Saturday, May 31, 2008

Camera Critters #8

(c) Misty DawnS

By popular demand... well, the demand of Tammy and Hubs, I HAD to post this photo for the Camera-Critters post on this blog this week. I certainly wouldn't want to go against the wishes of the man I vowed to spend the rest of my life with AND one of my very best friends!

You see, I came home and was very excited about some close-up bird photos I took. So, I was showing Hubs my photos, and, as I was scrolling through them, he stopped me at this horse photo and went all crazy over this photo and kept telling me how good it is, as I sat there insisting that he was NOT paying attention to the photos which I thought were even better. Nope, I couldn't get his attention off of this one. Then, I e-mail a bunch of pics to Tam, and was telling her over the instant messenger about these birds that let me get SO close to get photos. What happened? She starts sending me these excited messages over the IM about how great 'that horse photo' is! *smacking forehead now* So, just a minute ago, I was chatting with her again, and I said I was trying to decide which photos to use for my CC posts this week, and Tammy replied "THE HORSE!" Geesh, don't get your ostrich feathers in a ruffle Woman, I'm posting the horse! (hehehe)

Now, if you want to see my and Bear's favorite photos of that day, click on over to Misty's Words. :-)

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NEED that

I admit I am spoiled. I've never argued that fact. I'm spoiled in life and emotions, but for this post, I'm going to talk about being gadget spoiled. Yes, material things - which normally mean nothing to me, unless they have buttons, a keyboard, lights, sound, chips, drives... you get the idea. Yes, I am female, but show me the coolest pair of shoes in the world, and I will just kind of nod with serious lack of interest. However, wave an MP3 player, digital camera, or software CD in my face, and my tongue will hang out the side of my mouth like one of my dogs, my eyes will spin around in my head, and I'll start repeating phrases such as "Must have that", "Wanna play with that", or Hub's personal favorite "OH! I NEEEEEED that!".

Last night, I was in my 'own world' with my laptop and was lost in internet bliss. Hubs was talking - at least I think he was. There was a lot of background noise. Maybe it was just the TV. However, I did hear Hubs say, "MY computer is running very slow."

"Duh, that's because it is eight years old and tired." I mumbled in response. I was only half paying attention, because we have this conversation often - Hubs complains about the ancient desktop, but rather than wanting to upgrade, he's wanting me to go work my magic and make it run like it did eight years ago. So, I was only half paying attention. UNTIL... I heard it...

"No, seriously, it is running really slow and there's this error that keeps popping up on it. Eventually, when we have extra money, I'm thinking it's time for a new desktop computer."

Did you hear the record scratch??? I did, and it brought me out of 'internet world' and into 'possible new electronic in the house' mode. Yup, my tongue was hanging out to the side and everything.

Of course being the selfish little brat I am I made Hubs promise that my camera comes first, because... well, because it just DOES, but then I started rattling on at about 100 miles per hour about what his new desktop computer should be equipped with and do.

In fact, naturally, I went 'window' shopping and found some awesome deals, including a great deal on HP Pavillions.
Have you ever seen such beauty? The only thing more beautiful than a new computer is the dslr camera I longingly drool over every day a gorgeous dslr camera. ;-)

That computer system is an HP Pavillion Elite. Trust them when they say 'elite', because it is! It even has a TV tuner card, which I've already got ideas for. Hubs can control that remote and quit changing the channel while I'm trying to watch Grey's Anatomy or House! Best of all, that beautiful system up there is on sale for a great deal, along with lots of other awesome electronics. Yes, I'm drooling all over my keyboard just a little.

Finally, Hubs stated, "I can't understand why you are getting so excited about getting me an new computer."

To which I replied, "Ohhhhh, because you'll want ME to set it up and put your programs on it and get it all ready for you." Then, I think I went into dreamland again, because I started muttering things like "and I'll love it and admire it and talk sweet nothings to it." That was when Hubs turned the sound on the TV up and tuned me out. :-)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

(c) Misty DawnS

The sky wasn't very exciting, but what was sitting in front of the sky was exciting, in my opinion. Hubs and I had both seen these neat birds recently, and we had even asked each other about them. When we concluded that neither one of us knew what kind of bird it was, Hubs said, "Another one to ask Bear about." (Hubs, thinks my friendship with my critter-identifying buddy, Bear, is a pretty special friendship.) So, for almost a week, I have been attempting to get a good shot of these birds so I could send them to my buddy. Finally, on my way home from work yesterday, this one was posing on one of the fence posts when I turned onto my road.

Of course, Bear ID'd the Inland Sandpiper for me. (Pretty soon I'll be able to snatch that pebble, eh Bear?) :-)

In this pic, the bird looks like he's standing up to give a speech or something. Maybe he's going to give a diet pill review. Yes, I realize that was very, very, very corny... but, hey, at least the photo is pretty neat.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Youthful Wisdom

(c) Misty DawnS

Someday, I'll have my own flowerbeds with beautiful flowers of purple, pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, lavender, white, blue, dark purple... well, you get the idea. For now, I'm just hoping the grass seed grows and we have a yard eventually ;-) So, on Monday, I walked around full of jealousy captured the beauty in my sister-in-law's gorgeous flowerbeds.

