Saturday, April 12, 2008

Joffrey's Coffee and Teas

As you know, I'm a creature of habit and routine. I like to have a plan. Therefore, if I stick to the same routine, I won't feel like I'm 'outta whack'.

Here's my morning routine. First I wake up; then, I crawl out of bed and pull my hair up in a clip or ponytail, because it usually looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet while I was sleeping; Next, I grab the laptop (Yes, last thing I do before going to sleep is shut the laptop down - yeah, yeah, 'addiction'... I know) and wander out into the living room. I power on the laptop (so it will be ready as soon as I sit down) and go to the kitchen to make coffee. The coffee brews while I get the dogs fed, and then I'm ready to sit down and enjoy my coffee while checking e-mails and blogging. Generally, I have two cups of coffee each morning, and Hubs has one. So, I make about half of a pot of coffee each morning and that provides our morning cups-of-pick-me-up.

Recently, I was lucky enough to get a sample of coffee for free. FREE!!! I didn't have to pay a penny!!! Do you know what coffee costs out here in Podunk? Trust me, you don't wanna know! Did I mention that I got some coffee for free? It was yummy too. Here, let me tell you about it...

Joffrey's makes gourmet coffees and teas. So, when I was offered to try their coffee called Jamaican Me Crazy, I jumped at the chance. Jamaican Me Crazy is a medium roast coffee with caramel, vanilla, and coffee liquor flavoring. It was yummy! I love trying out different flavored coffees. So, this was a real treat. I immediately sensed the coffee liquor flavoring, which almost gave the coffee just a hint of a mocha or chocolate touch, which is just fine with me, since I'm a coffee liquor and chocolate fan! I was also very pleased with the amount of flavor. You see, I was given this coffee maker awhile ago, and I can't stand the thing because it really makes weak coffee. Seriously, you should see the steps I have tried to produce a pot of coffee that tastes like coffee rather than water. So, when I was making the Jamaican Me Crazy coffee, I was worried that my coffee pot would make it taste like water. However, I was very pleased with the full flavor and aroma that was created.

As I said, Joffrey's makes a huge variety of flavored coffees and teas. I just happen to know that most of us bloggers tend to love either coffee or tea, or sometimes both. So, if you like trying different flavors, you will certainly want to visit their website. If you are like me, though, you'll have a hard time choosing. I think I narrowed it down to three of their flavors I would LOVE to try. There is Chocolate Raspberry (because I ♥ chocolate, and I ♥ raspberries), Cinnamon Twist (coffee that tastes like a Snickerdoodle cookie? I'm all for that!), or French Silk Pie (a blend of chocolate and vanilla. Yummmmmmy). They also offer iced coffee blends, which is something I love. My boss used to get me an iced coffee for a treat every now and then, and I was over the moon!

Trust me, if you visit this website, you will feel like you just found coffee and tea Heaven!



Your mornings sound like mine. Coffee and all. All these different choices sounds yummy. Have a great weekend. :)


That sounds really good. When I was on vacation, I was drinking three or four cups a day (usually I'm a one cup girl)....and I think now I'm feeling the effects of going back to my old habits. Too bad I don't have that coffee here with me now!


Sounds like we have almost the same morning routine on my days off with the exception of pulling my hair up as even though it looks like the Wrath of God, it isn't long enough to pull into anything so I just run a brush through it!

Those coffees sound absolutely marvelous! Now I think I need a cup myself ...

Jane Hards Photography

I'm a black coffe stand a spoon in it kind of a woman ,but they do sound good.

Thanks for stopping by so i could find your blog.


You make coffee BEFORE you log on??? You're no addict. *snicker*


Did you say Chocolate Raspberry??? OOOOOOOOH... I. Want. Some.

Travis Cody

I manage to wait to power up the laptop until I finish getting dressed. I usually spend about 25 minutes checking stuff before I leave for the office.

And I've sccessfully given up coffee for the spring and summer!

Zojirushi 1 Cup Coffee Machines

Wow ! your daily routine is pretty awesome . I to have a cup of coffee in morning & evening before I hit the gym . Coffee is always a good substitute for Tea . The recipes you have mentioned here are very good & sound yummy . I will definately try them out. Thanks for sharing such nice & yummy info .

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