Saturday, April 5, 2008

On To Lighter Topics

OK - I'm coming out of hiding now, and I'm here to lighten the mood ;-) So, I'm going to post more photos of myself! Ahahahaha - just kidding!

So, let me tell you about some things that are helping me get back in a better mood, because I'm pretty excited about them!

First, you remember that hypothetical meme? Well, you didn't really think it was going to remain hypothetical did you? I mean - after the great response I received from my friends who feel sorry for me who said they would participate! Well, let's hope those weren't just 'hypothetical' agreements to participate!

Because, the hypothetical votes are in, and...
it looks like there will be a new Sunday meme...
Yes, it's purple, because, well... because I just can't help myself ;-)

It will be hosted at I doubt that I will have it ready for tomorrow... I've got a lot of work to do on the blog still. But, I'm going to do my best to get it ready as soon as possible.

For anyone who is wondering what this meme is all about - Well - it's about critters... animals... pets, wild animals, farm animals, insects, birds... you get the idea? It's fairly simple to participate. There are only a few simple rules (I retain the right to add more rules if the need arises - yeah, I work for a lawyer so I know I need to avoid loopholes hehe)
The rules:
- Your weekly submission must be a photo taken by you or someone in your household
- Each week, you post a photo involving a pet/animal/insect/critter - it can be, but does not have to be your pet: It could be a funny photo of your guinea pig wearing a grass skirt and beads, a photo of a lion at the zoo, a deer in the woods, birds at a feeder, your uncle's horse, the butterflies on your flowers, and, if you really want to get on the meme-host's good side, dogs ;-)
- It's completely up to you whether you just post only the photo or decide to write something to go along with it.
- AND, of course, no photos of violence, abuse, or pornography.

So, that's what will be happening as soon as I get my act together am able to get the blog acceptably ready for a trial run and hang out the Welcome sign.

Another thing that has me smiling? I'm creating custom headers, badges, and awards. Anything I earn will go towards purchasing that camera I never shut up about I've mentioned. What's great is I enjoy making these, and I get the opportunity to make my blogging-friends smile!

So, if you want to see some of the custom headers I've made (besides the Camera Critters header), you can click here... or here... and, this isn't completely my design, but I had a hand in this one. BUT, if you want an awesome, absolutely, out-of-this-world, super-licious template, then you MUST go to my very special friend Sanni's blog at Pimp Your Blog. Trust me, you'll be thanking me for sending you there.



Yay for cool new memes and yay for you coming out of hiding!!


Louie is sitting here (no, he's snoring) in anticipation for this meme, Mist. It'll be so fun! He loves photos of himself, you knew that, right?

Very impressive lawyer talk, Mist. xoxo


Aaaaaah... there you are!!! *g*

Okay... I´m ready... prepared for at least 3,781 Camera Critters entries!
The other 2,896 critter photos will be donated to Jersey (she´s no longer allowed to snap shots herself).

I know... I´m a bad hooman mommy... but she has ruined 2 cameras so far, not with her paws, but she very generous when it comes to nose-licks... camera lenses and nose-licks don´t match.

However, we´re ready! *g*


P.S.: Thank you soooo much for the PYB Design shout-out! You made my day! ♥


Yay!!!! I'm SO excited about your new meme!!!!!

And yes.. Sanni ROCKS!


I better start posing the pets!

Congrats on your custom headers, etc endeavors.


Camera Critters sounds great! Don't know that I can always make Sunday but for the critters I will try.

So glad you're feeling more positive.

david mcmahon

Hi Misty - please let me know when this is up and running.

Loved your `beauty in the cemetery' photos!


That's an interesting meme. I might see if I can get the time in to do this. But I warn you, mine will be cats, cats, cats, rabbit, guinea pig and er... cats. lol

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

How fun! I'm glad it's allowed to be a household thing. I'm not nearly as handy with a camera as the spouse.



I am back....Glad to be home again :D Thanks to visit my blog when i was on vacation. Still visit my blog to see more photos on our vacation.


Yes, I'm in, I'm in... did I miss which day it's going to be? Must read the post again. Misty - I signed your guestbook. Twice. Would you remove the one without the message if you can? It would make me slightly less embarrassed. Speaking of: The pic of you on the bed, is that the "suggestive" one? C'mon... it's lovely!
Off to brag about your meme on my blog now...


Mist, you've been on my mind. I surely hope you're listening to the tons and tons of people who have affirmed what I think--you're so dang cute that anyone who said otherwise would be wrong. Simply wrong. xo

PS--Louie still won't stop bugging me about this meme.


Can people be in the pics?


Oh yeah! That's a good idea! I'll be with you! Please let me know as soon as it'll start!!!
I won't miss it!

&hearts Sonny


I want to join so bad! It's a wonderful idea. I'm going to try my best to be in on the first post! Good luck on that camera. I had my camera money and had to fix my freakin' car! I hate that car. I hate it. I wish it would blow up.

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