I had a little helper too.
"Aunt Misty, what are you doing?"
"I'm taking pictures of your mommy's flowers."
"But why?"
"Because they are pretty."
"They're Mommy's flowers."
"Yes, I know Sweetie. Aren't they pretty?"
"Yeah, Mommy planted these flowers."
"I know, did you help her?"
"No, she told me to go play."
"Aunt Misty?"
"Yes, Sweetie."
"Why don't you go get your own flowers to take pictures of? Then, you won't have to drive so far."

(c) Misty DawnS

Well, I'd love to sit around and talk with you about used cisco and other stuff, but I've got to get to work. It's a lousy day/week -mainly because I can't keep track of everything anymore. I completely forgot about a photo contest which I wanted to enter - but you need 11x14 prints, and the deadline is June 1st - I'm such an idiot. By the way, y'all know why my transmitter for my MP3 player isn't working? How bout where Hub's insurance card is? Remind me to order the dogs' flea/tick stuff, k?

Gotta run...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

(c) Misty DawnS

Heads or Tails *Jobs*

Heads or Tails has its very own home now! If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the awesome new HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme!

This week's topic is "Tell about your job (Or one you've had)"

I've been in the habit of stretching the rules - Besides, I'm REALLY late at posting this. So, I'm going to see if I can remember the jobs I have held... heh - yeah, most of them are NOT great memories.

1. Planter, picker, salesgirl on a produce farm - this was my Great Uncle's farm - He and my great aunt had as much of a part in raising me as my grandparents, aunt, and dad. I was at their home every day, and during the summer, I spent almost the entire day helping on the farm or selling at their roadside stand. Those are such wonderful memories. My Great Uncle is now 94 o5 95 (can't remember) and he is still going strong and absolutely rotten and ornery to the core! I love him an indescribable amount!
2. Receptionist at a window blinds company - First job out of high school - it was NOT good. They used me, and I was let go with no explanation the DAY BEFORE my 90-day probation period would have been up - yeah, how convenient - no need to pay for my insurance.
3. Receptionist at an Environmental/Tree Trimming Company - I enjoyed the people I worked with, but medical issues ruined this for me.
4. Legal Secretary... Legal Word Processor... Legal Receptionist... Legal Office Manager - Yeah, for about 14 years now.
5. Traffic/Logistics Coordinator - I enjoyed this job. I was good at it. I worked my woohoo off. My supervisor was a male chauvinist, lazy, moron. Nuff said.
6. Office Manager of a financial company - the owner was EVIL... absolutely MEAN and EVIL. Seriously - he could easily have had charges brought against him for how he talked to his employees, but everyone was too afraid of him. E.V.I.L. and that's an understatement.
7. Virtual Assistant - Because my lawyer-boss didn't want to lose "Radar" (that's me) and I didn't want to lose "Bossman" (that's him. So, we figured it out and we've made it work - 750 miles apart and we still have a fantastic working relationship together! I ♥ this man - he is so much more than a boss - he is family.
8. Legal Document Coder - yeah that lasted about 2 months... if that - the company shut down.
9. Fill-in Secretary at an Insurance Bureau.
10. Blogger - Yeah, I do some paid blogging. Now though, with a full-time job and the VA job - I totally suck as a blogger, as some people have pointed out to me. I'm so sorry.
11. Secretary/Office Manager/Right-Hand-Gal - of a lawn mower/farm equipment dealership/repair shop. We sell AND service... which is something certain other larger corporations can't say (they sell, but don't service - your mower broke down as soon as you got it home? Tough luck.) Don't worry, I won't name names.
12. Farm Bookkeeper - I do it for our farm, and I also will be doing it for the farm of my mower shop bosses.
13. Farmer - Yeah - If ONLY I got paid for this...... *sigh*

Are there some I'm not remembering? Yeah probably, but it's time for me to go call my daddy now...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Walked

Just when I was ready to give up on the dreams of all the walks I would go on during my three-day weekend, the sun FINALLY decided to peak out from behind the clouds... well, kind of. Anyway, you know me - I jumped on the chance and started walking. I was so thrilled with the almost 90 degree weather (yes, I like it hot) and the fact that I was finally able to be outside with the camera, that I walked. And, I walked. And, I walked. I lost myself in the feeling of being outside, listening to (and chasing) the birds, and admiring and photographing the beautiful flowers.

(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

Yes, I got more photos than this, but I have to save some for memes, ya know! hehe.

Now, we have severe weather in the forecast for tonight. UGH! I wish I would have know it was going to be like this. It's more of a Blockbuster coupons and movie weekend than an enjoying the outdoors weekend.

