Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bosses and Rambling

I e-mailed a very good friend today, and I asked him...
You ever get so many things going on in your brain that you can't even accomplish a complete thought?
That's how I am right now. Everything running around in my brain isn't necessarily bad, just overwhelming.

So, as I sit and listen to my boss, who will no longer be one of my bosses after today, tell a client about cheap term life insurance, I try to sort through all the random thoughts that keep annoying me my mind busy.

See if you can follow this - it's rather tricky...
The boss where I am working today will no longer be my boss after today. I talked to my other boss of eight years on the phone today and am now very concerned and upset for him, because he is dealing with some issues which are very disturbing, and I wish I were there to help him through. The boss of eight years will be sending me some work later today for me to do tonight after I get home from this job, which will no longer be my job after today. I will be seeing my new bosses tomorrow, and, soon, I need to talk to them and get down on my hands and knees and plead with them to let me inquire if they will allow me to take a week off work at the end of June/beginning of July so I can go to my family reunion in Ohio and spend time with my daddy! I really hope they agree, because I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing my dad, and I know he's looking forward to it too. Besides, I've got a wolf to lecture. If my new bosses allow me to take a week off work, I need to contact the boss of eights years to arrange to spend some time with him.

You confused? Imagine how I feel - especially considering that's just an itty bitty portion of everything that keeps dancing around in my brain. :-)

Hmmmm - I wonder how I should get my hair cut. I've got less than three hours to figure it out.

I wonder if it is still storming at home. I hope the dogs aren't too scared.

If I sneeze one more time from this stupid sinus infection, I'm gonna scream! Yes, now I have a sinus infection. My face feels like I've been in a fist fight. I think it is going on about a month total that I've been sick - enough is enough!

OK, I better end this post now... I'm just rambling - which I do rather well and rather often. hehehe



{{{Misty}}} Hope you feel better SOON! I also hope your new bosses let you take that week off! Fingers crossed!

Yeah, I do know what it's like to have a bunch of things running around in your head all at once. I've been dealing with that for a while now, and it ain't fun!

Mom Knows Everything

Mist, lay off the coffee cuz you are scaring me. LOL Just teasing Dork! While you are taking a week off why don't you swing by up here and visit me?!!!!!!


Oh! I hope you make it to Ohio. As long as you are up front with the new bosses, I don't foresee a problem.


I sorta followed all of that. I think it's just because you've been sick so long. Nothing more. Get well honey. Big hug. :)


Do you ever sleep? I'm plain tuckered out here! xoxo


Bless your heart. That's a lot to have to deal with, and all these new stresses can't be doing your immune system any good. Try to take care of one thing at a time, preferably you.

The rest will fall into place. We need you rock star~ Hang in there~

Oh, and my button looks good, thank you Dawn.


Sandy Kessler

makes lots of sense to me - can you get me started birtual . don't know how to do it -


I understood all that - hope it works out!


Hey Misty,

If you have the time m8 i have tagged you with a meme. good one to get your camera out with x


Travis Cody

But the real question is...what is the topic of the lecture for the wolf?


Hang in there sweetie! You'll make it!


I LOVE it when you ramble! Here's hoping you get to visit your dad!


I hope all goes well. Remember my vacation I told you about? Gone. Not enough $. I'm gonna be stuck @ home pouting. You deserve your family reunion, so you're gonna get that time! I can feel it. ;)


Now look - all this is a sign of run downedness! *sigh~* This is a proper word and a proper, recognised illness. Trust me. I'm a nurse. ;0)

It is very serious. And as a nurse, I demand that you take a week off at the end of Jun/ beginning of July to meet up with your dad and other family. There is no other cure. And if you don't do this treatment, I'm afraid it will only get worse and you will be unable to work. Please show this to your numerous employers immediately in order to safeguard your health and their sanity.

If they need any further information they can contact me at nurseeeee@cafehopcott.earthlingplanet.universesomewhere

That should do it. ((HUGS))

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