Thursday, April 17, 2008

Patiently Waiting

So, I came to my blog this morning ready to write a post that I devised in my head last night. Nope, I didn't lose this post to dreamland. That would be because I didn't enter dreamland last night. My night consisted of lots of worrying and lots of praying, not just about everything from my previous post, but a couple new things I had added to my worries last night. I'll save the story for the post though. "Why is she not making that post?", you ask. Well, because to make it a proper post, I must include pictures (yeah, yeah, picture-crazy, I know), and Blogger will not allow me to upload a photo right now! I've tried several times, but I continue to get an error from Blogger. Maybe I should complain to their corporate performance management department. Nah, I'll just have to remain patient (which is not easy for me), and tell you all about last night when I am permitted to put pictures with my words. So, stay tuned...



Well if you can be patient, surely I can!


Want me to go kick their (insert imoon emoticon here)? LOL


Don't it make you want to spit! Hopefully it won't be too long before you can post your photos - looking forward to seeing them.


Hey! I can comment! (My own personal 'Puter issues...) Well, don't feel bad. I'm having problems, too. We'll soon be back to normal. (hahahaha...normal...funny)


Misty without photos? Blogger cannot do this! Outraged! ;0)

Mimi Lenox

We are patiently waiting....and I grabbed your button logo code while I was at it.


I had trouble posting pictures today, too. Wonder what was up?


I am very sorry you have the flu. I am especially empathic to your flair. You've had losts of outside stress and be both know that's a whole lotta triggers. Send me your ph # by email and I'll call you and make you forget your pain. Seriously. Gentle hugs.

Check out ny mew post~sizzling...

Daryl E

I was cussing Google last nite .. after I realized it wasnt my internet connection but THEM!


I will be patiently waiting for the post. I hope that all of your worrying will be resolved soon...

BTW, I uploaded pics a little bit ago, so it may be better now.

Luiz Ramos

Beautiful ironwork and shot.

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