P.S. If you don't hear from me tomorrow - come to Oz looking for me... K? Then again, maybe I'd just prefer to stay there - remind me to grab my camera on the way ;-)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Camera-Critters #7

(c) Misty DawnS

I was on one of my evening walks when I notice this little critter lying near the side of the road. It wasn't moving, and my heart started beating faster, because I feared it had been hit. When I approached, I saw that the bunny wasn't dead, but it still wasn't moving, so I was concerned it may be hurt. I made the executive decision that I would just need to bring it home and nurse it back to health... I mean, there really is no other choice when a critter-lover is faced with such a situation, ya know. Besides, Hubs couldn't complain that this little bitty bunny would be too hard on our checking account. So, I stood there for awhile, devised all of the logical and sensible excuses, which I would recite when I came home with yet another pet, and then I bent down to pick it up... which is when it went racing off into the grass, turned around to wiggle its nose at me, and then went bounding through the field. First, I called it a brat for tricking me, but actually, I was just glad it wasn't injured.

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Necessary Prevention

Here I sit...
and here I will remain.

Here I sit...
the beginning of my long weekend.
The weekend I SO looked forward to, because I would get to talk to my online friends, catch up on blogging, and go for photo-walks. Oh yes, I had lots and lots of photo-walks planned.

Now - here I sit...
I even repeatedly checked the weather forecasts, to ensure that I wasn't setting myself up for a letdown. Those forecasts specifically said, "a VERY slight chance of rain on Saturday...".

Here I sit...
Listening to the rain, watching my newly seeded yard flood, and attempting to calm my dogs every time it thunders (which has been often since 3 a.m.).

At 3 a.m., I was wakened by the sound of Tag and Molly slamming through the bi-fold door and into my bedroom. After their grand entrance, Tag proceeded to jump on top of the bed to be close to me, and Molly proceeded to attempt to squeeze her way under the bed. When I said I wanted to sleep in during the weekend, I was hoping for a few minutes past 3 a.m.!

(c) Misty DawnS

So, I got the dogs back where they needed to be, and I stumbled into the office to unplug the computer and peripherals. This is not a simple process. I can not simply stumble in, half-awake, and pull a plug. Nope, I've got to shut down the ancient desktop, which takes For-Ev-Er. Then I need to unplug the desktop, the monitor, the printer, the scanner, the dsl modem, the Belkin wireless router, and the fax machine. Of course, I'm need to crawl all over the room to unplug everything, after waiting forever for everything to shut down. By this time, Yeah, I'm awake.

My computer and electronics are very important to me. No, this is not just because I'm a technology addict. OK, well, maybe a little bit, but it is also because one of my jobs relies entirely on these electronics being in working order. If my computer, router, or fax machine gets fried by a power surge, not only am I out of a piece of equipment, I am also out of a job that would help pay for that piece of equipment.

(c) Misty DawnS

Yes, it seems to thunderstorm here A LOT! No, I'm not just saying that because I'm pouting right now. It's true. We aren't all that far away from Kansas, and, sometimes, I think I need to get another dog and name it Toto! If it isn't storming, it's windy. It is ALWAYS windy here!

(c) Misty DawnS

So, I think that I seriously need to do something to protect my electronics, along with the data on those electronics. I've found the perfect solution! It's a Belkin Battery Backup with Surge Protection.

I'm already a fan of Belkin products, because I love my Belkin router. So, when you add that to the fact that has a GREAT sale price for this item, I think it is definitely the perfect solution to help me rest easier... literally.

This backup system has surge protection for EIGHT outlets - four of which also have battery backup. It also has many other awesome features, which are exactly what I need. I'm thinking this great piece of equipment is a definite must-have for anyone who lives somewhere where it storms often.

(c) Misty DawnS

As my grandma always told me, "It's better to be safe, rather than sorry."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Such a Dork

Yesterday, I went to lunch at the park. I scarfed down my lunch, as usual, so I could hurry up and get outside with the camera. So, I decided to walk to the front of the park (down by the road), because there are some beautiful purple Iris flowers there. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE purple.

So, I walked to the front of the park, while people gave me those 'glances'. Shhhh - don't look now, it's that crazy little woman with the big camera again - just pretend you don't see her. Anyway, I got to the front of the park, and happily noticed the sun's rays were beautifully pulling out the purple in the flowers.

So, I was focusing on a purple beauty when a butterfly (a species I don't remember ever seeing before) landed on the Iris. "Oh Wow! Gonna have to get Bear to ID this - he's gonna think it's awesome!", I thought to myself.

And I pressed the shutter button...

Hmmm, that was strange...

The camera didn't seem to take the picture correctly...

What the???

It was then that I realized my memory card was AT HOME in the laptop!!!
(Great job Mist)

Now, they are calling for thunderstorms today, with thunderstorm/rain possibilities for a whole week. (Even Greater Way to Go Mist)

Yeah - little thunderclouds in a line on the weather forecast - and little butterflies dancing through my head. (No, I haven't been smoking anything - why do you ask?)

Oh, and yesterday, we packed away most of the cold weather clothes and brought out the warm weather clothes. I always get so excited to unpack my shorts and t-shirts! (I'm still checking into finding a certain shirt like mine for a certain friend of mine whom I need to bribe to let me play with a certain RC car of his... anyway - boy did I go way off topic... No, I'm not drinking either, why do you ask?)

