Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stormy Sky Watch

So, what does Misty do when there are tornado watches and warnings being issued in and all around her area? Grab the camera and run outside, of course!

See, it doesn't look that bad... look at that pretty blue sky.
(c) Misty DawnS

Nah, it's not bad... you can even see the sun up there!
(c) Misty DawnS

Ummm, it's beginning to get a little dark and windy.(c) Misty DawnS

Yep, definitely getting kind of windy.
(c) Misty DawnS

Thinking maybe I should go inside now, but this is SO cool!
(c) Misty DawnS

Yeah, OK, I'm going inside.
(c) Misty DawnS

Once I returned inside and told two of my best buddies, Tammy and Barb, about the photos I had just taken, I received a couple of lectures. In fact, Tammy told me that I should be wearing some religious jewelry, because I could pray to it as the tornado took me away to the land of Oz. Hmmm, do you catch a hint of sarcasm there?

By the way, everyone. The new Sunday meme, Camera Critters, will be ready this week! I will open the Mr. Linky sign in at sometime Saturday evening. In the meantime, hop on over there and grab yourself a badge and a post header, and leave me a comment if you would like to be put on the blog roll.


Mom Knows Everything

You are bloody well lucky you got your butt inside or I would have kicked it all the way to the Land of Oz myself for going out there in the storm. I must admit, very cool pictures, but my BBFF's safety comes first....GOT IT!!! Love Ya Dork!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Sheesh, were you loitering about in Arkansas with your camera? That sky sure looked familiar!

Great photos! And I'm like you -- fascinated by tornadoes and what precedes them.


Was that the WEIRDEST storm or what? Hail, rain, hail, stop. Rain, hail, rain, stop. Hail, stop. get the picture!

Yay on the meme (that's the Louie said) xoxo


What's the job? When where what????


Awesome series of photographs - who are we all kidding, we would have all done the same thing! You got terrific results.
I also scrolled down to your WW - very different and lovely.

Lilli & Nevada

That is a great bunch of photos, i have to agree with your friend tho, i have never been in a Tornado or even close to one.


Beautifull, Misty. I think i will join your new camera critters also :D Let's see next sunday...

Will you visit my SWF Thanks.



My SWF few from balcony in here Thanks


Great photos!
Yes, please, Misty, I would like to be put on the roll. Sunday it is!

Heart of Rachel

Those are remarkable shots of the sky. The changes in the sky can be fascinating although with the tornado warning, I can understand how a little worried one can be. Hope it has passed and all is well.

BTW, I have an award for you on my blog. I also added your lovely badge on my sidebar.

Take care.


My, oh my, that's an impressive run of storm clouds, & by your comments so was the storm they marked.

Re your new Sunday meme "Camera Critters" count me in .
It's wierd but I was thinking to my-self only yesterday there should be a doggy photo one - I missed your earlier post on the subject.
I am dogless right now, but that's never stopped my posting on the subject!
Will be back on Sunday!

Havea good w/e!


LOOK A WOMEN WITH A CAMERA.. shes flying... ha! Fantastic... When you land in Oz.. keep your eyes open for me... I'll be the one look for a brain.. :O)

Great pictures and I can well understand how you stayed there, but remember what happens to animals when the see headlights coming there way..

Thank you for these .. they really show the power of the storm.
I'll check Camera Critters out...


Really fantastic photos showing the true power a storm can have.
Well done.


I am impressed with your photography. Nice work.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.


These are super. That first one creates the illusion that all those clouds are going to swan dive into that bit of water below! Wonderful symmetry. God bless.


I LOVE that third photo--you do excellent work!


Very nice sky pictures!


Very nice set of pictures!


Looks like a storm is coming.Great shots!


That's an impressive collection of storm clouds!

Daniel J Santos

All beautiful images, excellent.


I thought I liked the 3rd one best, but then I got to the 5th one, and then I decided I didn't have to pick a favorite. I'll just like them all. These are amazing, and I would have been out there, too.

I wanna play Camera Critters, too. I just downloaded the perfect picture for it from my camera.


Great series!


A superb series of photos!


Very nice pictures and I certainly appreciate the fact that you risked life and limb to get them for us! What a gal!!

Glad you didn't get blown away to Oz but I guess if you had, you could have gotten some lovely pictures there, too!


But, it was worth it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.


Great series of photos! I would be outside too, Misty, watching the tornado come on...:D


I'm glad you are OK. That series of photos captures so well how angry that sky is getting!! amazing...


You're like one of those 'storm chasers' Misty. LOL


I'da done the same thing. Poor Hubby's favorite thing when we have the time is to drive off toward wherever there's a tornado warning in hopes of seeing one. I'm always along for the ride. ;) Happy Friday!

Craver Vii

Wow, those clouds look so oppressive! They look heavy enough to fall and squish the houses and trees!


A hopeful view of things; Sun will be there! Good.

sonia a. mascaro

Beautiful and dramatic thread of pictures, Misty!


Your photos brought back memories of my time living in Oklahoma. We used to stay outdoors as long as we could. I remember the smell just before the storm hits.


Those are beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them.

Snap Catch

nice catch! mine's up too hope you can drop by... Have a nice weekend!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Nice to stop by from NE Ohio. I'm afraid at this point I would have done the same thing to get the sky. Thanks for taking a chance and getting some great photos.


“I received a couple of lectures.”

Good for them Tammy and Barb, but the pictures are awesome


Wow I thought my day was windy, lol. Yours was worse then mine. Glad you are safe though.


Really does look like we're both having the same sort of weather even though we're thousands of miles apart :P Happy Weekend!

irish daisies

nice storm coming. happy swf

♥ Denise BC ♥

Pictures wonderful, great shot, spectacular series.

Denise BC

Quiet Paths

I really enjoyed this photo essay; you have some great pics. I'm glad you didn't ride on the wind west over here and land in my front yard.


I love wild weather too. What an opportunity for great pics! lol Glad you're safe though and I love the shots.


Great series of shots! You sound like a professional storm chaser to me. Your friends should be proud of you, not discouraging. How else would the rest of the world see these changes in our sky? Well done!


Great shots!

Petunia's SWF


Wow - you got it all. Looks great.


OH MISTY! STOP THIS! I don't understand you tornado enthusiasts. I've never seen one. Never want to. They seem to be the scariest things on earth to me (even worse than hurricanes). You aren't the only one I know who runs out like that.

But gee those photos are so cool. OK, just run out for a tiny bit!

And I'll be with Camera Critters tomorrow. I love your graphics. You are very well organized!


Ok ok.. they ARE good pictures!!! Did I say good? I meant GREAT!

Next time go to your basement.

Hehee.. good placement on the CC ad :)

Travis Cody

The pictures are gorgeous! I've never lived in tornado country, so I don't know how dangerous it was to be outside.

Oh the chances we sometimes take for our craft, eh?

Scotty Graham


Thanks so much for your flattering comments on my blog.

I love the stormy clouds you have here...they are much more interesting than plain blue skies...don't you agree?

Cheers, and thanks again....


D Herrod

Cool shots of the storm.

Although I'm with you on watching the storm. When the sirens go off I go outside to watch the storm. Figure if it turns on me I can make it back inside extra fast.


Wild skies. Glad that you posted the pictures so I could enjoy them vicariously!

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