Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thoughts, Prayers, Wishes... Please

Yesterday was my best-friend-since-4th-grade's birthday. Yes, she was born on tax day. So, I told her that she wouldn't be receiving a birthday gift from me, because all my money went to the government ;-)

Anyway, we got to talking about the 'things-happening-in-threes' theory that she and I always believed in and watched out for while we were growing up. Last week, she had three horrible things happen to people she knew, and she commented that she certainly hoped the rule of three-things was true, because that would mean the bad things were done. I hope so too, because the stories she told me were horrible and heartbreaking.

Now, I've got my own incident of threes here, and, of course, I am coming to my friends in the blogosphere for your help. I'm asking for your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, healing wishes, chants... whatever it is you do to hope and ask for someone to recover. I know you all will want to do this for me, because some of these people are fellow bloggers and loved dearly within the blogosphere.

Sanni - One of my most favorite people - I love this girlie so much! Sanni and little Hamster 2.0 have been ordered to hang out in bed and take is very easy. Seems that Hamster is a little too anxious to check out her brand new furniture in her room and all those adorable outfits waiting for her. She decided to start giving her mommy some pains, which caused concern and landed both of them in bed, which is causing Sanni to have cabin fever, as you can imagine. So, please keep Sanni and Hamster in you thoughts for health, strength, and calmness (so Hamster doesn't get any ideas about hurrying to get out and see her pretties again).

Barb/Skittles - Y'all know by now that Barb has become one of my dearest and best friends. Well, she has had A LOT on her plate lately. It isn't my place to go into detail, but she has been dealing with a lot, and I'm very proud of how strong she has been through it all, because I most certainly would not be able to be as strong as she has been. Well, now to top it all off - she is physically ill. While trying to sort things through and remain strong, she needed some time away from blogging. So, I assumed that was why she wasn't online yesterday. I was wrong. She is very sick, and, again, it isn't my place to tell her story... she will inform you when she gets back to blogging. However, it may not be my place to give you details, but it most certainly is my place as a friend to ask for thoughts, prayers, healing wishes, etc. You can never have too much of that, and it can never start too soon. So, I hope she doesn't get upset with me for putting this on here, and I hope she understands why I did it.

My Hubs (this is why I have not been blog hopping as much as normal) - Remember back in February when he had what we thought was pneumonia? Well, he's sick again. He has been very sick for over a week. He has the symptoms he had then, but, also has more symptoms. And, the symptoms are more disturbing and changing each day! At first, when we figured it was just the flu, I was not worried, and was just taking care of him and trying to help him get well. However, he's still not well, and I'm beginning to think we are dealing with something other than the flu here. I would think that, if it were the flu, I would have certainly contracted it by now. I mean, I'm just in too close of contact here in this tiny box house to have not got the germs. Besides, some of the symptoms are not normal flu symptoms, and, if you knew my husband, you would know that he never gets 'normal' illnesses. (Right LMQ & LMK?) Hubs tells me not to worry. He has told people that the reason Misty hasn't caught what he has is because "Misty is too mean to get sick." Ya know, you'd think someone who is being waited on hand and foot by you and being taken care of by you would be a little more appreciative! hehehe. However, I've discovered that Hubs is a little more concerned about his symptoms than he has let on, and that makes his worry-obsessed wife even more worried.

I'm going to blow the rule of threes and add another person to this list...

Colin from Life - I do not know Colin very well, but he is a very special friend to one of my very best friends, Tammy. Colin has been MIA for over a week now. He has not blogged, is not answering e-mails, and as far as we can tell, has not been online at all. Considering that Colin has a chronic condition, Tammy is very worried about her friend. Since she and I are both obsessive worriers, I can certainly understand what she is going through worrying about someone she cares about, and not being able to find anything out at all. So, please add Colin to your thoughts, and also add Tammy to your thoughts to give her peace of mind. If anyone out there happens to have personal contact with Colin and knows what is going on - PLEASE contact Tammy and let her know.