So, unpacked the warmer weather clothes. Now - here I sit, ready for work, wearing a sweatshirt, because the weather is supposed to be chilly........ oh yeah - and rainy.

Sometimes you've just got to smile and say 'focus' (Argentina style)
Nevermind, I'll explain that comment later... I gotta go to work... no, I'm not sniffing anything - why do you ask?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Heads or Tails *Piece*

Heads or Tails has its very own home now! If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the awesome new HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme!

This week's topic is: Peace or Piece. So, I would like to invite you to celebrate, have a piece of birthday cake, and help me send GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to my DEAR FRIEND ANNA!!! Anna's blog is Beth & Cory's Mom, which, if you haven't read, you definitely should get over there and start reading! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

(p.s. I got the numbered candles correct, didn't I? I couldn't remember if you were turning 28 or 29. Oh, when you're done partying, it's your turn at Scrabulous hehe)

My Vehicle Too?

(c) Misty DawnS

Is it already Monday again? You have GOT to be kidding me! We had a weekend in there somewhere?

Well, I must admit, I didn't enjoy the weekend like I had planned. Oh well.

Now, it is Monday, and I need to head to work at the equipment/mower dealership. I also need to find an auto parts place that does repairs, because to top off all the other worries in my head this weekend, the check engine light came on in my vehicle... the only vehicle I drive... the only vehicle which gets me back and forth to work... the only vehicle which isn't diesel. Yeah, you seen the price of diesel fuel lately? It's enough to make your heart skip several beats! Hmmmm, I wonder how many cows out here in Podunk are certified to work on a Dodge...

Oh yeah, and I need new windshield wipers too... thanks for reminding me!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Food and Great Conversation

We had a belated Mother's Day cookout at my sister-in-law's house yesterday. There was LOTS of good food, and I definitely had my share.

There was also a lot of laughing and good conversation among my in-laws and my sister-in-law's in-laws (confused yet?). Both families get along wonderfully, and there is never a shortage of conversation, whether the women are talking about the best wrinkle cream or their flower beds, or the men are cracking jokes or talking about farming.

I must admit, I had a good time, especially with my nieces. Yet, something happened yesterday which has my worrying-habit in overdrive. So, I wasn't really in the mood for socializing. I'm sorry, I can't talk about it right now... maybe soon. However, even though I can't be specific, I'd really appreciate it if you would say a little prayer for things to be O.K. I'd really appreciate it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Camera-Critters Sunday #6

She is beautiful, isn't she?
(c) Misty DawnS

She looks so sweet, adorable, and precious, don't ya think?

Oh yes, a critter that sweet looking certainly could never do any wrong... right?

She just makes you wanna say "Awwwww!", doesn't she?

How could you ever get angry at such an adorable critter? Well, truth is, I can't ever get angry with her, and she know this and takes full advantage of it.

Like when I come home from work and walk in the door to discover this...
Welcome home from work Mom. I missed you...
(c) Misty DawnS
You never really liked this end table, did you?

(c) Misty DawnS

Puppy teeth RULE! There is nothing I cannot destroy!
I will eat clothes...
I will eat shoes and boots...
I prefer and can locate your BEST shoes (like your Merrell shoes) and clothes...
I will eat ink pens...
I will make Mommy sick when I eat Cicadas...
Or when I try to eat baby snapping turtles or moles...
I will demolish any cardboard, plastic, or other container I can find...
I will chew a 2x2 board in half...
I will pull the insulation out of the wall that Daddy just put in - and, yep, try to eat it...
And, Mommy, when you come home from work, and you're tired,
and you see that your wooden end table has become a pile of
wood splinters all over the kitchen floor...
Well, you can't get mad...
You can only shake your head (AGAIN)...
For, I am the mighty... I am the great... I canNOT be stopped...
I am the adorable... the one and only...
I AM Puppy-Super-Teeth!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sky Watch Friday *Pink & Blue*

(c) Misty DawnS

Forgive me for posting so early, but I am exhausted and getting ready to attempt to go to sleep. I'd like to apologize for not visiting blogs like I used to, but it seems that all I've been doing lately in my posts is apologizing. My work load is not going to change, so I am just going to have to accept the fact that I am not going to be able to visit blogs as much as I used to. I will probably have to set certain days to visit. I'm still trying to figure out what will work out best and what I can handle.

The Right Direction

See that neat gadget in the photo? I want one! Yes, I know, you are thinking that I sure do want a lot of electronics and gadgets. I'm a technology addict, and I'm not afraid to admit it. However, before you jump to conclusions and start judging my electronic greediness, let me explain. When I'm done, I'm sure you will completely agree with me that I need one of these GPS systems!

You see, my family reunion is at the end of June. So, I was planning on going back to Ohio to visit for the reunion and to spend time with my dad. Well, the original plan was for my step-son to come out here to spend some time with us immediately after his high school graduation. Then, he would ride back to Ohio with me. That would give me someone to read the directions and keep me company. Now, however, those plans are getting messed up. My step-son wants to re-take his ACTs, which is a good thing, because I believe that college comes first. However, the re-test date is for June 14. So, my step-son doesn't want to come out here, only get to spend about a week, and then have to go home. My dad, however says that I BETTER be coming out there, because he has been looking forward to it. So, I'm considering making the trip all by myself.

