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Heads or Tails *Express*

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Today's topic is Heads - Express. Well, you'd be really disappointed if I didn't have a story to tell, wouldn't you. Yeah, just shake your head and make me feel better about my obsessed story telling. Pretend like you like it. hehe

As you know, my grandparents raised me. Well, when I was growing up, my grandpa used to tell my dad, "I just want to be sure she is able to express herself." Grandpa was certainly good at expressing himself; although, we usually called it 'the gift-of-gab'. I can remember being sent outside when he would be talking with a customer who had come to buy lumber. "Grampa, Gramma sent me to get you, cuz it's time for dinner.".... .... .... "Grampa! Gramma is gonna get mad if dinner gets cold!".... .... .... "Grampa! Please don't make me go back in there without you! I'm supposed to be bringing you with me!" hehehe - I love both of them more than I can possibly express to you. ANYWAY, Last week, I would have certainly made my grandpa proud, because I was involved in a half-hour long conversation, and I didn't even understand half of what was said.

There is a couple here in the new county who own quite a bit of land and an equipment dealership. In fact, they own the land across the road where I always photograph deer. Anyway, they are from Argentina. They are a fantastic and friendly couple, and I am always touched, because whenever they drive by when I am walking down the road with my camera in hand, they stop to talk to me. Here's the hitch - they have very strong accents. Well, to them, I'm probably the one with an accent. Anyway, a lot of the time, I have trouble understanding what they are saying to me. So, I don't want to offend my new friends, and I just smile and nod a lot. Well, last week, I was on a sunset-photo-walk, and they stopped to talk to me. Apparently, I agreed to work for them and didn't even know it!

You see, I came home in the dark after our roadside conversation, and told my husband about running into to them and always feeling embarrassed because I stink at understanding people with accents. The next day, Hubs went to their equipment dealership to purchase a part he needed.

The owner of the dealership turned to his wife and asked, "Do you know who this is?" She replied that she didn't. So, he introduced Hubs to her. According to Hubs, she immediately got a huge smile on her face and replied, "OH! Your wife is coming to work for us!" Hubs quickly figured things out and asked, "Oh really? Ummmmm So, when does she start?"

Apparently, I'm expressing myself when I don't even realize it!

Oh, and you didn't think I'd end this post without expressing myself in my most favorite manner of expression, did you? This is what I was photographing when this friendly couple, who are apparently my new employers, pulled up and started talking with me.
(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

What will this mean for my blogging? I'm not really sure yet. I'll know more tomorrow, after I have gone to talk to them about the details. I'm not willing to give up the friends I have found here (see my previous post) or blogging. So, one way or another - you're stuck with me. Tomorrow, I will discuss what is exactly expected of me, what the hours would be, and what the pay would be. Honestly, if the pay is not enough, with the price of gas now, I can't afford to be driving there and back each day just so I can say "I have a 'real' job." So, we'll just have to see. Hmmmm, I wonder if they have leather office chairs. I guess that's a little much to expect for a farm equipment shop, huh? *sigh*

By the way - My friends - PLEASE read my previous post. I put forth extra effort to make sure my 500th post was extra-special.



I'm very interested to see how it all works out. I can honestly say it sounds like something I'd do. (of course) Happy Tuesday! :)

Susan Demeter

What an "expressive" story lol! :) Thanks for the smiles and Happy HOT day!

Mom Knows Everything

Beautiful pictures once you ever take a crappy picture? Me love you and sorry for napping earlier.


I can't wait to find out what you've gotten yourself into. LOL!!!

I love the way the clouds seem to be sweeping across the sky in the first picture. :)


beautiful, Misty! I haven't seen a gold sunset in ages (if ever!).

Dallas Meow

sounds fun!
LOOOOOVE those photos!


I hope you are able to express yourself clearly about not working for them. I love those photographs, we just don't get sunsets like that.


Good for you, you got a job without even trying!! I'm still waiting to hear on the job I interviewed for, they said I'd be notified either way.... tapping my foot.... :)

Juliana RW

Love your pics. Awesome....

My “express” in here Thanks

Le Butterfly

hehehehe love the story.
Well wishes on the new direction your life is taking.
I love sunsets.
Great photos.


Good luck with that!!! :)


Oh, how I love those dramatic looking skies! Good luck for the job, perhaps it is possible to work part time, not a few hours each day but just two or three days a week – would be better for the gas. Waiting for your news.


Sounds like Life is ushering You into a new 'door' of opportunity without you even being aware of the presence of a door there, or having to knock. Kinda nice to be looked after by such a caring "Doorman." And you deserve no less. I am anxious to hear more about where this leads.

Loving You ...


Self expression is important for all of us... and you've expressed very well here. Wishing you a great week.


haha, good work getting a job without even knowing it! :P xx

Hootin' Anni

Well.....let me tell you....You'd better stop nodding!!! Who knows what the hubby down the lane from Argentina will expect of you next!! rofl

the sunset photos are breathtaking!!!!

My "Express" is posted. Here's the permalink to make it easier to find...

Come Visit Me Here - Express

i beati

everything happens the way its supposed to and for a reason??


"I'm expressing myself when I don't even realize it!"

so very true for most of us :)


LOL I can't wait to hear what you will be doing! :)


Oh my stars! Only you, Mist, could walk away from a conversation with a job....and not even know it!!!! Is this a good thing? What will you be doing? Can you take your laptop with? And lastly, congratulations, girl, (if you're happy about it, that is) xoxo


Those are beautiful pictures! Good luck on your new job. :-)


Very funny story. Hope the job works out - or doesn't, whichever is best. Your photos are GLORIOUSLY EXQUISITE.

peppylady (Dora)

What a lovely story.


Great expressions. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today.

I just want to let ya know that I've added you to my fav blogs list.

Hugs, &hearts Sonny


I'm so happy you visited my very first Heads or Tails today at Small Reflections. Thanks for your comments and the link back here. Your post is wonderful from beginning to end ... most expressive!

Congratulations on you 500th post! It took me almost a week to write my 100 Things About Me when I got to my 100th ;--)

I've bookmarked it so I can return to visit the bloggers you've written of so eloquently here as time permits. Lovely ...
Hugs and blessings,


I love the way you express yourself with those sunset shots. Just so you know - I'm not tired of them yet.

Good luck with the new job. :P


LOVE! the golden skies in your pictures!

Smalltown RN

There's an award waiting for you over at my place.....


How wonderful that you grandparents fostered an ability in you to express yourself. That is probably the number thing I thank my parents for doing for me.

I hope this job thing works out well for you also. I just want you to be happy and contented...


Those photos are amazing. I enjoyed your HoT post. Very expressive!

Heart of Rachel

Hi. This is a wonderful post. I think it was cute how persistent you were in asking your grandpa to come with you for dinner.

It's amusing how you ended up with a new job. Sounds exciting. Hope you enjoy your new job. Looking forward to learning more about it.

Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.


What a funny story. The whole time I was in Japan I found myself in situations where I was in over my head in conversations, so I can relate.

Beautiful pictures!

Travis Cody

Good for you! And those pictures are fantastic!

Mary Beth

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! I'm the same way with accents and I'm always too embarrassed to admit it during the conversation. I've never come away with a job though - good luck with yours:)


That's pretty exciting, I'm thinking and the photos are glorious, as always!


How funny!! I wonder what you'll be doing. Can't wait to come back and find out.
Love the photos!! Happy HoT :)


I love hearing your recollections about your grandparents. It sounds like they took such good care of you. Oh - and congratulations on your new job! I hope it doesn't involve anything too unpleasant.

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