I truly believe in the power of positive energy, good thoughts, prayers, and love. So, please, keep these people in your thoughts. I'd really appreciate it.



Thoughts, Prayers and good Wishes because you are a great blogging buddy. Hope all is well for everyone. Have a great day honey. :)


Done, done, done and done. I wish everyone well and I'm definitely keeping all in my thoughts.

PS, can you email me how Skittles is doing? I'd email her myself, but I don't want to bother her.

Mom Knows Everything

Misty you are the kindest most caring person I have ever had the pleasure to know and I am so honored to call you my best friend. You stop worrying about me worrying, you have so much to worry about as it is. I LOVE YOU MISTY!!! {{{{{hugs}}}}


Well, of course, everyone's on my good wishes list. (Including you, takin' care of your Hubs)

The Gal Herself

Has your hubby been to the doctor? I know that with many men, the answer to that question will ALWAYS be a resounding NO because they simply don't do doctors. I hope you're husband isn't one of those. If a simple prescription could make him feel better, it's a shame that he has to suffer through a never-ending list of ever-changing symptoms!

I'm send good wishes out to everyone on your list, and I think they're lucky to have you.

david mcmahon

All in my thoughts, for sure.


Sending you positive karma and hoping your week becomes filled with good things.

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

I will keep all of them in my thoughts and prayers for sure.


I will be praying for them all!


the power of positive thoughts and collective good karma!

I will be thinking of everyone you were so thoughtful to mention.


My thoughts and prayers are on the way!


Misty you are such a kind and loving person. What a wonderful selfless post! Of course they will all be in my prayers and thoughts.

Especially you that you find some peace and not feel so worried and that your hubby soon gets well.


I will definitely be keeping them in my thoughts, you included.

Heart of Rachel

This is a very kindhearted post. I will keep them in my prayers.

Smalltown RN truly thougthful loving and caring of you to send wishes to everyone and to keep us all appraised of things...I feel out in the woods...I too have been absent from blogging in over a week and went to go visit Barb and saw she wasn't blogging...I will send her a big hug...and well wishes are being sent to you and your hubby, I really hope he gets some answers to his health issue....and of course I will send out good vibes to the are so truly thoughtful....


Hope your hubby shakes this thing off soon and you have peace of mind concerning those in your post.

Thanks for popping by and sharing that you also can be dumb at times.

Hey it's

Thank you for letting us know! I will definately pray for them. :D

Mike Golch

Misty,a happy birthday wish to you friend.


It is so sweet of you doing this post. Of course I will pray for them.


ops I forget, if you still have time...I am tagging you, Time Capsule tag

Crazed Nitwit

Good thoughts and prayers out to all 4 and for you my dear caretaker. Pleas email me at if you need an ear or anything, k?



Thoughts, wishes and prayers for everyone. Hope all the bad things will be gone quickly.


Misty I will keep you and everyone else in my thoughts and prayers!


i beati

positive vibes to all !!!


I will keep them all in my thoughts and prayers Misty and send Reiki. x


You are such a kind and compassionate person. My thoughts are with everyone on your list - including you and your hubs. I hope he feels better soon.

Mimi Lenox

Prayers for all of these going up now. Thank you for being such a wonderfully kind and compassionate soul.

Arkie Mama

Am thinking of all...


All my thoughts, prayers and well wishes are going out to everyone. This is a lot to have to deal with... take care, try to get some rest as you care for your hubby. God bless.


I will be thinking of these people when I light my candle today. Sending lots of positive energy their way!!


Thank you so much, Misty!

Have I told you lately how much I love you??? ♥

Sending prayers and good vibes to Barb, Colin and your hubs!


Misty, thank you so much for telling us about Sanni and Colin. I know both of them and I'm worried for both. I will keep them in my thoughts... I know Barb a little.


How is today going? Everyone feeling better? Has anyone heard from Colin yet?

You are such a dear friend to them! Thinking of them all....

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