It would be only the second time I have ever made a trip this long. The first time was when I moved here. It would also be the first time I have ever done it by myself. My dad came with me when I moved out here. I really should also mention that I am horrible with directions. So, I would feel MUCH better if I had a GPS system to help me get back to my daddy and make me feel like this little girl again.
It's OK, you can go ahead and say how cute I was. What do you mean you didn't realize I was even in the picture?

Anyway, a GPS system would really help me become really good at and secure with traveling by myself. Imagine it - I'd start visiting all my blogging buddies! Wait a minute! I was just informed that a record breaking number of bloggers just announced they were moving. What's up with that?

Thursday Thirteen... Kind Of

That schedule/routine I've been trying to figure out and work into my life? Nah, it is not worked into my life yet. Sometimes, I'm confused about whether I'm coming on going.

So, I'm going to do a little Thursday Thirteen (It is Thursday, right?)

Thirteen things I do in a day:
1. Get a Shower
2. Feed the Dogs
3. Get a Cup of Coffee
4. Go to Work at the Shop
5. Do Virtual Assistance work
6. Blog about things, such as an LCD TV and, sometimes even make my blogging friends smile or laugh.
7. Check E-mail - I didn't say READ it - I said 'check' it. Yeah, lately, I open it, see over 600 unread messages, and that's that.
8. Instant Message (right Tam???)
9. Get nagged and forced by Hubs to Eat food
10. Hug dogs/talk sweet to my doggies and tell them how much I love them
11. Talk to my dad on the phone
12. Stress and worry about something
13. Attempt to take photos - weather permitting
13. Go too bed (too late)

What? Two #13's? I don't know what you are talking about? You seeing double? Hmmmm, you must be having a bad day... it's OK, go rest... you deserve it :-)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bosses and Rambling

I e-mailed a very good friend today, and I asked him...
You ever get so many things going on in your brain that you can't even accomplish a complete thought?
That's how I am right now. Everything running around in my brain isn't necessarily bad, just overwhelming.

So, as I sit and listen to my boss, who will no longer be one of my bosses after today, tell a client about cheap term life insurance, I try to sort through all the random thoughts that keep annoying me my mind busy.

See if you can follow this - it's rather tricky...
The boss where I am working today will no longer be my boss after today. I talked to my other boss of eight years on the phone today and am now very concerned and upset for him, because he is dealing with some issues which are very disturbing, and I wish I were there to help him through. The boss of eight years will be sending me some work later today for me to do tonight after I get home from this job, which will no longer be my job after today. I will be seeing my new bosses tomorrow, and, soon, I need to talk to them and get down on my hands and knees and plead with them to let me inquire if they will allow me to take a week off work at the end of June/beginning of July so I can go to my family reunion in Ohio and spend time with my daddy! I really hope they agree, because I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing my dad, and I know he's looking forward to it too. Besides, I've got a wolf to lecture. If my new bosses allow me to take a week off work, I need to contact the boss of eights years to arrange to spend some time with him.

You confused? Imagine how I feel - especially considering that's just an itty bitty portion of everything that keeps dancing around in my brain. :-)

Hmmmm - I wonder how I should get my hair cut. I've got less than three hours to figure it out.

I wonder if it is still storming at home. I hope the dogs aren't too scared.

If I sneeze one more time from this stupid sinus infection, I'm gonna scream! Yes, now I have a sinus infection. My face feels like I've been in a fist fight. I think it is going on about a month total that I've been sick - enough is enough!

OK, I better end this post now... I'm just rambling - which I do rather well and rather often. hehehe

Heads or Tails *Tom, Dick, or Harry*

Heads or Tails has its very own home now! If you click on the link, it will take you to the awesome new HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme!

Please forgive me for not having a HoT graphic this week. I'm posting this from the insurance agency, and, for some reason, I am unable to copy and paste graphics here.

This week's theme is "Any Tom, Dick, Or Harry". Boy, oh boy, am I really, really stretching it for this one...

Today, after work, I'm going to get my hair cut. I'm so sick of the way it is right now. However, I'm not sure how I want it to be cut. I had a cute short/pixie-type style picked out, but Hubs things I'm too hairy for that cut... meaning my hair is too thick. Well, he's definitely right about my hair being very thick... and I've got lots of it... which, I guess, would mean that I'm hairy.

So, I still haven't decided how I will have my hair cut, and my appointment is at 5 pm! I guess I better be deciding, eh? Tammy and I talked about it last night on the instant messenger, but we still didn't decide. Ya know, your BBFF is supposed to make these decisions for you, so you have someone to blame it on if it doesn't turn out right (hehe, just teasin' Tam).

