Sunday, May 4, 2008

BBFF Ode - Happy Blogoversary

I talked to her (online) until just a couple of minutes ago. So, no, I'm not pouting. You see, my BBFF's ONE YEAR Blogoversary is TODAY!!! So, I decided to re-post a poem I wrote for her (a totally silly and goofy poem) when she was having computer problems and I couldn't 'chat' with her all night like I've grown accustomed to (and dependent upon). She's awesome - I love her - It was 'intended' and 'arranged' for us to find this friendship (I believe that with no doubt) - Go tell her Happy Blogoversary... it will make her day and she totally deserves it! You'll be a better person for knowing her!

Ode to my BBFF

Here I sit
Oh so sad
I miss the best BBFF
that I ever had.

We usually talk
for hours on end
and if someone is rude to one
the other is quick to defend.

We're experts on
data, reboot, and a good ol' hard drive clean
And we laugh like a dork and moron
when people don't know what we mean.

My BBFF, well
we thought it was a worm she had
turns out that
it was just her components gone bad.

Maybe it was the fault of her 'girls'
with which she's been blessed
the computer took one look
and it's data became all a mess!

Whatever the cause,
it has got me outta whack
I miss my BBFF
and I want our nightly chat back!

You see this poem
I should really stop
For, I've got so many
blogs I should hop.

But I'm finding
no matter how hard I try
It's just not the same
and I know exactly why.

I don't have that box
at the bottom of my screen that blinks
when she sends me a new message
or tells me to go check out a link.

So here I sit
like a sad bump on a log
without my BBFF to talk with
I don't want to hop blogs

How did I ever do it
before I met her?
I'm sure I did OK,
but how? I'm just not sure.

A lasting effect on me
this friendship has had
Daily, I think of 'moments'
and I start giggling like mad.

She's also been there
when I've needed her most.
We may physically be miles apart
but she always seems close.

But now she's not here
and I miss her so
and it sure makes me realize
I love her more than she'll ever know.

:-) Love, Misty (Dork) Dawn



Great post happy day.

My critter is waiting to see you lol.

i beati

love it


That's so sweet!


I went over and signed her guestbook just for you. Have a great day. :)

Mom Knows Everything

I LOVE YOU DORK! You are my best friend and I am so thankful that we found each other. I don't know what I would ever do without you! Now go clean my bathroom, chop chop, let go, I wanna chat with you online after we're done.


I love this poem just as much the 2nd time around. You are such a sweet friend!


Hi Misty, I read at Tammy's blog that you got new job. Congrat...

i beati

I went to see Made of Honor last night and guess wehat there were Border Collies in it !! That's all I'll say !!!!!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Hi Misty: Cute poem to your BBFF. I certainly hope she enjoyed it.


Awww that is so cute! You are such a sweet friend to write her a poem. I hope she had a happy anniversary.

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