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I have a problem. Although, I must admit that I'm very hesitant to post it on here, because most people just laugh at me and ask, "Are you kidding me?" when I try to explain this problem. So, that has made me very leery about discussing this problem.

Ok, here goes - I am underweight. Go ahead - get it out of your system - say your "G, I wish I had that problem." or your sarcastic "Oh you poor thing." comments. But, it's true. It is a serious problem.

I had lost almost 15 pounds since we moved here in June. Now that I've been sick, I've lost a LOT more weight. My clothes don't fit me, and I look disgusting. I put my 'tight' jeans on yesterday, and they are now so baggy that I can pull them off without even unbuttoning them - and they used to be my TIGHT jeans!

Not only do my clothes not fit, but I look sickly, and being this underweight is unhealthy too. (I definitely won't be wearing any sexy lingerie any time soon.)

I've always struggled with trying to gain weight and then keep that weight on, if I do happen to gain some. I used to try to find expert advice telling me how to gain weight. However, I never had any success finding that advice, because being underweight isn't considered a problem. Everyone wants to help you lose weight, but if you say you want to gain weight, you get laughed at.

Since being sick, I'm afraid to get on the scales. I'm afraid to see how bad it is, because I know it's bad - I can feel my bones and know that my clothes don't fit. My husband has also noticed and has made many comments about it.

I realize that many of you probably stopped reading and are shaking your heads at me, thinking that I'm being ridiculous. But, honestly, this is a struggle for me. So, I guess I'm just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has this same problem. Or, if anyone has some advice for me.


Mom Knows Everything

I am willing to give you all the weight I lose on my diet. I guess I'm just going to have to come down there and do some good old fashioned fatting home cooking for you? I'll be there in about 15. Love ya!


I know this is a serious problem for some people. I am not a large person or a small person, so I have never had to work at either, as I am just happy with who I am.

My point is, this is a serious problem, but I don't know how to help. Have you tried to talk to your doctor about it?

The Gal Herself

What about all those carbs that I'm practically wearing on my hips? Would adding pasta and bread help?


Being underweight is as serious as being overweight. Have you been to the doctors about it Misty? I know when you've lost a lot of weight, especially if you've lost muscle, it can take a long time to get it back.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane

This can be just as serious as being obese, and you should definitely be concerned. Definitely talk to your doctor about what might be causing it. I'm not a medical professional, but my first question would be, have you had your thyroid checked? I've had thyroid issues for years, and take medicine every day to keep mine at an acceptable level. The thyroid gland controls metabolism, so yours could be in overdrive. Talk to your doctor though, and they can check yours with a simple blood test.


I agree that you should talk to your doctor about this issue. It's not good to be underweight or overweight. I had a friend that was underweight and she drank Ensure several times a day and instead of eating three times a day I think she did 6 small meals a day. I'm not sure she was under a doctors care (years and years ago), but she did slowly put on weight. I hope you get this resolved soon. Big hug. :)


Misty, I've always been thin, and when I broke my jaw and had it wired shut, I was really worried that I'd lose weight.

I talked to my nutritionist sister-in-law (if you want me to put you in touch with her, I will), who recommended adding protein to my smoothies (everything I ate during that time had to go through the blender). Her advice worked, as I maintained my weight during that 6 weeks.

So I recommend the following breakfast smoothie:
Mix together in a blender some vanilla Ensure, vanilla or plain yogurt, banana, and some frozen fruit. Ensure tastes horrible alone, but mixed with fruit it's just fine. Sorry no measurements here, but you just have to mix it to taste.

I don't know much about them, but there are weight gain powders available at GNC/nutrition stores that you might be able to mix in, too.


I am underweight as well. Ideally I should be around 125, but after having Jakey I got down to 110 because breastfeeding caused me to lose even more (I'm 117 now). I eat all the time, and love carbs and sugar, but I think I have a very fast metabolism. A doctor should be able to test to see if you have high metabolism or another problem, and if you can talk with a nutritionist I bet they could help you with a diet that could help you gain weight.

Nikki Neurotic

I have a few friends with the same problem-one especially has problems with it due to her lifestyle and the fact that she has a bad back. She drinks Ensure and tries keeping a high protein diet...but I don't think it works much for her.


I have the opposite problem, but I would suggest maybe drinking those high calorie shakes they recommend for older people. I know they contain a lot of the nutrients needed to keep you healthy.


{{{Misty}}} Let's look on the bright side. Once you start feeling better and have an appetite, the weight you have lost while being sick will come back, even if it takes a couple of months.

My hubby used to drink protein drinks for weight gain. Have you tried those? I recommend talking to a dr. before you do.

I do understand your worry tho. My daughter is thin & underweight". I worry about the same things for her.


I wasn't thinkin' any of that stuff! I wish I had suggestions for you. I gain weight by eating lots of fattening food & sitting on my butt 98% of the time. Somehow, I can't imagine you not out wandering around with a camera in your hand. ;) Please talk to your Dr. or ask for a referral. (((hugs)))

Lawn Mower Queen

Uh...#1 - You losing more weight is SCAR-Y! Are you eating? Being sick usually makes your appetite decrease. Maybe check into some high calorie supplements? I have no idea. As you know, gaining weight has never been a problem for me. I like being the best and I'm the best at that.

#2 - I'm telling my mommy.

#3 - I still love ya and miss you.


For health reasons, I think that there are times when being underweight it a lot worse than being overweight especially when you get sick and can't eat as you've got no resources to back you up.