Well, wish me luck! I have no idea what I'll be looking like after 5 pm this evening ;-) Oh, and in case you are wondering - my hairdresser is NOT named Tom, Dick, OR Harry! ;-)

Hehehehe, I told you I was really stretching it to match the topic for this week ;-) Sorry Barb... you'll forgive me, right?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Protecting Your Pet's Future

I thought that since the weekend is all about the Camera-Critters Meme, in my opinion anyway, the topic of this post would definitely be appropriate to tie in with Camera-Critters.

The topic of this post is pet insurance, which is an excellent preventative measure to protect your pets, whether they are dogs and cats, or even more exotic pets. You can get pet insurance for any pets, ranging from horses to hamsters!

Pets, just like humans, can become ill or injured, and treatment for these injuries or illnesses can become very costly. We take preventative measures to cover ourselves with insurance. So, having insurance to cover our beloved pets, who often become special members of our families, also makes sense and can save money in the long run. is a site which offers a comparison of the different pet insurance providers so you can find the right insurance for your pets at the right price for you. However, this site doesn't only allow you to compare insurance providers, it also allows you to compare and choose among many other providers of other services, such as finding the right solution for you when choosing among credit cards. Think about it... you can use this site to find the best credit card to meet your needs, and then you can use that credit card to pay for the best pet insurance to meet your needs!

Seriously though, many of us think that pet insurance is just another bill which we can't afford. However, if something were to happen to your beloved critter, the result would be even higher bills. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself, and your pets, for the future, you may want to consider pet insurance.

Camera-Critters Sunday #5

(c) Misty DawnS

Corny Captions to Consider for this Camera-Critters Capture...

"This getting up early to get the worm business is for the birds!"

"Did you hear the one about the drunk Blue Jay?"

"Just turn your back to her and maybe she'll go away."

"Ever since she started this Camera-Critters thing, she has been chasing us birds around with that camera!"

"She's going to put us on her blog... we'll be famous. Yeah, sure, sing me another song."

"Can you believe I was turned down by American Idol? They obviously don't know true singing talent! So, I left that Simon guy a present on his windshield."

"Ya ever accidentally land on one of these barb thingies? It's a real pain in the butt!"

"Don't get your feathers in a ruffle - I'm just stopping by to say hi!"

"So, you come here often?"

"What's your sign?"

"Wanna see my worm?"

OK, OK, with that one, I'll stop. Come on, you gotta admit - you giggled at least once... didn't you?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Tear in my Eye Cuz I Miss Pizza Pie

I really, truly, wholeheartedly miss my favorite little pizza shop in Ohio! Friday was pizza day. I'd leave work, order the pizza, pick up step-son, pick up pizza, go home, grab a couple o' slices o' pizza, a beer (no, you don't need to have me commited to alcohol rehab), and just 'chill'.

Here, there is NOwhere to get good pizza. Well, there's a convenince store combination gas station that sells pizza. You'll have to fogive me, but gas station pizza just will NOT compare to the pizza from my beloved little Ohio pizza shop.

I bought pizza from there so often that when we were moving, the owner of the shop came out and said, "Wow! Your Friday night pizza drive is gonna get a lot longer!" When we went back at Christmas to visit - of course we ordered pizza. When I went in to pick up our pizzas, the owner came running out to give me a huge hug. The owner is a fantastic guy and family friend. He even overnight shipped frozen pizzas to my sister-in-law to surprise me and Hubs for our anniversary last year!

Right now... today... I NEED that pizza! No, I'm not pregnant - I'm just stressed, sick, relieved, excited, thankful, worried, overwhelmed, exhausted, and emotional (can ya tell? Nah, I didn't think so). Ho Hum, a fourteen hour pizza drive doesn't sound very inviting right now. Anyone coming this way and going through Ohio? I'll pay ya to bring me pizza!

Hmmmm, maybe we should open a pizza shop! Sure, I don't have anything else to do ;-) Amazing how these great ideas pop up when you least expect them!

How Do You Busy Women Do It???

Wow! I have seriously got to get a schedule or routine figured out, or I am going to go crazy.

With the dogs, working 9 to 5, coming home and doing Virtual Assistance work, blogging, preparing dinner, house chores, etc, I am quickly realizing there aren't enough hours in the day. I must admit that Hubs has really been picking up the slack for me, and I greatly appreciate that. However, I feel like I should be able to get it all done in a day. Other women get all of this and more done in a day - so, what's my problem? I can't seem to get it all done, and then I make myself feel like a failure and a bad wife when it is 7 p.m., I'm still working on a computer and dinner hasn't even been thought about.

Yesterday, I came home and walked in the house to discover that, while we were gone during the day, the puppy had got out of the room she was in and had free access to the rest of the house. NOT GOOD! She ate my best pair of dress shoes, my brand new sandals, and an entire container of ink pens!!! There were pieces of shoes and ink pen parts throughout the house, and I walked along afraid to enter each next room to see what else she may have eaten!

