Sunday, April 27, 2008

Want More Comments?

My Dear, Treasured, and Deeply Loved Blogging Friends,

It is due to the depth of my friendship with you that I make this post. Being a fellow blogger, I am certain that we share a common goal - comments. What blogger doesn't want comments?

Well, I am a member of several weekly memes. When Misty is a member of a meme, she takes is very seriously and visits each and every post for that meme each week. My friends, you could make this much, much easier on me... and, you'll receive more comments too. What blogger doesn't want comments?

You see - there's this dreaded thing called Word Verification. It's EVIL. It's a bunch of stupid, squished together and wiggly letters which are supposed to keep spam comments away. Seriously, in my opinion, the only thing it keeps away is people with good intentions who WANT to comment on your blog and, in fact, TRY to comment, but after wrongly deciphering those letters two or three times, finally give up and do NOT comment on your blog.

So - here's the funny thing... from what I've come to realize - some people don't even realize that they have word verification on their comments! You see - Blogger automatically enables the evil and dreaded word verification. As I said - it's supposedly to prevent spam comments - here's the deal, if I get a spam comment, there's this cute little trash can symbol next to the comment - I click the trash can - spammy comment All.Gone. Seriously - my blog is not that huge that I attract hundreds of spammers. If you STILL feel that you need protection, then enable comment moderation - then you can read and approve each comment before it is posted to your blog. But - Word Verification - It's EVIL!

Word Verification gives me a migraine - it makes me dizzy - it makes me scream obscenities out loud while my dogs tilt their heads to the side and try to figure out what is wrong - AND - if I try three times and still don't 'get' those blasted letters - I.Give.Up. I do NOT comment.

So, I'm not proclaiming to be the greatest thing in the world... Seriously, by all means don't turn off your word verification just because of me........ HOWEVER...... if you would LIKE to turn off Word Verification.... I'm more than happy to tell you how (because some of my friends didn't even realize they had it and didn't know how to turn it off - so I thought I'd post it)...

1. Go to your blog
2. Click "Customize"
3. Click the "Settings" Tab
4. Click "Comments"
5. Scroll down....... you'll see "Show Word Verification for Comments?"
6. Do the Blogorld (Blog+World) a favor and click "NO"
7. If you are worried about spam comments - you can enable Comment Moderation - it's directly above the Word Verification setting.

OK - I'm done....... I'll stop lecturing now. It's just that when I mentioned to a couple friends that they might get more comments if they disabled Word Verification and they said "Huh?" It occurred to me that many people do not even realize that their blog has Word Verification, because it is automatically enabled when you start a new blog. So, for the sake of those of us who feel like pulling out our hair because of Word Verification, I thought I'd make this post.

That's all. I'm done.
Thanks for listening.
Love forever,
Misty Dawn




I do despise the word verification. UGH.

You have done the blogorld a great service.

Mom Knows Everything

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I HATE WORD VERIFICATION and now since they squished the letters it is so much harder to figure then out. Have a good day at work and I MISS YOU!


Thanks for the tips, I go rid of my blog because of the crazy spam :-(

and I didnt know how to get that word verification going.

greetings from Kansas!


I agree with you misty 100% I think I'll pass your post around to people I find who still keep up their word verifications. :D


Also I'm sorry you've been sick! I hope you're all better. And you know I don't have any critters so forgive me for not participating in "Camera Critters." :)


Amen Misty

and as Tammy said they have squished the letters so tight together that it's impossible to read.

I've never had any filters on my comments and I only had one annoying bout with an idiot who left a dozen links in a row. I deleted and life went on.

how are you feeling?


Wonderfully put Misty! I discovered and removed word verification from both of my blogs almost immediately and haven't had many problems at all. I get occasional spam but it's easy to delete because the comment notification shows up in email.

Lately BLOGGER'S word verification has become extremely wicked and it often takes 4-5 tries to get a comment 'accepted' ... so I've been adding an additional comment to my comment about this issue when I encounter it. Several Bloggers have thanked me after the fact for letting them know. Perhaps we could all mention this from time to time ... but thanks to YOU for putting the idea out there today.