I wish I had some good advice for you but I gain weight just looking at or smelling something good to eat. I figure at that point I've already gained the weight so I might just as well eat the thing and enjoy it!

Travis Cody

This has got to be really tough when you get sick, because you don't have any reserve...and so you get sick more often.

I have an above average athletic metabolism, so I have a little bit of an idea what you're going through. Although, I can generally maintain my weight pretty well.

Have you tried a nutritionist? You can do a lot of research online, and hopefully find some inexpensive ways to add the things you need to your diet. Read up on too.

Hang in there. I'm not laughing at you.


I used to be underweight due to heredity, but middle age hit and I finally hit normal weight. Now I can't eat all that I want anymore! But, if you are continuing to lose weight, you should be seen by a doctor and maybe a nutritionist. There are lots of high-calorie drinks and calorie boosters that can be mixed with your food.

Mimi Lenox

Nobody's laughing, Misty. It does sound like you need to get on a nutritionally balanced diet to give yourself some protein. I've struggled a bit with this issue myself in the past. It is NOT funny and if you have a high metabolism (like me) and then get sick on top of that, you can lose down to nothing in no time and that is not healthy at all.
Are you able to exercise? Just for overall fitness...not to lose.
Go to the doctor, Misty, and let him put you on a "gaining weight" diet.
Let us know how you're doing.

i beati

I empathize with you Misty . I know that extreme contentment and lack of worry makes pounds stay . It seems active people with a lot on their minds, and illness pay the price. Maybe it will even out soon..


I don't have this issue. I actually have about 75 more lbs to lose, however, this could be a serious issue.

Have you been tested for thyroid or autoimmune diseases?? What about Celiac Disease?? Crohn's or other stomache issues??

I hope you figure out why this is happening, I will be thinking about you.

Bradley's Mom


Please get yourself hooked up with a good nutritionist, so that you can get this under control.

You are right to be worried about it, and should definitely look into getting some help with fixing it!

It could be thyroid, it could be any number of causes....get checked out!!!

Lots of love to you!


Well, I think you've gotten a lot of good advice here, so I won't add to it, just adding my sympathy. I've had a few friends with the same issue, I don't know that either of them had success with what they did, do I wish you luck in finding something that works for you! (((HUGS)))
I tagged you for a meme on my blog.


Well, I think you've gotten a lot of good advice here, so I won't add to it, just adding my sympathy. I've had a few friends with the same issue, I don't know that either of them had success with what they did, do I wish you luck in finding something that works for you! (((HUGS)))
I tagged you for a meme on my blog.


ok, why do I always have issues when I post on your blog...I look like a spaz! Hahaha

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

I have this problem, too, Misty, and I totally understand thinking that people are unsympathetic about it! I weigh 100 pounds right now, and that is the most I have ever weighed (except when I was pregnant). I seem to be able to maintain that now, but in the past I have drank Ensure and protein shakes to put weight on. You've gotten some good advice here. Talk to your doctor, sweetie, and let us know how you're doing!

My granddaddy's advice to me was always: "Drink a beer every night!"


Like most peeps have said, go to see the doctor, they will be able to help and sort out the problem.
Try not to worry but please go --sonner sorted sooner feel better and happy.

Arkie Mama

My youngest sister has always struggled to put on weight and has often made the same complaint. Have you looked into thyroid issues?


i am so underweight too! and most of the time, i do have problem talking about it since nobody take me seriously! thanks for your post! the comments are overwhelming and very thoughtful. i have learned a lot!


I'm not laughing either. I have no idea what it's like to be underweight, however I know it can be a problem just like the overweight issue. I agree with the others, consult a nutritionist - try the protein powders, etc.


Nope, i definitely do not have this problem but I do sincerely sympathize with you. I hope that things look up soon for you.

Crazed Nitwit

I suggest a work up by an endocrinologist for being hyper thyroid. People who have this lack of balance in the TSH levels have difficulty gaining weight and their metabolism revs too fast. Or of you go to a general doc ask them to test you TSH, T3 and T4 levels.

I used to be too skinny...then I had kids. sigh. (wink)


Misty - sorry i've not been over in a few days. You are not being ridiculous. This is a serious problem and any one who ridicules it or laughs or says"lucky you" wants to try it. Your body is slowly starving itself to death and you can't stop it!
I have been underweight before. It is not nice. It is frightening. Unfortunately, i cannot advise how i stopped it because i suspect my weight loss is different to yours - mine was a genuine lack of funds to eat and stress. So i lost weight because i could not afford to eat (i fed my kids, not me).
Yours sounds like you lose weight despite eating. Go to a doc - like the last commenter said - but not just TSH and T4 T3 levels - full overhaul on the bloods - fasting sugar, LFTs, hormones, TFTs, U&Es, creatinine - everything. If doc is awkward - get 2nd opinion. or 3rd. or 4th.

In the meantime, use supplement drinks ("Ensure" or "Complan" or "Build up" here in UK - must be similar where you are)and mix them into puddings to thicken and add substance. Don't just eat fattening stuff - eat healthily. Little and often if you can't do blowouts. 6 small meals a day better than 3 blowouts then feeling ill. And drink plenty.
Stay OFF the scales until a week is up. Weigh weekly at same time. Weighing daily or more stresses you. Stress makes you lose weight! Circle and vicious - yes?
Keep your chin up. I am right there with you (when i get over to visit - sorry i've been busy. :-( Still think of you!)

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. I'm sorry to hear about your weight problem. I understand that such a big drop in your weight can be quite a concern. I hope that the problem can be corrected soon, perhaps through the guidance of a physician. Take care.

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