I just CAN'T wait until we have this house, buildings, and land set up the way we need it to be! We are running out of money, which is why I'm working three jobs... yet, things are breaking and going wrong just as fast as I can make the money for the OTHER projects! UGH. Not only do we have MANY huge home improvements to finish, buildings to move, a farm to get started... I have a puppy who eats my wardrobe, our toilet started leaking really bad this week and is ruining the floor underneath it, I need a new windshield wiper for my vehicle and probably new brakes... I'm not sure whether to scream, have a good cry, just ignore everything, or what - doesn't matter, I don't have the energy anyway. Gee, does this sound like a venting post? Forgive me.

The new job is great. I think I'm really going to like it. Right now, I've got my work cut out for me, because I'm trying to get an equipment dealership/repair shop organized, along with getting the entire year entered into QuickBooks. It's going to take me a while, but I enjoy working with the people and the laid-back environment.

My sister-in-law called me a little bit ago. I answered the phone, and she asked, "So, what county are you in today?" I told her that my mind was too full to be sure... I just went to wherever my vehicle took me, found a computer, and started working on it ;-)

Gosh, I really miss ALL of you, and I really am doing my best to try to figure out a better schedule so I can visit blogs more often.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Perfect Storage Solution For Me

You all know that I am addicted to photography, which means I take an excessive amount of photos. Well, I am beginning to get concerned that I am taking too much space on my new laptop to store all the photos I take.

So, I started asking my photography friends how they store their photos. One option is to burn my photos to CDs or DVDs for storage. However, with the amount of photos I take, that would take forever, and it would also become very expensive, because I would use up a lot of discs.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot bring myself to delete the cute photos, such as this...

(c) Misty DawnS

Also, I can't bring myself to delete the beautiful ones, such as this...
(c) Misty DawnS

Just imagine how many photos I will have once I get that dream camera!

So, one of my very dear friends gave me a better option for storing my photos. He said I should purchase an external hard drive for storing my photo and music files. That sounds like the best solution, and I found an awesome one!

Just look at this beauty...
You know the most beautiful part about this hard drive? Yeah, the blue LED strip is pretty awesome. However, the most beautiful thing about it, in my opinion, is the fact that it has 750 GB of storage! Oh yeah! I could store ALL of my current photos, in addition to all my future photos, and still have room for all of our music files too!

It would be so great to have everything stored in one place and free up the space on my computer.

Yep, I definitely think this LaCie USB 2.0 7200RPM Desktop External Hard Drive, complete with 1-click backup software, would be absolutely perfect for my needs. Especially now that I see what a great price it is, and the fact that I can get free shipping through

Ya know, my birthday is coming up, and a couple of months after that is our anniversary. I better start making my lists. ;-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday... Almost

(c) Misty DawnS

Will I ever get caught up? I'm beginning to think the answer to that is 'no'. I have OVER 500 unread posts in my reader! Then, when I participate in a meme, I visit all those participants! Now, I start my new full-time job today, in addition to coming home to do my Virtual Assistant work! Will I ever get caught up? I'm beginning to think not. I do promise to be better at visiting everyone's blogs... I just need to have a little while to figure out a routine and schedule... I'm a routine-kinda gal. So, right now, I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed.

Did I mention that my throat feels as if I have swallowed razor blades? I just keep thinking, "No, no, NO! I can NOT get sick right now."

I'll be back this evening, and I'll start trying to get that routine figured out... Don't give up on me, Friends!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Heads or Tails Tuesday *Mother*

Heads or Tails has its very own home now! If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the awesome new HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme!

As most of you know, I was raised by my paternal grandparents. They are the two greatest influences in my life. Although they are physically gone now, I still feel them with me every day.
My grandmother was my 'mother' in every sense of the word. Some of the moments when I very strongly feel my grandmother with me is when I am out taking photos of birds. She loved birds, and some of my favorite memories involve watching the birds with her. We even had a male Cardinal who would come to the windowsill at the same time every day to peck on the window. He would visit during my snack time. I'd be dipping my chocolate chip cookies in my tea cup filled with milk, and we would hear "peck" "peck" "peck. Grandma would say, "Our visitor has come for his daily visit." We then would go into the kitchen and say our hellos to the Cardinal. If we did not go into the kitchen to acknowledge him, he would continue to peck at the window until we came into the room.

Grandma also collected bird figurines and knick knacks. The kitchen windowsill was lined with those bird figurines that play that bird's song when you touch them. I loved being a rotten little girl and setting them all off at the same time. ;-)

So, when I am here in the new state going on my photo walks, and I get photos of birds that we didn't have in the old state, I find myself wishing that my grandmother were there to see this beautiful critter. Then, I am overcome with the sense that she is there seeing it with me. Or, possibly, she is the one who brings those birds to me to photograph.

Yesterday, she was definitely with me, and she was definitely smiling as I took these photographs and thought of her...

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
(c) Misty DawnS
(c) Misty DawnS

A Brown Thrasher
(c) Misty DawnS
(c) Misty DawnS(c) Misty DawnS

A Cat Bird. The Cat Bird was my grandfather's favorite bird.
They really do 'mew' like a cat. So, of course, Misty was standing in the woods meowing to this bird. I sure hope no one was around with a video camera.
(c) Misty DawnS
(c) Misty DawnS

I wish the photos were bigger, because you really need to see them full size to truly appreciate them.

