Sunday, April 20, 2008

To my wonderful blogging friends whose blogs I have not visited lately, please accept my apology. I promise to visit as soon as possible. Right now, I can't even focus... I'll be around to see you a.s.a.p.


Crazed Nitwit

HEALING HUGS for my Misty! And much love.

Heart of Rachel

Hope all is well Misty. Take care.

The Gal Herself

How's your hubby? After looking at that photo of your dogs, I refuse to believe Tag would allow anything bad to happen to Dad!


I hope all is well honey. You just worry about you right now. The rest of us will be right here. Big hug. :)


Rest and take care to look after yourself Misty.


No sweat honey, hope you're OK?


I haven't been able to go visit much either, lately. Seems it's taking me a while to get caught up from my mini vacation.
No worries to you - get well. :)

Jane Hards Photography

That's a cool sign and great idea for those times hwne you just can't get around.

Mom Knows Everything

We all love ya Dork, especially me! I have an award for my best bud just to let ya know how much I love you.


RELAX … life is short and we’re all too busy periodically. If memory serves, you caught what your hubby had … so give yourself time to recover and heal.
Hugs and blessings,


Hey Misty, I am so sorry things are rough right now and for all your peeps too. I feel bad I haven't been visiting blogs either. All I want to do is lay in bed and cry this week, I've been in so much pain. But hopefully I'll be on the mend now.
I would join your Camera Critter Sunday, but I don't have pets and don't see animals much, but if I ever get a shot, I'm headed here that next Sunday! :)
Hope your spirits are better today. I also wanted to say I loved your 500th post, I just saw it today.


Sometimes you just need to take some time to and for yourself and let the blogging go for a day or two. I feel bad when I miss visiting everyone on Monday but with my work schedule and then being so wiped out on Tuesday, it just isn't possible to get to people sometimes.

Hopefully everyone knows I still love 'em, though! Just like we know that you love us even when you can't come by to visit!

Take it easy and take care!

Travis Cody

Look at it like's a chance to set a record for number of unread posts in your reader!


We'll be here! Take care.


Awwww Misty - I haven't visited you in a while either!

You really are a sensitive soul aren't you? Don't worry - I know where you are! Take care.


Just feel better, Misty! Stuff happens! Hugs!


I hope you are feeling better soon:-)

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