Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heads or Tails *Memory*

Some of my favorite memories with Hubs are from when we attended Bon Jovi concerts. We have been to three of their concerts so far - Columbus, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Please excuse my hurried post, I've got to run off to work.



I love that song!
I have never been to a Bon Jovi concert so I think you have been very fortunate.

It goes well with my own entry!
If you want a real good laugh, stop on by to my Memory.


Bon Jovi=YUM!


Good song! Thanks for sharing. I've not had the pleasure of attending a Bon Jovi concert, but would like to someday.
Hugs and blessings,


I saw BonJovi in Manchester a few years ago - Fantastic!

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. I was here earlier and realized I posted the wrong theme. I already edited it.

Bon Jovi has many nice songs that I like. Thanks for sharing this video clip.


I have never heard him live..must be real fun :)

Mom Knows Everything

OMG....he is so H-O-T HOT!!!


Concerts good. Autumn like concerts. :)



Nikki Neurotic

I'm ashamed to admit that I am a Jersey girl, yet, not really a big fan of Bon Jovi.

Travis Cody

Sorry...I accidentally signed Mr Linky although I'm not participating. I just came from a Manic Monday post and I just clicked Enter mindlessly.

I remember my first Bon Jovi cassette. I wore the thing out and had to get another one!


ohh i love bon jovi too...:)


I like Bon Jovi, but I've never seen them in concert. That would be fun.


Great song!
I have never seen him life in a concert.
I bet he's great!!

Want to read about one of my memories:


Have a great day!


I don't think I have ever heard Bon Jovi

Mary Beth

Oh Yeah! That's one of our Jersey Boys right there! My day is always a little better when there's some Bon Jovi in it:)


I can't watch it (my computer is wonky) but I'm sure they are great memories for you guys.

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