*Special thanks for my buddy Bear for always taking the time to ID and teach me the real names of the critters I get photos of*

Sunday, May 4, 2008

BBFF Ode - Happy Blogoversary

I talked to her (online) until just a couple of minutes ago. So, no, I'm not pouting. You see, my BBFF's ONE YEAR Blogoversary is TODAY!!! So, I decided to re-post a poem I wrote for her (a totally silly and goofy poem) when she was having computer problems and I couldn't 'chat' with her all night like I've grown accustomed to (and dependent upon). She's awesome - I love her - It was 'intended' and 'arranged' for us to find this friendship (I believe that with no doubt) - Go tell her Happy Blogoversary... it will make her day and she totally deserves it! You'll be a better person for knowing her!

Ode to my BBFF

Here I sit
Oh so sad
I miss the best BBFF
that I ever had.

We usually talk
for hours on end
and if someone is rude to one
the other is quick to defend.

We're experts on
data, reboot, and a good ol' hard drive clean
And we laugh like a dork and moron
when people don't know what we mean.

My BBFF, well
we thought it was a worm she had
turns out that
it was just her components gone bad.

Maybe it was the fault of her 'girls'
with which she's been blessed
the computer took one look
and it's data became all a mess!

Whatever the cause,
it has got me outta whack
I miss my BBFF
and I want our nightly chat back!

You see this poem
I should really stop
For, I've got so many
blogs I should hop.

But I'm finding
no matter how hard I try
It's just not the same
and I know exactly why.

I don't have that box
at the bottom of my screen that blinks
when she sends me a new message
or tells me to go check out a link.

So here I sit
like a sad bump on a log
without my BBFF to talk with
I don't want to hop blogs

How did I ever do it
before I met her?
I'm sure I did OK,
but how? I'm just not sure.

A lasting effect on me
this friendship has had
Daily, I think of 'moments'
and I start giggling like mad.

She's also been there
when I've needed her most.
We may physically be miles apart
but she always seems close.

But now she's not here
and I miss her so
and it sure makes me realize
I love her more than she'll ever know.

:-) Love, Misty (Dork) Dawn

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Camera-Critters Sunday #4 *Matouk*

This post is dedicated to the 'critter' who has been the main subject of my prayers since Monday night...

He's not a dog (I can't tell you how many times I've reminded my dad of this)...

(c) Misty DawnS

See those yellow eyes? A young boy was out for a walk with his mom and sister one day. They passed my dad and his 'dog' out for a walk. The little boy looked at my dad and said "You can see the evil in his eyes!" My dad just laughed, because Matouk is definitely not evil. But, there is definitely something about those eyes... I can just sit and stare into Matouk's eyes for hours. Through those eyes, you can 'see' him thinking and planning.

No, he's definitely not a 'dog'...
But, he's also not 'completely' a wolf...
(c) Misty DawnS

I don't know of many wolves who own Beanie Baby stuffed animals, have their own couch, have ice cream for dessert at night, or take inventory of the fridge contents whenever it is opened. Nope, I don't know many wolves like that. However, Matouk is more wolf than he is dog, in my opinion.

He even 'sings' like a wolf...

Low Pitch - (c) Misty DawnS

High Pitch - (c) Misty DawnS

So, he's not a 'dog', and he's not a 'wolf'. He's my boyfriend - but don't get too jealous ladies, because he LOVES ALL ladies, especially if you talk to him, because he loves women's voices. But, honestly, the best and only way to describe him is "He's Matouk." He has his own ideas; his own way of thinking; his own plan of how life should be lived. He is smarter than any creature I have ever met, and I must admit that includes humans. That may sound like a rather crazy remark, but if you met him and got to know him, you would understand. "He's Matouk", and he's truly one of a kind.

Why has he been the subject of my prayers? Because he had been missing since Monday night. I prayed, and I prayed. You see, last year, he went for a walk by himself, and when he came back, he had been shot three times with a 22 caliber gun. So, you can understand my worry, especially when you add in the fact that my dad lives by a very busy interstate. Yesterday, on my way home from work, my dad called. He has spent the entire week walking the woods, hanging up posters, talking to people, looking... hoping... praying. Yesterday, Dad had been at the pound and the APL, just to check for himself, even though he had already called them. When he got home, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Matouk in his dog house!

Matouk is VERY sore, exhausted, and has an injured foot. However, he's BACK and he's alive! Now, in my prayers, I just keep repeating "Thank you!" over and over again.

There are SO many entertaining, funny, and thought-provoking stories I could share with you about Matouk. Some of the stories, you probably wouldn't even believe, because, sometimes, you can be there watching and seeing it for yourself, yet you still can't believe what you are seeing. I cannot accurately describe the depth of his thought processes, reasoning, premeditating, and logic. It may sound corny, but I say with complete conviction that I am thankful and honored to have had the opportunity to have Matouk in my life, and I'm a better person as a result of getting to know (and love) him.

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