Monday, April 14, 2008

Heads or Tails *Tip & Rhymes with Tip*

Heads or Tails has its very own home now! If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the awesome new HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme!

Today's topic is Heads - Tip, or Tails - Anything that rhymes with tip.

So, I'm going to give you an inside sports betting tip...

You can thank me later...

Myspace Comments - Cleveland Indians

Here's something else you can thank me for later...

Grady Sizemore

Franklin Gutierrez

Ryan Garko
Ummmm... ladies... there's a little drool on your lip. Don't let it slip onto the keyboard :-)


Mom Knows Everything

I think I'm going to be watching a lot of baseball this year. They wear those tight pants eh?

Chelsea + Shiloh

Misty ...Have no ideas who these guys are but make nice eye candy...x


That first guy is pretty hot.


Yeah, buddy! Those are some HoTTIES! Great HoT!


Happy HoT Tuesday! This is a hot HoT, haha.


Whoof!! Have a happy week.


*blush* I wasn't drooling. *innocent*

Go Indians! I went to school in Cleveland... several years ago. I don't know what the players looked like back then. You can't see them well from the "nosebleed" seats.


Hootin' Anni

drool....are you kiddin' me? I'm hyperventilating!!!! Wow, no WONDER baseball is my favorite sport.

Right now, my heart, the beats it skips...for these stars I could flip....and so much more....Let 'er rip!!!!

Great HoT

Hootin' Anni

Now for what I REALLY wanted to type....

PLAY BALL takes on a whole new meaning.

Juliana RW HOT in here :D

Will you visit my “tip“ Thanks


Hi Misty,

If you have time, check out my post today,At my brother‘s wedding day, thanks.

Sandy Kessler

are they like the best looking tteam ever?????


They're unknown to me, but they look marvellous!

Welcome at my heads or tails:

:: here::

Have a great day!


Very nice 'tip' ;--)

I notice you've got the same NaBloPoopedMo puppy in your sidebar that I do. It cracks me up every time I see it! Your 'thank yous' for 'critter photos' are precious.

I've done the 'flower' quiz a few times ... sometimes I'm a 'daisy' while other times I'm 'snapdragon' like you.

My 2nd HoT is up at Small Reflections!

Hugs and blessings,

Christie O.

yum. i love me a baseball player.


A little drool???
I washed away my notebook *ggg*

Jersey - The Furry Diva

Ooooh... I guess that´s what my hooman mommy calls "eyecandy"... *g*

peppylady (Dora)

I kept it under control.


Very very Niiiiice post Misty. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I promise to be a better blogging buddy!!!


Oh My! Great Tips!


Is that right what Tammy said - baseball guys wear tight pants? What channel is it on?


Hmmm...the only good thing about sports (in my world) is the pretties. hee hee

Susan Demeter

Nice eye-candy! Woo Hoo! HOT day indeed!


Great pics to make me drool. So is the inside sports betting tip to bet on the Indians? I gotta tell bf, since he is the betting man-lol! Thanks so much for visiting mine

Have a great day!


Thank you...for sure...thank you!

And I don't even like baseball...


Mm - mmmmm. Nice eye candy. Thank you!

The Egel Nest

The fact that we can remain such good friends...knowing how much of an Indians fan you are..and knowing how much the White Sox are a part of OUR life...shows how much we love

The Egel Nest

PS I apologize for my absentee blog visitation...the beautiful wife just got back into town tonight...and it was very busy in the nest!

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. Cute guys like them certainly make baseball more interesting. :)

I'm not sure if you do this kind of tags, but if you have time, I tagged you here. Thanks.


Low whistleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wow. Okay clearly I need to give baseball another look-see. Thanks for the smile pasted on my face now, Mist. xoxo


He's pretty. I don't know anything about baseball though.


Good tip, but I wouldn't count out the Detroit Tigers this year just yet.

Travis Cody

So I can guess're a Reds fan, right?

**ducks swinging baseball bat**

Sorry! Just a lil early season joshing!




Yes, pretty boys all. But not as pretty as Manny from the BoSox!! :-)

See you at pitcher's mound!!


Um, Yum.

However, I think *my* Brad Ausmus could put them to shame. ;)

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