it!


Haha! That reminds me of when one of my sisters was living in Mississippi and me and another sister were trying to find her house for the first time, at night. With directions very similar to "turn left at the cow"

Happy HoT!! :)


Funny. Reminds me of the "Squeeze Left" signs they have in Canada!


Yeah that could almost be my address now for a few more minutes -- too funny I love it.
Great HorT post, mine is up @ The Cafe if you'd like to pop in.


Oh, wow. That's just a fantastic tale! I love it. Thanks for the :)


That's a great story Misty!

Hey it's Amy Benson

Holy COW! That is freakin hillarious :D


That is the best story!! I'm sure that cow sign continues to bring a smile every time you see it.

Kelly Ann

Little moments like that are the best memories to keep. Cherish it. It was hilarious. :)

Inspiration Alley

Very funny. Great interpretation.

Travis Cody

That's hilarious!


Are you psychic or what? Isn't that one heck of a coincidence?

And so funny.


You must not be too far from me, cuz I turn at the second cow. *lol*


That is a great direction. You should have saved it until next week when the topic is unusual or funny signs. Thanks for popping over to my blog

Heart of Rachel

That's an amusing story. Amazing how a coincidence can bring back happy memories.

Susan Demeter

What a fun story, I enjoyed reading it :)


oh, that's good!


Good thing I know which way is left, so I'll be heading the right direction when I come to that cow.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

that is one of the funniest stories I had heard in a while .
I can remember those directions too.

My WW is up
My Little Drummer boys


Hahahaha that is sooo funny. I enjoyed reading it. ^.^
Directions oh directions... love this theme.
Thanks for dropping by & leaving your message/comment.
I hope to see you again dear HoTtie. :)


How ironic! Great story. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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