Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tribe Time

It's that time of year again. WoooHooo! I know, you are all sighing and saying "Please, don't let her go on and on about baseball and the Cleveland Indians again." Well, I'm promising you now that I won't... too much ;-)
Come on guys! Do it just like last year, only take it one step further!
I miss them so much. I just know they will make it into the playoffs again... just for me. So I can watch them and cheer for them and look forward to their games and plan my day (and wardrobe - gotta wear the gear to cheer on your team) around them and send them telepathic messages during the game (that totally helps them. I know it does, because they've told me... telepathically, of course) and... OK, OK, I'll shut up now.

GO TRIBE (*big grin*)


Kelly Ann

Baseball really isn't my thing, but I hope your team does well! Football is what really gets me riled up. :)


Hey -baseball, football, whatever your sport, wearing some emblematic reminder of one's favorite team always has to take place! ALWAYS!

Mom Knows Everything

GO INDIANS GO!!! Woot woot!!!

Bradley's Mom

Hi Misty:

If I didn't love you so much, it would bother me that you are an Indians fan, cause I am a staunch White Sox fan!

I HATE the fact that we have just lost 2 games to you guys!

But as I say, I love you anyway, and baseball season is here, which makes me VERY VERY happy!

Hope you are having a great day!


i beati

I hve a baseball game tonight what is your relationship in Missouri to them??


Mist, don't know much about them, but I'm looking at this bottom photo and thinking....hmm. Is the player on the front right old enough to be out of school for these photo shoots? j/w xoxo


It's a good thing we are in different leagues. I won't begrudge you not rooting for the Astros. Hee!

My team will be having a rebuilding year. We lost some beloved players and have gained some new, hopefully lovable, players.

Good luck to your team!

Travis Cody

Good luck! Maybe my Dodgers will play your Indians in the World Series!


Good luck! I'm not much of a baseball fan...not that I don't like baseball we just spend our extra time watching NASCAR racing instead.

Friday is almost here, where has the week gone?

see ya for now


Alright girl! Their done with White Socks now moving on to Padres (I think, lol).
Have a great weekend and Go Indians!

The Gal Herself

I hope my guys meet your guys in the Fall!

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