Hugs and blessings,

i beati

I've had it off twice and got some really ugly stuff. I'll try again. sk


I don't feel as strongly. My worst experiences come when I am @ home & Beaky the dial-up modem refuses to let me see word verification. I wind up feeling pretty bad that I can't reciprocate a comment that someone has left me.


Mine has been off for a very long time. It is a pain especially if you are playing a meme like Manic Monday, Wordless Wednesday or Thursday Thirteen and have to type that in up to three times sometimes before you can post your comment. Drives you crazy. Good for you! Have a great day. :)


I hate word verification too!


I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't read the stupid things. I hope everyone follows your instructions and immediately removes the word verification.


hahahahaha! I can never read what they say and ALWAYS takes several attempts. Which means then I visit less blogs. My goal when it comes to MeMe's is to be like you, and visit all who participate. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to and ya, those nonsensical words really slow me down.

I do have comment moderation on all my blogs. I like that.

Thank you for this post!!!! :D


I am so WITH ya on this one! I swear I left comments so many times
this past weekend but like you, coulnot make out this letter trial and error, to the point I thought I needed new glasses!!! It is so frustrating and I, too, just gave up.

Thanks MISTY for posting on this and leting me, a new blogger know how to elimanate these for any poor soul brave enough to venture over to mine. Trust me I probably came right back to your site but did not PASS ord verification and gave up. SORRY! And if anyone had this problem on mine, I truly apologize!!! I will follow these instructions today and remedy. don't like Blog approval either, you are all accepted at my site!
(ooh, oh, maybe I better watch that I may be sorry I said that)

THANKS Misty! If anyone has a problem, let someone know to let me know I still MESSed up!

Peggy @ Mazes, Messes & Miracles...

Nikki Neurotic

Thank you!




Yup agree wholeheartedly.

Visit Adare Cottages in Ireland.
on a word verification free blog.


I hate WV too! I think if owners don't want something published, just use that moderate thing and post what they want later on. I know some have to do it, but not every stinking one who has a contest I want to enter!

Okay now, to be sure, Mist, that you got my comment and you are not a Mist-bot, I'll need you to come over to my blog and enter chTCMIY(Y()(^^E jkgy89eg0ig ajieuiouogfauiu in Spanish. Then and only then will I know you're who you say you are. xoxoxo


Oh Thank you for sharing this info/tips. :)

Travis Cody

The letters on the word verification are getting harder to decipher too. I sympathize with people who get a lot of spam, but there must be a better way to deal with it than word verification.


Non-verification caused too much spam. Once activated I got less spam and my blog has taken off recently. I never minded the verification process.


Found you through b13. Love Border Collies! Have a few posts about my Kassie. I don't think I have word verification on, so stop by! Thanks for the beautiful shots!


Well said! Well done! Amen! Etc.

I thought my eyesight had suddenly gone worse.
Agree with you 100%. (Especially where word verification AND comment moderation is used! Arrrgh!)

Chelsea + Shiloh

So laughing Misty girl, I did a post on this last week. I swear those little boxes are getting harder to make out...I titled it 'Over it' and I will not go through the rigmorole again...and bloggers approval? what the!...what are they approving my spelling ha ha...ur on the money with this one...x


I agree wholeheartedly. I have got quite exasperated with some blogs that I have stopped trying. As you say the delete button is available or use comment moderation.

Mary Beth

I don't particularly like going through the word verification, but I put mine on because I kept getting messages from someone who, when you went to their site, froze your computer. Nothing that lasted - turn it off and back on again and you were okay, but nasty enough that I wanted to keep them off my blog. And I don't get in to my blog that often during the day so I don't delete them immediately.


Hear hear!!



Absent-mindedness is a lousy attempt at an excuse ... but the pitiful truth. So, while I had this post up, I opened the blogger dohickey and shut the offending culprit off. Thank you, Sweet and ever-so-patient Friend, for this reminder to the Old Fart.

I love You, Misty Darlin' ...


AMEN! I have gotten so frustrated that I just give up trying. And it takes so long that you've wasted time when you could've been at a friendlier blog!

PS We'll be out of town again this week, so I may not make it for Sunday's camera critters, but I'll be back! lol


Fabulous advice! I removed word verification a while ago...and I removed comment moderation, too.

Both just seem to get in the way for me.

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