Saturday, May 24, 2008

Camera-Critters #7

(c) Misty DawnS

I was on one of my evening walks when I notice this little critter lying near the side of the road. It wasn't moving, and my heart started beating faster, because I feared it had been hit. When I approached, I saw that the bunny wasn't dead, but it still wasn't moving, so I was concerned it may be hurt. I made the executive decision that I would just need to bring it home and nurse it back to health... I mean, there really is no other choice when a critter-lover is faced with such a situation, ya know. Besides, Hubs couldn't complain that this little bitty bunny would be too hard on our checking account. So, I stood there for awhile, devised all of the logical and sensible excuses, which I would recite when I came home with yet another pet, and then I bent down to pick it up... which is when it went racing off into the grass, turned around to wiggle its nose at me, and then went bounding through the field. First, I called it a brat for tricking me, but actually, I was just glad it wasn't injured.

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You have a heart of an angel Misty! I'm glad to learn that this pretty critter was in good health but maybe just resting there near the side of the road.

Mom Knows Everything

Yay!!! You posted a picture of the baby bunny!!! I was hoping you would, I wanted to see it.

Susan Demeter

What a sweet baby bunny! That was such a wonderful thing you were going to do :)

This is my first week playing along, if you have a moment please do stop by :) Oh! And its a doggie pic, and thanks so much for putting this meme together :)

david mcmahon

Wonderful adoption, Mist. Bless you for your gentle soul.

Can the Authorbloglets adopt the rabbit?

Please? Maybe?

Texas Travelers

It's Mama said "Don't move when danger approaches".

It did well.

Our CC is on the move,
Come visit,

Heart of Rachel

That's a cute bunny. Bless your heart for being so kind. I'm glad the bunny turned out fine after all.


Oh it's soooooooooo darn CUTE!!!! (I would have brought it home, too.. hehe!)


It forgot if it was a possom or a bunny rabbit ... hehe... was a sweet soul you have indeed!


AWWW it is so cute! Good catch, that!


It was very kind of you to care for this cute bunny!

Thanks for hopping by my CC photo! I am happy to join CC for the first time! Happy SUnday!

Trish ~ ♥ ~

It must have been a teenager! You know how they can be.


Awww, it's sweet. When I was younger, my brothers & I found a baby bunny too. We tried to convince my dad to let us bring it home. He refused.

My post will be up at midnight. ;)

Arkie Mama

We have a lot of those little fellas romping around here this year!


Glad that the critterwasn't hurt and I appreciate 'the executive decision' you took on spot.


haha! Isn't that the funniest?? thank god the rabbit was ok! but i would have had a heart attack if it jumped up and ran like that, after thinking it was dead or injured!!


Glad it wasn't injured but surprised it stayed long enough for you to take a shot


It's so cute! I'm glad it was OK - since it doesn't live around me. I don't like bunnies eating my garden.


it is cute animal, Jason will love to touch him if he see this :D

My CC in here Thanks

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Awwww! Baby bunnies are sooooo cuuuuuute! Great picture, Misty!

Guess what? I got a new baby! His pic will post at midnight - come by and see!

Corey~living and loving

An animal lover with a heart of gold. :) so glad the little cutie was okay. :)
happy CC!

Thank you for your really lovely comment on my photos. You blessed my heart.


What a caring soul you are!

So glad that the bunny was alright.
He looks so cuddly in the picture !


Awwww... glad to hear that everything turned out okay. What a cute little bunny!

Jane Hards Photography

Well done on the capture and the adoption. He's areal cute bunnny, so wonderful of you to care for him.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Awe, the old play possum trick. And there you are, thinking up ways to heal the little guy. Fun post.

Christine and FAZ

I am glad it was alright, we often seem them with mixamatosis (not sure about the spelling) here in the UK, and often blind and dying. So sad but it keeps the numbers down to a manageable level I guess.

i beati

cutie did it stop raining?? sandy


A great, big heart you have! Glad it was able to scamper into the wild and wasn't hurt.


I’m glad the ‘tricky little’ bunny was okay! I could use some ‘gopher’ advice if you (or others) have any … but the main event in my Camera Critters this week is Molly meeting a ‘look-alike’ last weekend … named Molly!
Hugs and blessings,


Oh I'm so glad the bunny was Ok. We had a disaster here the other day when a starling flew straight into our patio door and broke it's neck. MWM had to bury it under our rhodedendron.


Awwww ... just as well it was just playing possum!



I have been tricked in that way myself. LOL

You can visit me here.

Lilli & Nevada

Oh what a cute bunny, there is something so cute about them


Lol! It's a really cute bunny! Yeah, glad it wasn't hurt too. :)


What a cute little bunny!


I love a happy ending! and I love how big and wonderful a heart you have.

I've missed a couple of Critter Sundays but I hope to be back at it next week.

sending hugs Misty.


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - too cute!


It was sitting still hoping you wouldn't see him!
He's a real cutie!


At least he stood still long enough for you to get a photo of him 8v)


He's really cute! At least you got the shot before he went. Great critter shot.
Saved you having to think of excuses for the next critter brought home (you are as bad as me!)


Awww, he/she is so little and cute!


What an adorable little creature! I'm glad the little guy is OK.

Thanks for stopping by.


Oh you have such a big heart for critters... that's wonderful. :)


Missty, I'm glad to join Camera Critters! You know I didn't at first because I have no critters living with me only a sweet husband but I'm sure he doesn't count. So I have gone to the zoo and the aquarium so I can post some critters for you. I'm really happy to do so!


that little creature is cute!


that was a great act from you. good thing he is fine.


whew! that was close! It was so tiny that I don't know how it could've been stunned by a car. It would've been stunned dead by a car. But something stunned the tiny thing. Thank God it is OK!


What a cutie. He was being nice and letting you get your pictures. Sorry I haven't been playing CC the last few weeks. It's been a bit busy. Take care,

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